If you were the Prime Minister of India would you: Allow gay marriages?

  • Yes, sexual choice is personal, and the state has no right to interfere
    721 votes

  • No, homosexuality is against natural laws, and should not be encouraged
    1,049 votes

  • Other
    22 votes

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  • Fiftycent - 9 years ago

    705 gay people!! Kill gays

  • shyam - 10 years ago

    Male and Female are two sides of one coin and it holds good for all creatures and living things on the earth. Should you encourage gay marriage the days will not be far away when there won't be any successors of your generation and there will be total chaos. Let the natural things be natural and one should not try to go against it. Before encouraging 'gay marraige' one should study the way of life as taught by Swamivivekananda whose name is famous even today and whose deeds act as guide to human life.

  • Is7 - 10 years ago

    Clearly "abhishek" must be great scientist since he/she knows so much about what is "natural" or "unnatural". Homosexuality is as natural as two people loving each other, or living together and spending time together. Get over your sexual squirmishness about genitalia being stroked by two people engaged in an act of love, friend, and maybe look for some other cause to be outraged against. Perhaps the "social oppression of some minority group" is a place you might want to get involved, and then you'll have a chance to learn about the facts behinds issues, rather than speaking dogmatically?

  • Mohinder Chahal - 10 years ago

    Although the word marriage is not properly defined to represent marriage between man and woman it is being considered as convenient to two persons. But its literal meaning is being taken as physical relationship between two persons such as kissing, hugging and which leads upto sex. To avoid to happen such unnatural things and to prevail GOD's will behind this (that is regeneration) of species of the same kind it should be redefined. People should know if they really believe in GOD that he did create this phenomenon not for pleasure. Pleasure is the reason that no woman would have worn the difficult times of giving birth to a new baby if there was no pleasure in it.

  • abhishek - 10 years ago

    I know homosexuality is not natural and it should not be encouraged. But does any one know how much trouble you have if your spouse is a homosexual. You cannot prevent that in case if society has taboo.

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