If you were the Prime Minister of India would you: Impose a presidential form of government?

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Posted 10 years.


  • Anantha Subramanian - 9 years ago

    We as a country are beyond redemption. Some one says we need 1.5 trillion dollars to revamp and build the country's infrastructure . I am worried more than 60% of the same will land with Politicians and buerocrats and we will have what we have already. We elected a majority government and see what they are doing? You say the PM is most honest person and see the amount of scam. He does not act at all. What good he can do for the country? And who thinks for the country!

  • Steve Foerster - 10 years ago

    The problem is not that the wrong form of national government is in place. The problem is that there is too much power at the highest levels. A confederation of strong localities would be a lot better for economic development and less susceptible to massive corruption.

  • wizboxyenda - 10 years ago

    In a Presidentil form of govt MPs cannot become ministers.Their role will just be one of recommendatory regarding development in their respective constituencies.Their powers will be limited thereby only those who are really interested in service to the public will contest elections and keep anti social elements and rowdies and dons , away from politics.

  • Anil Sood - 10 years ago

    I would have preferred Dictatorship or Army rule as a good number of politicians or MPS these days are either corrupt or criminal background & are not expected to serve the people they represent. Moreover our democracy is not democracy in true sense as the people with money & muscle power enjoying our tainted democracy. I would prefer dictatorship with few liberties or you can say dictatorship with limited freedom. The present system is corrupt & does not serve any purpose. Vote bank politics rather than true representation of all section of the people plays the major role & thus democracy has failed.

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