If you were the Prime Minister of India would you: Impose reservations based on caste in the private sector?

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  • ankit kaushal - 9 years ago

    no i dont prefer this reservation system in our country as per the todays situation..because of this reservation system some of the students could not able to take admision in their desirable insitutions....and i think this reservation system increases coruptions in our society at the high heel..and last bt not the least i think parliament need to work on INDIAN CONSTITUTION (article-16 clause 3 nd 4) to make all toghther once again because of this reservation system the people of india are not happy because it make happy nd confortable to the only specified group of member or members or persons.....

    jai hind

  • Dr. A G Agarwal - 10 years ago

    Reservation was provided to deprived one and to bring deprived prople in main stream of nation building. Today it is grabbed in 90% cases by those whose father/grand father got it.Actual needy are not getting it.
    Similarly reservation does not mean insult or teasing to any community, reservation in promotion is the same.
    Actually each year, Govt. is to ensure first that maximum new families with most deprived one are first covered instead of making it vote bank politics and right of few.

  • gaa - 10 years ago

    Reservations should be limited to either education or employment.Otherwise a few privileged castes using their political clout manage to garner most of the benefits leaving the rest to rot. I know of a case in which 5 members of a familily using the reservation route are all employed in either central Govt. or State Govt. jobs. Also they should restrict reservation benefits to only one member of a family through which we can implement a family planning system that is not forced but practical.

  • A R PRABHU - 10 years ago

    Even after 62 years of Independence, one must know the Untouchability and poverty among the SC/ST people are not eradicated fully. The untouchability is still prevailing even in big cities like delhi, mumbai and chennai etc.. in the govt.offices itself in the very sophisticated manner, not to talk about in villages. Take the IT companies how many people of SC/STs and other backward people are in the highest posts. Who is responsible this kind of imparity? Do you think these people are do not have much skill and education to reach the top spot.. not so.. understand domination of some section of people prevent them to go up.. so it is very much necessary to have a reservation in private sectors too... after all the the private firms are enjoying everything from government right from concessional/subsidy in land, power, loan etc.. it is their bounden duty to uplift the downtroden....

  • R.S.Kishore - 10 years ago

    No. Reservations Should not be imposed on Pvt. Sector Jobs. Already General Caste People are suffering a lot now-a-days in the field of Govt. Jobs. What Dr.B.R.Amdbedkar has told earlier was to impose the Backward reservation system for a certain period only, so that the backward people can also get flourished. But our politicians today are utilizing that power for their self interest only so that they can more n more votes. This reservation system should be abolished totally. Who said that today also SC/ST candidates are still backward??? In fact the Forward caste people are the Poorest ones today.

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