If you were the Prime Minister of India would you: Impose the death penalty for corruption?

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    • D K Dubal - 10 years ago

      The Suprim Court suggested for Death Penalaty to corrupted person. The Sthavr Jangam Property of culprit will seized by government.After Death Penalty imposed in public place, the each part of body of culprit will have to be selled by auctioned and all the money come take in Government Treasury

    • Lovely - 10 years ago

      Now a days corruption is not restricted to snatching the govt. money it has taken another form of favoring in return for bribe.By this way there monopoly in every sector. Only the references work out in your favor not your talent.

      Above all these the most unfortunate thing to happen with us is that we are simply incapable of fighting the corruption because the sin like corruption is only done by the powerful bosses. People with power are doing the corruption and what we common powerless people for whom maintaining his/her family itself a big problem to fight with.

      There is need to give rise to a clarion call of a gladiator so that the common people rises above all to uproot these corruption

    • Gautam - 10 years ago

      Yes we need stentorian laws like that of China. In fact we do not need any fair trial either. All social ills should be punished severely by giving the death penalty.

    • MANOJ SHARMA - 10 years ago

      Corruption kills the growth of any nation. Hence the corrupt should be awarded death penalty. Another way of controlling corruption is to control population growth. In the long run supply will be more than demand thus controlling inflation and as a consequence - CORRUPTION will reduce.

    • Dr. A G Agarwal - 10 years ago

      Corruption is snatching the rights of many people, the money which would have gone to Govt. kitty for development and upliftment of deprived one is taken as granted. This sin is like murdering the people in cold blood.
      We are more than 115 crores, if few of them are hanged or debarred for politics or for Govt. jobs even in prime facie case, heaven is not going to fall. Strict control is required to enforce it.

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