If you were the Prime Minister of India would you: Strengthen the non-aligned movement?

  • Yes. Even though it is now a unipolar world, we cannot depend on just the US
    160 votes

  • No, it is important to align with the most powerful nation on the planet
    61 votes

  • Other
    10 votes

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  • Anil Sood - 10 years ago

    Yes we should align ourselves with the powerful country as India as a nation is not politically & militarily strong to defend itself. Had Kennedy not helped during chinese war in 1962 we would have lost & would have met a more humiliating defeat. Only American help saved us. We can not handle even a small terrorist state like Pakistan & always look to US for action against Pakistan. China is not active because of US- so called ally otherwise China would have taken over Arunachal & most of northeast. So allying with militarily powerful state has saved india till date & non aligned has not served any purpose.

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