If you were the Prime Minister of India would you: Scrap Article 370 which grants special rights to Kashmir?

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Posted 10 years.


  • Philips - 9 years ago

    80% vote for abrogation of Art 370 just shows the shallowness of the Indian polity. Unthinking and misinformed !!!!!!!!
    1.Please understand that a word once given has to be stood by for any self respecting individual or a nation.
    2.How many are aware that there are other parts of tyhe country that enjoy such exclusive privileges. Kindly bother oneself to check this out for yourselves ; you will be shocked.
    3. Everything is not about Islam vs the others.No religionists are angels anyway !
    4. Laying all the blame at the door of the only true democrat we had as the first PM and truly loved his country,is the most unfortunate and mean. All the stalwarts after him too has not moved an inch in any direction !!!!!
    5. Ponder as to who causes graeter damage to the country Art 370 or the divisive agenda of some parties.We can live without kashmir but can you live distrusting sections of your fellow country men.

  • S.Panicker - 9 years ago

    Artical 370 to be abrogated, so that mix religion be resided and the state develpoe as a mix cultural state of India.

  • D K Dubal - 10 years ago

    As early as possible, destroy the Article 370. The KASHMIRI means MUSLIM never agree. Check past of muslim, they are KILLER, RAPIST, LUTARA and BRBER, ENEMY OF HINDU.

  • D K Dubal - 10 years ago

    No need of article 370. If the Muslims feel privileged they are part of Pakistan let them throw to Pakistan without anything to take away. Their Property and Bank Amt.willl be forefit and credit in Indian Treasury. Since 1946 we have lost our precious Soldiers,Military Officers and too much more wealth. All our Political Party, Politician and Government become NAPUSANK against Muslims vot.

  • Manoj Sharma - 10 years ago

    Scrapping Article 370 is the first thing we should do to solve Kashmir problem. It is high time that our politicians give a serious thought to it rather than making it an election agenda.

  • Sunil Kapur - 10 years ago

    Our one PM took idiotic decision wasted trillions of rest of India,s Tax Payer Money.Follower of that party worship him and idiot voters vote that dynasty ruling party

  • gaa - 10 years ago

    Special status to a state means people from other states are less equal. If the kashmiris feel privileged if they were part of pakistan let them pack and go to POK and leave us in peace.

  • rao - 10 years ago

    no need 370 article for kashmir, j&k state also intigrate part of our country. no need for special status, if central government give special status means j&k people coming like lazy people, no need to work for food, everything they get their doorstep. our taxes totally missused at j&k funding.

  • Anil Sood - 10 years ago

    Yes it should be scrapped & by extending the article 370, India itself admitting that something wrong with the status of J&K state within India. Moreover, it will curve the ethnic cleansing of Hindus from the valley for which the Congress govt. is doing little as they don't form their vote bank or theirnumerical strength is of no use for Congress

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