If you were the Prime Minister of India would you: Prohibit/ban separatist movements?

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Posted 10 years.


  • Steve Foerster - 10 years ago

    No. Where is it written that the current borders of any country, including India, should be inviolable for all time? If people in an area wish to be separate, better to let them go in peace and maintain a friendly relationship rather than build animosity and resentment from trying to restrain them. This is true for all countries.

  • D.K.Dubal - 10 years ago

    In our coun trry, Alll Political Party, Politician and Government revolve for Vote Bank, The Rashtravad is become Secondary

  • Dr. A G Agarwal - 10 years ago

    There cannot be any debate on few basic issues - seperaterists, corruption, employment, terrorism, secularism, naxals etc.,etc., Rather a national consensus is required to make it constitutional part. Somehow our politics revolve around vote bank, national issues are secondary, no one talks about these political reforms.

  • dkroy - 10 years ago

    only 2-3 political parties r allowed, constitution to be amnded n all politicians to compete n qualify in IAS exam . n finish with VOTON KI RAJNITI.only politicians age 21-55yrs allowed to compete the exam those who top t be sent to border compulsoraly minimum5 yrs n then only r they qualified to be politicians of india. also their psychology test be done if they have maximum
    DESH BHAKTI BHAVANA they only be allowed to sit for the exam n not RAJYABHAKTI bhavna.

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