If you were the Prime Minister of India would you: Scrap agricultural subsidies?

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Posted 10 years.


  • D.K.Dubal - 10 years ago

    All Agruculture Subsicidies are Misused. In so many fields Faarmers and their Family Member have Reservation such as Seervices,Getting Loan, Getting Landetc.

  • gaa - 10 years ago

    In all these years there has always been a price hike of essential commodities which has hurt the common man and all along these farmers have been using age old method for farming which is less productive and the cost of producing agri products is more than they get for their products. The only beneficiary being the Middlemen and the politicians landlord misusing the subsidies.

  • rao - 10 years ago

    all agriculture subsidies are misused. for example some farmers used less quantity fertilizers, and some used more due to this those who are using less quantity also paying same taxes like others it is burden to poor farmers so there should be limit to give subsidies to farmers according to their economical conditions and should fallow land sealing act. in my opinion it is better to increase crop prices from govt side.

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