Does a TV Show's Timeslot Matter in the Age of DVRs and Internet?

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  • SideshowRalphWiggum - 10 years ago

    I fully agree with JCLUCCA. I use a DVR, but I know plenty of people who don't. And let's not forget the point brought up elsewhere that if aired at 12:05, it's no longer the "Tonight Show." It's the "Tomorrow Morning Show."

  • JCLUCCA - 10 years ago

    I think this poll has a significant flaw in that it combines 2 either/or statements in each option. No, I do not watch much TV as it airs, but probably 90% of late-night viewers do. So, yes, I feel that time slot matters, but I do not watch it as it airs.

  • Matthew - 10 years ago

    I watch on Hulu, but I am not blind that the timeslot vastly matters for many shows.

    The over 50 crowd consumes television the old-fashioned way. That will not change.

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