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  • Lauren - 9 years ago

    i thought that the first one was funnier but that the second one was more in character with rat and pig. perhaps you could use the same idea from the first strip but tweak it a little bit.

  • Bob - 9 years ago

    Steve Martin already did this with a banjo instead of a pogo stick...

  • marilyn - 9 years ago

    The first was funnier. yes, I would like to hook up with you, but have too much respect for your wife who puts up with you. If you wake up with a black eye, I
    will understand. And my husband says he'll take care of the black eye if your wife doesn't want to go to jail.

  • Bob - 9 years ago

    Its not as funny. I like the progression of the first version better.
    The second one just doesn't feel right.

  • marc alberts - 9 years ago

    It's okay, but the conclusion doesn't quite work. If a pogo stick is *really* a better way to deliver bad news, then why Pig's clearly negative reaction? So something still isn't quite right. Either Rat needs to say that the pogo stick isn't a better way for the listening, but better for the teller, or maybe you need to change Pig's reaction to one of Pig's happy faces? Something like that would make more sense IMO.

  • Jack VanHouten - 9 years ago

    More like rats character.

  • Julienne - 9 years ago

    Yes, this is better than the first one you posted. The first one all I could think about was IED's and Iraq and our Troops and it was FUNNY but the vision of a bomb exploding is just too fresh to what's happening right now. I vote for this instead of the original!

  • Mike Kropp - 9 years ago

    I saw nothing wrong with the original. I don't find this nearly as funny. The fact that the news was only relevant to Pig the first time made the pogo stick much funnier IMO.

  • Daphne - 9 years ago

    I like how you co-ordinated the 4 hops with the 4 bits of bad news! Very poetic!

  • Nicholas - 9 years ago

    Agreed that the setup is better in the first strip, but the second strip has an action that is more in line with Rat's character. (Lil' Guard Duck or Fluffy, I can see with explosives; Rat I see at the track.)

  • Mike Peterson - 9 years ago

    The second one concerns a problem that should also upset Rat. In the first one, the bad news is strictly for pig. The first one, therefore, is better -- it helps to show off Rat's lack of sympathy, which is, after all, key to his character.

  • DF - 9 years ago

    The first strip has a better setup into the bad news. To just jump into Rat delivering the bad news in the second panel feels too rushed. The arc is better on the first one.

    As you can see, NOBODY has more free time on a Friday night than me.

  • lizapest - 9 years ago

    Too many people are loosing their houses these days... its less funny when you know someone in that situation.
    You live on the other side of the continent and in another country, it just wouldn't work out Stephan.
    Yes, you have waaaaaaayyyy too much time on your hands on a Friday night

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