If you were the Prime Minister of India would you: Put a two-term bar limit for politicians?

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  • kirshna - 9 years ago

    10% commission is allow for american president india is far no more regarding the %. I don't know how they want but only listen %. Two term is enough and party must change not only our PRIMINISTER party also change.

  • chalapathirao - 9 years ago

    In addition to the above restriction of two term limit there shall not be any post term benefits to the politicians. This will allow only selfless and clean image citizens to enter the politics.

  • Suhail Manzoor - 10 years ago

    Term limits will only ensure that power moves from parliament to the party which over time will destroy parliament.

  • Abhineet Gupta - 10 years ago

    On the contrary there should be an age limit after which politicians need to retire from active politics. They can be utilised for consultation purposes and their experience should be of immense help

  • s vasudevan - 10 years ago

    Two terms are enough to make enough money for 10 generations. In democracy others should also get a chance and in dynastic politics only the family line loots the booty.

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