Has Pres. Barack Obama's first year been a success?

  • m.latif - 11 years ago

    لااعتقد ان الرئيس ئوباما نجح بما فيه الكفاية خلال سنته الاولى في الحكم لان معظم ماوعد به اثناء الحملة الانتخابية لم يتحقق منه شيء الا في مايتعلق بموضوع المناخ فكان له مواقف ايجابية,ارجو له الموفقية في عام 2010وخاصة في مجال تحقيق السلام في الشرق الاوسط ومشكلة ايران النووية .

  • carlos - 11 years ago

    (portuguese) Os USA precisam das guerras como de pão para a boca, por isso não desculpem a incapacidade de Obama com a turbulência da administração anterior.

  • Michel - 11 years ago

    Well I don't think it was successful at all. I wish that everything remained as it was before the elections but honestly everything have worsened.
    Rather than bringing our troops back home, we send more troops and recently Yemen!?!?

  • Pascal - 11 years ago

    every candidate has to make promises to get elected, so works the system. but it is not only barack's own will that makes bills win or fail. It is also the responsibility of the other political parties to choose for their people or for political unrest.

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