Which Apple Tablet name do you think is the best? (Poll Closed)

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  • scrabble help - 11 years ago

    islate is my favorite

  • Jeffrey Hagedon - 11 years ago


  • Jeffrey Hagedon - 11 years ago

    My I suggest:

    Apple Core
    iPhone +

  • Cate.TV - 11 years ago

    ok, I'll bite :) My guess - Apple Media

  • jen - 11 years ago

    I think the names suggested are just NOT cool. they can do better than that.

  • Jorge Rosa - 11 years ago

    iSlate = is late

  • George Otto - 11 years ago

    I think it will be something simple, no "i" before the name. My guess: Apple Tablet. This follows the same naming convention like Apple TV.

  • Art Chambers - 11 years ago

    Definitely not iPad. What would you call the larger version? Maxi-pad?

  • Nik - 11 years ago

    My suggestion still is 'Apple Canvas'

  • iFreek - 11 years ago

    iGuide will probably be a software product on the tablet.

    iPad sounds too much like iPod.


  • Vinay - 11 years ago

    I say they'll call it Newton. Partially for nostalgia sake and partly bcos it's high time they move on from the 'i' tag

  • John M - 11 years ago

    The name will be as short as possible. Thus, not iTablet but possibly iTab.


    Other possibilities:



    I like iBite, unique to Apple yet suggestive of anything computeresque.

    We shall see.

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