Which Michigan State Spartans helmet logo do you prefer?


  • Bro McBroden - 11 years ago

    it looks like someone scanned in their diarrhea to their computer and filled in the brownish green with orange chunks with green. seriously.

  • markie obrien - 13 years ago

    it looks like a two legged elephant. sheesh.

  • MartinD - 13 years ago

    Seriously, is this all a marketing JOKE from a U of M grad working at Nike? Can't we learn from so many who have changed their logo and incurred so much cost ito promote it? Why not change the the name of the university? How about a new sparty?

    Follow the money trail on this one, before it is too late and this goes into the presses.

  • andy - 13 years ago

    hey you michigan fag above me, if your team was ANY good at ANY sport this year(or last year for that matter) , u'd probably be checkin out their news so fuck off u guys suck with your big ass block m gayness

  • andy - 13 years ago

    looks like a squirrel hikin its leg up to take a piss...fuck this logo

  • Hail 2 The Maize & Blue - 13 years ago

    Im a Michigan fan and I am so glad this didnt happen to UM. This is the worst logos in the history of college athletics. IT SUCKS

  • Sparty on - 13 years ago

    This new logo is the worst. Atleast rhe new lions logo looks close to the old. If they don't like the current sparty on the helmets put the block S back on. The new logo didn't work for the pistons years agovand will bomb the same for State. Maybe we should just change the old english D, the winged wheel and (even though I could care less) the M for Michigan and the wings on their helmets. It just doesn't work.

  • shawn mccombs - 13 years ago

    look i might not go to michigan state but im planning n goin there in 4 years after high school id have to say tht new logo looks like bull shit

  • MSUSpartan76 - 13 years ago

    What were they thinking? A ROMAN helmet to replace a classic Greek Corinthian helmet? This is NOT Gladiator. THIS IS SPARTA!

  • aaron - 13 years ago

    the new logo is fucking gay

  • Monica - 13 years ago

    I hate the new logo! There is absolutely nothing wrong with our current logo and it's the identity of MSU! The new one looks like crap! Don't change it!!!!!!

  • Austin Sparty - 13 years ago

    "oh no, i fear change! I will boycott my teams merchandise! I may not root for State anymore!"

    Let's not over-react folks. Anyone who cheers for this program b/c of the logo is not a real fan anyway. They'll obviously clean up the crooked lines come april. If so, it's not bad. Having the old logo since the mid-70's isn't exactly like the scUm's winged helmet, tradition=wise

    We haven't had our football and basketball teams both heading in the right direction like this in a long time, maybe it's time for a new image too.

  • theman - 13 years ago

    fuck you, scuba steve!

  • Genevieve - 13 years ago

    First the Lions logo, now this???

  • Former Spartan - 13 years ago

    Must have been created by the School of Psychology.....looks like a Roarshack test..........come on you liberal educators.....get with with the corporate world and market the product.....

  • Fuck nigger tits - 13 years ago


  • Anonymous - 13 years ago

    Anon is not your personal army

  • Leonidas - 13 years ago

    The new one looks like a demented elephant.

    Also, people get paid a LOT of money for devising new company names and logos. Follow the money to see who is behind this expensive nonsense.

  • /b/'s personnal army/TITS OR GTFO - 13 years ago

    the new one suXx


    If you change the Spartan logo, I will change my endowment plans. I've already talked to my attorney about this matter. I also discussed this with Sparty. He doesn't like it, but he understands. None of my memories are associated with the new logo, why should my money be any different?

  • KCW - 13 years ago

    Looks like a squirrel with it's head caught in a sewer grate! I will not buy articles with this new logo on it.....repulsive!

  • Mary Patterson - 13 years ago

    Why change a design that has been prestigious for years. What are you thinking??????? I VOTE NO!!!!

  • Christian - 13 years ago

    Are your frickin kidding me! that logo is by far the worst piece of shit i have ever seen.

  • SKay '66 Alum - 13 years ago

    Alum's unite! If this goes through, NO MORE apparel purchases and NO MORE donations. That outta wake administration up!

    And how old is this Ms. Swain? If this was her idea, MSU needs a different person in her position; one with a sense of tradition or at the least a sense of design. The proposed logo change is UGLY, UNINTERESTING and DULL!

  • Kral Ceel - 13 years ago

    I am a Spartan living in University of Alabama land. I color-printed the "proposed new design" in Spartan Green, and the "old design" in University of Alabama crimson to show to 5 University of Alabama and 2 Auburn University graduates. Without indicating what I was them, I asked the 7 'test subjects' to tell me what the full page (as close as I could it full page) design was. One knew what the new design was immediately and attached it to MSU, 4 knew it was a helmet (all them said it was a Greek or Roman helmet, and, because they know that I am a true green Spartan fan, quickly associated it with the Spartans), and 2 had no idea what it was. One of this latter group, a clinical psychologist, opined that, "...looked like part of a Rorschach Test."

    Even colored crimson (the dominate University of Alabama color) all but one (the clinical psychologist) of the 7 knew that the "old design" was associated with the MSU Spartans. Sometimes its best not to fix what ain't broke.

  • Ken MSU Class of 06 - 13 years ago

    Utterly atrocious. Just yesterday, I was thinking to myself how strong and timeless our logo is and how proud I am to wear it. Then I find out about all of this nonsense today. I sincerely hope this is all some cruel joke.

  • Janice Roberts - 13 years ago

    I have been doing marketing strategy and communications for 25 years. As a MSU alum, I am NOT happy to see this new logo. It does NOT represent MSU well, and should not under any circumstances supplant the old. Surely 84% preference for the old logo speaks loudly? If it works, don't fix it. I don't care if it was Nike, or Apple or CocaCola who suggested the new... leave the Spartan alone!

  • Gregg Citron - 13 years ago

    WTF are we doing. We need another logo like i need another whole in my a**!!! Between the block S, the cursive State, the "Heathcote faced" sparty, and the current sparty helmet, WHICH IS THE ONE AND ONLY LOGO THAT WE SHOULD HAVE, and now this pile of nonsense, it appears like we just don't know what we want to be when we grow up! Remember the Michigan State with the Greek keyes design of the Cleaves/Peterson days? Why do we constantly find ways to make fools out of ourselves nationally. Hey, I have a great idea, let's put the new logo on leisure suits!!!

  • Tricia - 13 years ago

    You've got to be kidding! Please say you are kidding! No really...seriously?! Stay with tradition. Besides the fact that the new logo is U-G-L-Y! I would never ever buy another piece of spartan clothing EVER!

  • justin - 13 years ago

    The new logo reminds me of Leonidas helmet from 300. Does anyone else agree? Well regardless, its garbage and I hope to god the school listens to the voice of the students/alumni/whom ever.

  • Jeff - 13 years ago

    It looks like a devil with horns. Leave well enough alone. The old looks best, and remember scruffy Sparty!!!! Were did that go!!!!

  • Val - 13 years ago

    Kinda looks like a seahorse to me. The MSU Seahorses. Now that's something new!!

  • SteveK - 13 years ago

    OMFG! That new logo is horrible. I have the old one on my class ring and I love it. As an alum, I definately won't be buying any merchandise with that POS on it.

  • clayton aka msu fan - 13 years ago

    the new logo is terrible DO NOT change it 82% say that the old one is better so keep the old one i hate this new one

  • Larry - 13 years ago

    All I will say is if the logo changes then the president of the university should be chaned also. No ands ifs or buts about it.

  • Dan - 13 years ago

    Yea the new logo is wack, stop riding the 300 movies dick. We don't need a new logo that looks like a retarted 4th grader cut it out of construction paper. Hope this doesn't actually happen.

  • Spartan Fan - 13 years ago

    This is the dumbest thing they have done and I agree whoever has created this or even thought of this needs to be shot. My loyalties lie with my boys in Green and White but this will make it difficult and I will continue to sport the old logo.

  • Bob - 13 years ago

    Let's just remove the logo from the helmet all together. Replace it with the word "State" to match the front of the basketball uniform.

  • Gary Stokes - 13 years ago

    Looks like a devil - PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE OUR "TRUE SPARTAN LOGO". Why would anyone want to change the best logo. Thanks.

  • Spartanfan - 13 years ago

    IT SUCKS!!! Why are we doing this? it is so dumb.

  • JohnG - 13 years ago

    WAKE UP MSU!!! Your going to let Nike drive the bus just because NIKE's over sexed Tiger business is declining. 2 years in the making what a joke.
    Again this is about money with little respect for College tradition.

  • Tom - 13 years ago

    We must have engaged the guys who changed the forumla for Coke on this decision. Of all the things to address about the school and our sports program, this should have been at the bottom of the list. What a waste. We'll get a black eye over this one....

  • David Mayes - 13 years ago

    If this is not a joke, the morons responsible must be killed. If you attend or are a graduate of MSU, you have an obligation, nay, a duty, to put these revisionists down like the rabid dogs they are. Doing so I believe will send an appropriate message that will also have long-term value. I deeply resent any and anyones tampering with my school's logo. Why would anyone even think of doing this or changing the school colors? Why don't they mess with our nation's flag instead. I mean like it's been red, white and blue for so, so long. Next, we could get a new anthem - I propose "Rock A-Round the Clock". It's a catchy tune, dude. Ron White is correct, you can't fix stupid.

  • UnHappySparty - 13 years ago

    Worst idea every. Why not try to promote the logo and traditions we have instead of wasting money changing our logo? The logo looks horrible. I will not buy any merchandise with this logo on it.

  • MSU Senior - 13 years ago

    I just don't understand why they want to change it. Especially for Nike- what happens when we no longer are affiliated with them? Will they hold partial rights to it?

    But hey, who cares about 30+ years of tradition, right? Let's change it up just for the sake of it! Because I'm sure none of the students or alumni will mind not recognizing their own logo.

    The worst part is that it doesn't really matter how much everyone is against this idea- they'll do whatever they want to.

  • Lindsey - 13 years ago

    This logo is ugly and 84% agree that the old one is better! Shouldn't that account for something? If the colors change, I'll never wear MSU gear anymore. Guess I better get some MSU clothing before this horrible change happens. Damn Nike, I used to love them!

  • IvyArmy - 13 years ago

    Please tell me that the new change is not a done deal.

    I'm open to change if it is a good one, but this "new" design is horrid and would set the Spartan program's image back to the Dark Ages.

    If this becomes a permnent deal, I will not purchase anything with this symbol... thank God I've been stocking up on SpartanWear lately!

  • T Rock - 13 years ago

    I'm deeply disappointed to see the logo even being mentioned in a "comprehensive" branding plan. The new logo is hideous. It hurts my eyes to look at it!

  • Spartys for Tradition - 13 years ago

    It took Nike 2 years to come up with this piece of crap?? There are thousands of people looking for jobs and they had a whole team dedicated to brainstorming the "Sparty Short Bus Campaign..." I will never purchase Spartan apparel with that monstrosity on it.

  • msu1fan - 13 years ago

    Listen to the people of Sparta! An overwhelming no is what I hear! Merchandising nightmare on the horizon if it materializes! Heed my warning! NO TO THE NEW LOGO! AND DEFINITELY NO TO ANY DIFFERENT COLORS! GO GREEN! GO WHITE! GO STATE!

  • zapped - 13 years ago

    Looks like the scifi offspring of J. Leno and an anteater. No way!

  • Jeremy - 13 years ago

    This is ridiculous, the logo looks horrific, they haven't denied changing the color scheme, what is going on?

    Obviously just another money grab for the University. I hope the check you get from Nike is worth betraying the tradition that means so much to all of your students, alumni, and fans in general.

  • Tom Cunningham - 13 years ago

    Is this an early April Fool's joke? This can't be serious. This will be MSU's "New Coke"

  • Graphic Designer - 13 years ago

    Looks like a high school student with a vague knowledge of how to use Adobe Illustrator created the new logo. I really hope the final one will be cleaned up, it really needs work!

    I do not attend State, but even I think that the school deserves a nice logo that the staff and students can be proud of!

  • MSU Alum - 13 years ago

    All I have to say, is that if the logo gets changed, I will not be purchasing any more MSU apparel. Period.

  • Paul Maurer - 13 years ago

    As an alumni, I wonder if Rich Rodriguez isn't behind this? What do you think Barker?

  • Brandon Laabs - 13 years ago

    This is the most retarded piece of crap. How do the sports teams for state feel about this? I almost went up in tears when i saw this crappy logo. Whoever made this obviously is blind, or a 1st grade drawing techinque

  • Someone Special - 13 years ago

    GVSU.....u got that from The HUGE show...way to be original....oh and the new logo is stupid

  • GVSU - 13 years ago

    This looks like an armadillo in heat with a beaver.

  • Jaym - 13 years ago

    You're taking the best logo in the nation- the existing helmet, which I smile with pride at- and turning it into a sixth-grade-rejection version that shows NO understanding of logo design.

    WHY would you change a perfect logo- especially into something hideous?

    I am ALREADY getting mocked- not only by Big Ten rivals- but by others in Universities all around the nation, for going from best to worst in branding.

    Who is the mentally retarded person that was put in charge of agreeing to this decision?

    Now I lose the ability to wear ANY Spartan clothing, and have to make up my mind if I have to lose watching my team even play in their games.

    I'd love to take something you love and destroy it, so you understand how it feels.

  • Peter J. Brobeil - 13 years ago

    The new design looks like it was drawn and cut out by an elementary school student. Seems the powers that be lack a sense of pride in TRADITION.
    Scrap this stupid idea and FIRE the FOOL responsible for such a tampering with our tradition while trying to market him/her self.

  • Lindsay - 13 years ago

    Why would anyone even consider changing the logo?? Doesn't make sense.

  • MSU Alumni - 13 years ago

    Fuck this logo.

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