Who would win in a fight: AIM, GTalk, or FbChat? (Poll Closed)

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  • rajesh - 11 years ago

    Though I've used AIM, GTalk & Facebook in my day today life, I would vote for AIM & ICQ chat rather than others. I am so much comfortable and it's not making me to looking forward of other application for my requirements.

    So, My vote is for AIM. Go AOL!

  • chat user - 11 years ago

    +1 for AIM. it works really well in all type of connection... file transfer is really fast... Gtalk always disconnects... even in good connection... yahoo messgr is very slow... and FB chat sucks.... its not even works at real time....

  • adriana - 11 years ago

    I know most people in the US have been using AIM forever... I know I have... but that's just it, ONLY people in the US use AIM.
    Everywhere else in the world they either use GTalk or MSN, which is why GTalk is going to win this one.
    FB kinda sucks because you have to have FB open to use it... and if you use a client like Adium and have FB open you get the messages in both which is annoying, it won't let you use only Adium...

  • Jessie - 11 years ago

    It's ICQ for me ;)
    Used to use AIM. Tried the facebook chat, which is not even worth that... never tried gtalk... don't know anyone who uses it... so... my vote went to AIM. Sorry Gtalker ;)

  • shankar - 11 years ago

    gtalk is simply the choice for instant messaging, if you like to have a rich client download it, else chat away from your email page or if you need privacy just pick up your headphone and turn it into a voice call - it simply works

  • dOgBOi - 11 years ago

    No love for Yahoo Messenger?

  • AhmedYounes - 11 years ago

    Gtalk for sure is my best IM .. its simple fast no lags when i use it i feel i can do real chat with my real friends without thinking about the messenger problems

    if you are talking about skype i cant ignore its very strong video/audio chatting tool .. so im using it only when i have group meeting

  • Angela - 11 years ago

    Well, I've used AIM since my middle school days so that's my pick. I know from experience that Facebook chat is very glitchy and frustrating to use and, in all honesty, I haven't yet tried GTalk because I've never felt a need to with things like MSN Messenger and Skype around.

  • rupert - 11 years ago

    even as the dumbed-down spawn of the uber-awesome ICQ, AOLIM wins. Gtalk won't stand a chance until it integrates file transfer with Trillian.

    Facebook is for unsatisfied hausfraus. not that there's anything wrong with that.

  • xavier - 11 years ago

    gtalk leads the pack, simply because if its ability to be both clean and robust! there is no lag with conversing on gtalk, whether its simple IMming or advanced video conferencing. Add that to the integration of email and contacts, the only thing left is for gmail to buy out facebook and integrate their 350 million+ users, and the game is pretty much over.

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