Who Gets Served First?

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  • K - 14 years ago

    If it were a mixed gender group I would have voted company first. But if it's only the boys I would serve SO first.

  • Patrice - 14 years ago

    Very interesting poll -- I think your math needs a little tweaking, though. It looks to me as though you have 276 responses at this point (adding the number of 'Serve company first' and 'Serve significant other first' responses. So, to calculate the percentage, I think you need to divide each item by the total number of responses. It looks to me as though your divisor is the total of each subcategory - the two from above (which you ** should ** use as the total) plus the total of each of the ethnicity and age subcategories.

    I'm sorry -- I'm a total geek. I bet you already figured the percentage calculations anyway.

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