What's your assessment of President Obama’s first State of the Union address?


  • cooking - 13 years ago

    "The worst is over" That one statement just goes to show how absolutely clueless this man is. He can't find an economist who will show him why his plans are fiscally irresponsible? Just do a search and you will find nobel prize winners who have been syaing it for a year!!!! Yes Republicans have tried to make proposals but are just shot down and they do not have the votes to get anything passed. They have been blatantly prevented from participating in meetings by a man who campaigned on "reaching across the aisle" and "showing meetings on CSpan".

    And he should be ASHAMED of what he said to the Supreme Court. It is not the President's place to do what he did to the Court. Even his own appointee was not happy when he pulled that stunt.

  • Akosua Albritton - 13 years ago

    The president referred to the letters he's received to imply he is concerned about what Americans believe are important. It was important that he stated he didn't like giving billions to the financial sector which brought the economic crisis to us. The small amount of money they had to payback ought to be higher and the pay raises and bonuses distributed shouldn't have been allowed. The US public should have had say in voting for the cash disbursements.

    I appreciate the assistance to middle income households and small businesses. It's time for industry to recover from its addiction to fossil fuels and determinely complete tech development to harness solar, wind, wave and agriculture for energy. We need to stop digging the ocean floor or ground. Dependence on fossil is holding people back in so many ways.

    His candor about partisan politics is much appreciated.

  • THarvey - 13 years ago

    WOW!!! some people don't have a clud what this country is all about, Its ok to spend money in the last 8 years over 10 trillion on bogus contracts and bogus wars the deficit has been way over. Where is the outrage, They always say lets not talk about the past. Mr. Obama is currently doing it all with balance military and domestic spending. Don't quit Mr. President do the right thing even if you have one tern. Because there people in this country will always eat there owe.

  • Waymon - 13 years ago

    Dan Bowens and Mike Birk... seems to me that you wouldn't be happy with anything the president had to say. What I find most interesting is how you blame the president for "same old rhetoric". Socialistic and left wing? Where have I heard that before? In the event that small banks can loan to veteran owned and small businesses Mike you will be pleased. For once, a president is honest about the problems we face in this country and trying fix them instead of seeking to line the pockets of his political allies we have a group of the powerful asking whats in it for me. I'm sure you've griped about some of the problems the president has outlined to be fixed. So stop your whining and get onboard to help fix the problems. Bitching about what you don't like won't help.

  • Dan Bowens - 13 years ago

    Pretty much useless speech of regurgitated small business ideas that will not and can not work.

    We must stop the Obama administration from diverting federal contracts away from Small Businesses, Minority-owned businesses and Veteran-owned Businesses to large federal contractors.

  • Sonja Mack - 13 years ago

    I'm so glad he called the Republican's out, though--when he said that saying no to everything achieves their goal of not supporting him but it wasn't effective leadership. He's right. If what the president is proposing won't work in your opinion, propose something you think will work. Don't just sit with your arms folded and tell the president his ideas stink. This is not about the Republicans vs. the President, it's about the success and longevity of the nation.

  • Mike Birk - 13 years ago

    He knows how to push the "hot buttons" but doesn't have a clue. He keeps labeling his agenda in positive terms but concerning his solutions, as they say "The Devil is in the Details". Which in his case are the same old socialistic and left wing solutions that have already been rejected.

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