Which vehicle electrification option is most appealing to you as a consumer and taxpayer?


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  • Douglas Anthes - 13 years ago

    I think that this should be calculated over a 5 year period not one year to see what the savings is overall. Another thing that should be calculated into this should be if more people use solar or wind to generate the power not using power plants.

  • Greg - 13 years ago

    I always am taken aback by economic arguments involving new vehicle production. The math is pretty clear that the actual need for new vehicles is much lower than people think, and the environmental effects of keeping an older vehicle running 5 extra years by doing proper maintenance and through proper care could greatly reduce the need for new vehicles.

    Further, the economics are simple. If an older vehicle costs $2000 and runs for 2 years without a problem (as they usually do), we can say that the annual cost for the vehicle is say $1000. Now, how long does a new $20000 vehicle need to last for the same price value? A $30,000 or more vehicle?

    My current car cost me $800. I have had it for one year without any issues and I look forward to having it for another several years without any major issues as it is in great shape. Even if it dies on the side of the road, the greatest risk I have is an expensive taxi ride and the cost of towing the car to the scrap yard, which is well worth the savings that I get in the long run.

  • jonak - 13 years ago

    Number of EVs manufactured is very low - a few hundred world wide per year. The assumptions about pricing ignore the impact of the economics of mass production, which is very efficient at dramatically lowering costs. It also misses that electric powered cars are far simpler systems to build:
    An electric motor has 1 moving part, the rotor. Compare that with internal combustion engines.....
    One last point, that battery manufacturers will, of course, gear production to anticipated demand; the implication that there is a limit to production long term is silly.

  • Andrew Hansen - 13 years ago

    you havn't a clue. Battery cars are already dropping in price even before they come out. Just like other tech stuff (history proves true) the more made, the less cost to consumer. They are already all electric from China at 22,000. Your stupid 40,000 is way off. It is easy to say that though when you are bias. The most popular gas car sale is Camry at 38k

  • Norman White - 13 years ago

    I don't think the figures in charging the HEV or the EV take into account how much energy it takes to push the electicity to your home from the coal power plant to use for charging. This should be considered by the consumer.

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