Would you like to use custom roms on your motorola milestone? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 1,294

  • Faye - 3 years ago

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  • code promo rdc - 8 years ago

    Of course yes, it's better to tun our own rom.

  • Fernando Gonzalez - 11 years ago

    How about a word (blog, website, forums, whatever) that keeps up with the results of your poll (meaning did you hear from MotoCo) and or status of the BL lock on Milestone from MotoCo? I got my MS after this poll and many blogs/forums have no word on status, even if it means no word from MotoCo. So far I really like my MS A853 because I wanted it for hard KB, bigger screen and ATT G3 freq's. Thank you so much for at least starting this poll.
    Dr. Diode

  • tablet laptop - 11 years ago

    I dont know how to thank you enough for this poll COOL COOL COOL

  • Référencement google - 12 years ago

    HTC Nexus One is a killer!

  • musique house - 12 years ago

    yes i would like to run my own rom my HTC (nexus one)

  • TEPEM - 12 years ago

    A bit of history:
    I've been into some research in regarding what phone will replace my current Motorola ROKR E6 (which has an "ILLinux" - I spell it for Inevitably Locked Linux - in it).
    Fortunately russian motofan community member successfully ported QTopia to the device but the platform and hardware parts are really old and it doesn't meet my expectations for the moment. After experimenting a bit with Nokia N810 (no GSM module *sigh*) I was actually looking into two possible solutions:
    1) Nokia N900 (Maemo 5 OS)
    2) Motorola Milestone (Android OS)

    After considering the fact I learnt from various blogs and sources (re. MWC 2010 Milestone Awareness Campaign) I shall surely make my choice in favor of Nokia device.

    Pity Motorola keeps disappointing its own apologists.

  • Paladin - 12 years ago

    Every time i start to get warm and fuzzy feelings about a product/company, i get kicked in the teeth. I guess i won't be giving my money to Motorola, for as long as they keep their current policy.

    Thank you Motorola, for making my decision about witch phone to buy easier.

  • fefy - 12 years ago

    I had an HTC dream and "every day" I changed the firmware to enjoy a new telephone each day.

    My milestone not. WHY MOTO

  • pontomedon - 12 years ago

    It's absurd to publish the source code of a phone's software but at the same time locking down the phone so that the released source is of no use for anyone. Why do they even use Android as an operating system?

    Imho there are two groups of people who buy Android phones - 'experienced users' (i guess you could call us geeks) and the normal user, who is attracted by the phone itself (the hardware).

    By locking down a phone like the milestone, motorola will surely loose a lot of customers from the 'geek section', because the phone is just not able to do what we would except from a phone running open source software. Additionally motorola damages the image of Android as whole

    just wanted to have said that

  • tux - 12 years ago

    Parasites! They took our free linux and android code, locked it down with military grade security methods from ourselfs. Morola managers are completely brainless.

  • charrion - 12 years ago

    The poll needs one more choice. "I don't own a Milestone because my damn carrier (Telus) hasn't released it yet.

  • Mazinkaiser - 12 years ago

    and there is another point... we want the same chance of the Droid users, it's a totally nonsense just the europe versione of the same device is signed.

  • Robin - 12 years ago

    I´m seriously considering buying a Nextus, the milestone has many potential if only we (the "advanced" users) were allowed to change the firmware.

    I have no problem on giving up my warranty, i´m willing to register my IMEI at Motorola (a warranty blacklist) in order for a signature free version of the bootloader.

  • massimo - 12 years ago

    viva custom firmware

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