Do you think LeBron James complains too much during the game?

  • D-Bag - 11 years ago

    LeBron is the greatest

  • Jim - 11 years ago

    Lebron sgould realize it's a game. Try wirking a real job for a living, see if throwing a water bottleat your boss or clients will get you just a fine!!! I try to remember he is still a child, a very rich child but a child none the less! I personally think he is over paid, over reated and he certainly is no MJ or ant great player based what it takes to become a great player. He is good but for pets's sake grow up, making milions on top of his millions should at least show the fansm the NBA and anyone who gives a s..t that being overpaid to play a game is no deteriant to stopping these overpaid and lack of brain meatheads understand that making this kind of money when the avergae person just barely get by is si=omething that they ought to be grateful not stupid which he demonstrates time and again. Ron Artest, Rascheed Wallace would hve been suspended probably for the rest of the year,,,, not him the NBA is just as much at fault if not more, I will not watch the NBA anymore it's all A GAME GUYS get REl job fir $15.00 an hour and see how your life changes. Grow up drop out of the NBA All Star gane your not an all star your a hothead who haoens to be rich... I think your and Idiot for not seeing how lucky you truly are. I would not and will never allow aany child of mine to idealiz you or any other jerk lik you.. Bouce away you only have one thing I don't have beside manors and courtesy, that three balls, you display them all rudely all the time. I hope your carreer falls short and file bankruptcy like Karrem Jabbar, you blow tha when you land in ail when your temper takes you to point in your life you'll cry and beg for forgiveness, not here pal your a loser and always wil be in book. You and Cleveland derserve one another... You are truly an ungrateful, brich bully who abuses onyone and everything t get your own way, money buys ALL RIGHT SMUCK????

  • Stoneking - 11 years ago

    That Dude sound like a Celtics fan. You cant be from Cleveland with that talk. I think Lebron gets hacked without a foul called as much as Shaq, but I like how Shaq handles it much better. I hope Lebron takes that page from Shaqs book. Im not sure why your so hard on AC? I had to listen to your celtic announcers a couple of times this year and all they do i dispute calls from the refs. I think AC and Fred call it like they see it. The Cavs are having a good time, if you dont like it please dont watch.

    And one more thing....If I want anymore lip from you i'll scrape it off Lebrons zipper.

  • Denise Lee Peters - 11 years ago

    i'll give you this, he's very animated,but for the amount of no calls to calls, he should complain he's always around the basket and gets hit more than anyone else in the league

  • asylum - 11 years ago

    That Dude
    I think I love you. Finally, someone who can tell it like it is.

  • That Dude - 11 years ago

    I definitely agree with the prior comments. Yes, he is a good player, but not the greatest. He just happens to be surrounded with role-playing, bench suckups. Every other player in the NBA knows that when he came in the league, that everything was planned to focus on his arrival as the new dawn of the NBA. His teammates, coaches, and the media here in Cleveland kisses up to him as if he's the the best thing since denim jeans. He's worked hard at his game, I won't deny that, but the attention that he gets is ridiculous. Austin Carr is a disgrace in how he fawns over LeBron. Marry him then, surely he's looking fo someone else, other than the mother of his kids. He hasn't won anything except individual awards that the team seem to help him reach. There has been many times in past games that the cavs were up in points, but refused to sit leBron in fear that he wouldn't get the points needs in pursuit of the scoring title, trible-double,MVP, etc. It's like the NBA has told everyone, "hands off LeBron", either kiss up or say nothing at all. But just like all the rest, the media will build him up and destroy him later. No real quality players will come to the Cavs because they won't play the "game". Shaq is here for the money, right. If they win it all this year, a week later, we will talk about can LeBron do it by himself, like Kobe. LeBron is not a guard, and he should realize that. The refs need to call more charging and traveling calls on him. He whines about everything. He drives to the basket like a freight train and cries about a touch. That ref that was exposed for rigging games are just the tip of the iceberg. The fans here in Cleveland are just So, so desperate for a championship they'll support anything and anybody just for a win. I can't stand all the clowning at courtside. I've yet to see any NBA team clown as much as the Cavs and have nothing to show for it. I used to really like the Cavs, but this LeBron Circus have turned me away. Right is right, wrong is wrong. If he was on any other team, these same lame fans here would hate him. The fan base here in Cleveland sometimes seem to be very uneducated in sportsmanship in any sport here. Leave LeBron, take your circus, and performing freaks with you. And please don't forget to take Lead Ringmaster Austin Carr with you. He's the one with his lips firmly planted on your butt.

  • margaret scott - 11 years ago

    Lebron is overated as said before. He thinks he can get away with anything because he's Lebron James. He is a good player and I won't take that from him, but he gets away with too much. He thinks he can't be touched by anyone. The media has built his ego so high it's ashame. I think he and the rest of his teammates should be fined for all of that damn showboating that they be doing at the games. It is not necessary. Making out like they are taking pictures and all of that crap. It's just plain old stupid. You never saw Jordan or any of them do this crap. It need to stop. If they want to be super stars, go to Hollywood. It's not meant to be in the NBA.

  • Joe - 11 years ago

    This guy is overrated and has become a problem child.

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