What are the indoor temperature preferences at your place?
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  • Wendy - 11 years ago

    Alas, your poll did not quite describe my family. I am always too warm, year round, and my husband is like a big cat, never too warm! My kids, however, are more typical always-cold girls.

    BTW, our family has given up central heat for the last two winters. We use a gas fireplace at one end of the house and a small portable heater in the bathroom (otherwise I find my grooming and hygiene suffers). Our bedrooms, unheated, stay around 60 degrees.

    We have found that we really like the character of the house when it is heated this way. We feel more connected to the weather, which we track more closely in order to adjust our clothes and supplemental heating. The house feels more nuanced, which is interesting.

    Also, during our most recent cold spell, when temps fell into the 20's for about a week (in east Tennessee), friends and neighbors saw their utility bills double. FTW, ours increased by $40, or about 25%.

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