Should the Dodgers sign Garret Anderson?

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Posted 9 years.


  • javier dorado - 9 years ago

    I say they should aquire GA . Even though he's a veteran his experience will benifit on and off the field. Old timers team, not sure about that one but I think it is better that there's veterans on the team that way the younger players can learn a thing or two.

  • Wyatt Lowther - 9 years ago

    i was leaning towards yes, then i saw who his agent is. so NO!

  • Cpark - 9 years ago

    Really? More old guys who are more likely to be injured. Let a young guy play, if they don't work out a veteran will be available at the trade deadline.

  • Scorekeeper - 9 years ago

    I would rather give Xavier Paul a chance to play on the big club. Garret Anderson has had a nice career but he is well past his prime. Give the kid (Xavier Paul) a chance to show his worth!

  • Brian B. - 9 years ago

    Leave it to Ned to block the development of a talented to kid with a long over-the-hill scrub. Does anyone remember Luis Gonzalez?

  • Michael Allan - 9 years ago

    Sell the team to someone that can afford to run it properly!

  • Grandpa - 9 years ago

    GA? OMG!!

  • olramfan - 9 years ago

    Have the Dodgers become the old timers team?

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