What will the PSU inquiry say?

  • derek - 12 years ago

    1200 people are deaf dumb and blind.

  • joe matais - 12 years ago

    When any entity achieves a certain size or reputation, the prime directive becomes self preservation. There is a near zero likelihood of a "finding" of any wrongdoing. Indeed, the report will contain more than a bit of animus directed toward external entities, e.g. the Email "leaker".

    You don't look to academe for "profiles in courage".

  • Michael Bentley - 12 years ago

    I just had to go to Mann gets exhonorated. He's brought in a couple of kbillion dollars to Penn State, and after all that's what's its all about. Grant or perish.

    Anything but banishment is wrong, wrong, wrong from the information we have so far. But you need to understand, these are really intellegent people, unlike the rest of us. They deserve special treatment - because...

    Mike Bentley

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