Could the British Army, without more resources than were historically available, have destroyed the American radical revolutionaries? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes they definately could have defeated the radical colonial insurgents.
    3 votes

  • No. The combined army and militia of the patriotic American freedom fighters for liberty were too strong.
    11 votes


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  • Aaron - 10 years ago

    The British Army alone was no match for the American desire for revolution (change). Even today, the greatest catalyst to change is perception and this influence is best applied by those closest to home (local peers, politicians, militia, etc). It is extremely difficult to mold or change perceptions "long-distance". Military to military, the British Army was superior but over time, and through additional perceived atrocities at the hands of mother England, the hearts and minds belonged to the revolutionaries. In the end, the hearts and minds were able to fuel and support the Continental Army and the Militias in there efforts to wear-out and defeat the superior yet reluctantly committed British force.

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