Is there a limit to how many of these fundamental beliefs a professor can openly reject and still be considered an adequate representative of the church?

  • loopcoop - 10 years ago

    I should hope that some of you read James White concerning Adventist membership. He and his wife have already answered this question... surprisingly contradictory to the poll results.

    I'm not to thrilled to see a poll used as leverage in this debate. This implies that truth is up to a vote. Please, let us search for TRUTH... instead of trying to protect our current understanding of truth.

    God bless,


  • Stephanie Stomberg - 10 years ago

    I have a problem with the wording of the pole question as well. I think the question should read something like this: "Can a professor rject even one of our fundamental beliefs and still be considered an adequate representative of the church?" My answer to this question would be a resounding "No!" I became frustrated when trying to take the pole, because when I tried to express this sentiment in the edit field under the choice marked "other," there wasn't enough space provided for me to express my feelings. I think this pole needs to be redone entirely.

  • Jere - 10 years ago

    The wording is faulty, IMO, and the poll should be redone.

  • JQuinnette - 10 years ago

    I agree with the previous comment--the wording of the poll question is unclear, so I don't really feel comfortable answering it. Perhaps a better question would be: Is it acceptable for a professor to openly reject SDA fundamental beliefs and still be considered an adequate representative of the church? My answer would be a definite NO! If you work for a church that upholds the Bible, from which our fundamental beliefs come, then you should also uphold the Bible and those Bible-based beliefs.

  • Deborah Rennie - 10 years ago

    The poll question is rather vague and not worded to where you can actually vote for what you believe. Teachers in our schools should not reject ANY of our beliefs if they want to remain employed by us. So you could anwer there is NO limit. But if you answer YES there is a limit, it would imply that they could not believe 1 or 2 or them and still be able to teach. I would consider rewording the poll question and do a retake.

  • Ron Henderson - 10 years ago

    I certainly believe that that there has to be a limit to teachers rejecting our fundamental teachings when it is brought to our attention. However, it should be made clear that any teacher who cannot adhere to our beliefs has to pack up and teach elsewhere. There should be no compromise here. Individuals are free to believe what they will, but signing up to teach in our system entails accepting all our beliefs; if this is a problem for some then please look elsewhere for employment.

  • Ed Christiansen - 10 years ago

    Iz you iz, oh iz you ain't SDA?

  • diana - 10 years ago

    I also agree. Each one of the 28 fundamentals comes directly from the Bible, so if you disagree or reject any of these, aren't you rejecting the authority of the Holy Bible? No one in a teaching capacity in our SDA schools, who has so much influence on young minds, should reject any of these. And if they do, they are not qualified to teach in any of our schools. They should find employment in the public school sector.

  • Kent and Deborah Risinger - 10 years ago

    ditto !!!!!!!!!

  • halfadozen - 10 years ago

    I totally agree. You either agree completely with our fundamentals or you don't. It's that simple. If you don't agree, you shouldn't be working in our schools, influencing young minds.

  • Corneliu - 10 years ago

    There should be no one teaching in our schools unless they uphold ALL of our fundamentals believes. Period !

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