Did you like Google's first Super Bowl ad?

  • John Kahl - 12 years ago

    watching and listening to a Goggle Adv, on our Super Bowl channel.
    I have been using Google since it first came out as a search engine. Google is great for my email, for searches, for filing my correspondence.

    The adverts. were "ho hum." I resented wasting my time watching a nothing.

    Google is better than that. I hoped they would play with the word "Google" as
    they often do on special occasions. Their creative minds are clearly better than their advertising agency or marketing department. Fire the uninspired hacks and cautious bureaucrats who missed a super opportunity for joy and delight.

    ho hum . . . yawn

  • M4 - 12 years ago

    Please excuse the typos. Pounded post out on tiny iPhone !
    Ipad, where are you when we need you?

  • M4 - 12 years ago

    Weak to failed effort. As a branding veteran and consultant I was extremely let down. This isn't some noname search company, this is google. The Superbowl is completely the wrong venue for them--fact is they are bigger than it. Do they really need brand awareness? No-- they need App awareness. if anthing, they spot should have taken you on a worldwide visual journey physically taking you to the search destinations-and the emotional payoff on would get.

    Unfortunately, the creative team must have been too intimidated, or Google too self conscious. Instead it was a fabulous demonstration of typing and the mundane data results one recieves.

    Google does search? Wow. What a surprise.

    I would have preferred the just ran a logo and said the donated the several million dollars of production to Haiti.

    That show the real power of Google.
    (although employees probably loved it)

    More scathing opinions on marketing messaging at http;//m4blog.com

    FYI...Love your Rss feeds

  • Bob Avo - 12 years ago

    Everyone is raving about the Google ad, but what search engine doesn't let you do that? No differentiation and wouldn't entice me to try Google...

    >> insert any search engine logo in the ad

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