Which was your least favorite 2010 Super Bowl commercial?

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Posted 10 years.


  • Jeff - 10 years ago

    That google commercial was stupid. How can that be voted the best??? It wasnt even funny. I liked the Tim Tebow ad. It wasn't horrible, it promoted their website and reminded us of how every mother is no matter how old "their baby" gets. I cant believe people actually tried protesting THAT. The snickers commercial was the funniest to me followed closely by the doritos "house rules".

  • Brian Zimmer - 10 years ago

    Most all of the ads were pretty bad...I think Bud Light went from some of the best SB commercials to having some of the worst this year...at least the game wasn't a let down.

  • kathy - 10 years ago

    What was the big deal over the Tim Tibow spot? It's a woman celebrating her son's life and her CHOICE for choosing life over death. The "What if?" question was answered for her. I guess CHOICE really only means abortion to liberals. We still live in a country where freedom of speech is legal. Good for Focus on the Family for exercising their rights.

  • kathy - 10 years ago

    The Audi Green Police commercial was BRILLIANT!!!! Kudos to Audi & Venable Bell & Partners (ad agency) for pointing how just how ridiculous the environmental movement is!!!

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