What's the ideal base model iPad price?

  • Milo - 11 years ago

    I just wish that it had some additional features. Camera, SD, possibly USB 3.0. etc. Just to be a little more capable so I can leave my laptop at home for a business trip. If they had those features, I would pay full price today. For they current model they would need to lower the price by at least $150 to keep me from waiting for an improved model.

  • Hater - 11 years ago

    I urge folks not to buy into this hype and encourage Apple to further milk its users by deliberately omitting features for no obvious reasons.. this products is designed to milk apple fans, saying it's 1st gen iPad.. give us 400 bucks.. next year will will announce an iPad with yet 1 or 2 missing features, but much better than this one etc.. and the game will go on for as long as apple can get away with.. i feel sorry for their fan base, they keep forking their hard earned dollars.. Wait for a Google device that will do everything iPad cannot do.. what a rip off..

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