What Is the Tea Party Movement About?

  • cg - 8 years ago

    It's about the Koch brothers railing up a bunch of idiots for their own gain

  • james - 9 years ago

    Wow, so did a bot take over this poll or what? Liberals are pathetic, but no one, who knows anything, cares about an Internet poll anyways.

  • Ecopolitical Economics - 9 years ago

    2 years after this poll was done, I came back and had a look. People were pretty badly wrong about the success the Tea Party would experience, but I don't think there are many on the right (or the left) that think the Tea Party has really improved this country in any meaningful way. Obstructionism doesn't help the conservative cause.

  • blumuze - 10 years ago

    So, Cynthia, what are you doing here?

  • Cynthia - 10 years ago

    And this vote result was nothing but a bunch of losers with nothing better to do then flood this poll! Get a Life! Nobody believes these results!

  • A Better US - 11 years ago

    Tea Partiers and people who think Fox truly offers news are imbecilic racists who don't understand that FOX, Limbaugh, Palin and that ilk only want their money and care NOTHING about our country.

  • Spike LaFontaine - 12 years ago

    Tea "Partiers" are losers that want government to give services while not paying for them. They have less clout than a butterfly landing on a bloom

  • Jack - 12 years ago

    Simply put?

    A desperate (grassroots?) attempt to re-energize the conservative voter base for the next election.

  • Joe - The Other Plumber - 12 years ago

    The "Tea Party" is just another classic right-wing rage movement:

  • Libby Belle - 12 years ago

    I went to one of these as an observer; half the signs were misspelled; lots of them were blatantly racist. This was not the high IQ crowd, for sure.

  • Norma Scutum-Crux - 12 years ago

    It's not fair to call the TEA party people racists and ignorant halfwits.

    _Some_ of them are racists.
    _Some_ of them are ignorant half-wits.

    Only a few of them are both racist _and_ ignorant half-wits.

  • Baghdad Bob - 12 years ago

    When will the Right get that they are now the minority in this country? Their time of ruining this country is finished. Their political base been found wanting.

  • Sarah Wasilly - 12 years ago

    I can't read what's on my hand.

  • Willys - 12 years ago

    The Tea Party is about the Constitution, witless participants in government such as any Congress of the past forty years and despondent responders as earlier posted on this poll.

  • Papillon - 12 years ago

    The Tea Party Movement is about enjoying herbal laxative beverages with friends, isn't it?

  • Jonathon - 12 years ago

    Sorry, I have an auto refresh plugin on my browser. Me and my boyfriend Enrique were having sex and his erect penis kept hitting the vote key.

    We were actually too busy having sex next to the keyboard to care about the poll.

  • SK1 - 12 years ago

    4chan/b/ is spamming this poll. Big time..... Fa&gs get a life.

  • John M. - 12 years ago

    4chan/b/ is spamming this poll.

  • macjohn - 12 years ago

    Billy James perfectly summed up my thoughts. Well done!

  • Billy James - 12 years ago

    Kot mi tongeok, mei pwan wor an akot mi eoch fanitom.
    Ifan an Kot na akkot mi eoch fanitom, pwan fanitei?

    Kot a mochen pwe sipwe luku, o atiwa I lon manawach pwe sipwe kuna manaw.

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