Who would win in a fight: Match.com or PlentyofFish? (Poll Closed)

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  • alan - 8 years ago

    Been on POF for years and get all the dates I need from that, MATCH.COM seems way to complicated and stuffy when you're on the site and you can never tell if there fake or not...Just too much clutter on Match.com and the pricing just seems really very greedy to me..I mean what is it your paying all that for..To join a large computer server and fill in some over blown forms.

  • Elsa Ocanto - 9 years ago

    I am in match.com using this site for 3 long years, I had receive emails from people aren't in the site anymore, happened to me few times. I will leave this site soon in few weeks hoping don't come anymore. I asked for explication and unfortunately they didn't give me any. I wrote in my profile to advice people be aware about that but they don't put that....I wish something is done to finish with this kind of scam that isn't fair for people like me.....thanks

  • Mike - 10 years ago

    The match.com winks are coming from Nigerian and Ghana scammers. Match.com could EASILY stop these by not allowing free users to wink, but I think they leave them on purpose in order to entice free users to upgrade to pay service and see who's winking them (only to be sorely disappointed). I was on there for a few months, and 100% of the contact attempts were from the scammers. Not one legitimate contact.

    Now, I made plenty of attempts to send emails to what I believe are real people who seemed very compatible, and weren't "out of my league". Heck, I even sent many emails to girls who were well below my league (hideously ugly). Not one responded. I'm convinced that match.com on purposely deletes valid emails between members so that you can't find a match and stop paying for the service.

    POF is far better. I've had no winks and no scammers. Emails to people aren't deleted and usually get replied to. I've met a couple of the girls so far, one of which I date every so often.

  • Pimka - 10 years ago

    I bet my site would be a big winner :)

  • Tommy -- followup comment - 10 years ago

    As a on and off user of Match.com since 1999: On Match I get a bunch of fake winks then the profile is deleted by the site if you wait about 24 hours. I get emails to the site; but I suspect most are fake emails--don't know because you can't read who they are from or read the mails--I know the games on that site and don't have a great desire to be a paying customer (again) to only read spam emails on their site. I've also written in my profile that there's a 99% chance I won't be reading emails and to send winks. Yet I continually get emails stored on the site every few days--fake profile users don't read. I've gotten a wink that I suspect is from a real person; but many winks you can't tell who they are from or if they are fake winks--mostly Match doesn't tell you who it is unless it's a fake wink. There are other lies the site has in the coding of the site--the dates and times don't always agree on their pages. I consider 99% of the contacts to be fake--99% of the fake profiles that sent the winks are deleted by the site soon-enough.

    I only recommend okcupid.com and plentyOfFish.com meeting potential dates--I've met people from both in person.

  • Tommy - 10 years ago

    I vote for POF. I've been a member of Match.com for 11 years and find it full of tricks: Most winks you receive are from accounts that are deleted within 24 hours (lies), I guarantee you'll receive a tantilizing email but you won't be able to read it as a non-subscriber (hmmm, a lie similar to a wink that's a lie). 99% of match.com I just find a waste of time and if you pay (like I did twice) don't expect a single response.

  • B - 11 years ago

    I tried both match and pof. POF is free so you can get in when you feel like, and I personally like that way, Make sure mail setting is set right to weed honest freaks on POF. You still have to deal with deceiving freaks, but you've got to do that on match anyway.

  • T - 11 years ago

    If you're over 35 and don't want to "play" with the "kids" - try www.Over35Match.com instead. It offers you a real FREE TRIAL instead of Match.com's limited functionality that lets you look, but you have to pay $35/month to actually connect with someone. It also combines the best features of online dating with those of Social Networking sites, so it's more than just a catalog of photos and profiles.

  • David - 11 years ago

    There is a NEW Free Option.... http://www.sprkz.com -- Check it out!

  • Deej - 11 years ago

    Well, I find both to be horrible. The amount of money for Match, and the freaks on POF. I have tried, yahoo personals, eharmony, POF, and Match all with no sucess. I tried OKcupid to find someone, in the area to go walking with. I became friends with one and months later we started dating which wasn't our expectations. We are not happily a couple and all because I was looking for a Friend and not a boyfriend. Either way, I found POF to have the most people who only wanted to get into your pants and drop you. Match is just too expensive just like eharmony.

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