does the new blog layout suck?

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Posted 9 years.

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  • dogimo - 9 years ago

    I was sad to see the pink paisley go. But the part of me that is an astute visual arts critic with a keen dispassionate eye says, this new layout is a step up. The old layout was eye catching, and I loved it. But by comparison, in memory now, it seems a tad garish next to the good looks and good taste on display here.

    The masthead image looks great, the deep watery colors and textures both pleasing and bold. The lilies tie in nicely to the off-white-on-taupe wallpaper flowers, which themselves are a sharp and funny touch! Hearkening back to days of bygone yore, but clearly with a certain faux-staid whimsy that shows your modern mind knows how to break the mold while having good old-fashioned fun.

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