Is it fair for a profitable company to lay off workers to make even more money?


  • andrea matic - 13 years ago

    This is crazy that it has come to this. When will it stop? How crazy that you have to go to a website to buy something made in the USA. And that you can be shopping in a store all day and not find anything made in America. Everyone keeps talking about a global economy. That is only good when it is level and we are not even close. People put blinders on when it does not concern them, but this county is headed in a bad direction unless we bring back our jobs!

  • Don T - 13 years ago

    Your proposed answers are too leading and not mutually exclusive. Your answers implicitly assume that profit = short term profit. Profit could/should equal long-term value and there are lots of factors at play for determining this (some that are easier to quantify than others). Owners are the ones best positioned to figure out what is right for their businesses. Those who miscalculate will be replaced by those who gauge correctly. What's considered "fair" by someone may actually destroy profits/value.

  • Enterprize - 13 years ago

    The question is too simple. Is it fair to make more profit? To the shareholders, creditors, and management/owners of the business (business being defined as a for-profit venture) the only choice is to maximize profits.

    To the employees set to loose thier jobs, benefits, ect. it is very unfair. Because the majority of us tend to fall in the employee category, we relate more to the folks about to loose thier jobs and rally against the "greedy" company.

    Is it >ethical

  • dana - 13 years ago

    a companies has the right to make all the profit it can make that has
    always ben the U.S.A. way and should alway's be the right way .
    If they should become unprofit it should not ever be bailed out by
    the goverment like G.M/Chry.& Bank's .Gov. was not set up tobe
    in any bussiness . It may help start up bussiness not help keep it in
    bussiness that not free enterprize". dana

  • Bob - 13 years ago

    Most public or private companies forget about the human element, especially those in leadership roles whose jobs are safe. Shareholders are equally guilty and should be more concerned about how the community is impacted.

  • Dave - 13 years ago

    The bottom line is ONE of the obligations of a business, but certainly not the only one. As Jacob Marley answered Scrooge, "Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were, all, my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business!"

  • drago - 13 years ago

    Questons are shortsighted. Of course labor side will say company should keep jobs in Cleveland. Profit minded will say go where one can make more profit.
    Questin should be: Is this good for USA? Now answer should be clear if you live in USA.

  • hafvm - 13 years ago

    It's simple, you must have a qualified, loyal and most of all, HAPPY staff. If you go the route of Maximum profits at the experience of your employees salaries to increase YOUR already hefty wealth, the other employees will figure that out and it will soon travel to the customer.

    Happy employees ALWAYS make a company lots of money. Letting employees go to add to YOUR profits will not make for happy employees. In the end, your bottom line will suffer. Your better off finding cheaper toilet paper and office supplies, CFL bulbs, lower energy costs and cut waste. Keep the employees.

    I am a Capitalist 100$%, but the owner of my dealership keeps his employees happy by keeping his loyal employees he can count on and bringing in new staff to do the job, that filters down to the customers and that is why we are one of the most successful import dealers around.

  • sicily - 13 years ago

    That 47% (as of this time) believes the bottom line is all that matters--and that the lives and families that would be destroyed by a lay off do not even enter into their calculations--suggests just how barbaric, inhumane and spiritually dead many of our (capitalist) brethren really are.

  • paul - 13 years ago

    I will say a company success that is built with a working formula of quality, and passion that has lifted the owner and shareholders, to a level which is comfortable and profitable, why then is it a nessary to gamble everything that worked so well to achieve the respectable level, away? Look at it this way, if the gear has been working, why destroy it?

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