Calidad de la Fonera 2.0N

  • Juan Martin - 11 years ago

    Adhiero al comentario de Javier. Compré este producto a través de un amigo que reside en españa, porque en argentina no se vende. Era un seguidor del blog de Martin y consideré que un producto respaldado por un tipo que tenía criterio y que llenaba sus espacios en la red con palabras críticas a quienes el sentía que lo robaban o estafaban no podía apoyar un producto que no cumpliera con lo que prometía... bueno, bienvenidos todos a la verdad. El señor Varsabsky no es distinto de las personas que critica, sólo es un millonario más que se caga en los usuarios de sus productos.

  • javier - 11 years ago

    me da verguenza que Martin sea argentino, se llena la boca hablando de los gobiernos malos de Argentina y el no hace nada diferente con su empresa, compre la fonera g hace 7 meses y ahora anuncia que no tiene mas soporte para ese producto, el cual nunca llego a hacer lo que publicitaban, me siento estafado, tuve que perdirle a un amigo en Palmas de Mallorca que me compre la fonera y la envie, muchos euros de envio para tener algo que no logra descargar ni un solo torrent.
    Pero supongo que un argentino estafe a otro debe conciderarse como algo comun, asi que guardare la fonera en su caja asi por lo menos no contamina.
    gracias Martin por ser depositario de mi confianza para la compra de este pesimo producto.

  • Alber - 11 years ago

    I bought the Fonera 2.0N and never got to make it run, it's unpluged next to the router but never managed to set it up.

  • Richard - 11 years ago

    Even wrote about my experiences here:

  • Juan León - 11 years ago

    I can only get it to work at all if I connect it directly to the cable modem; I can't connect it to my VoIP box, nor to another Linksys router running wrt, it just doesn't see the internet at all in that case. Even when connected directly, it is very slow. I haven't even tried the additional features. The $60 I spent on it were a waste and worse, the hours that I spent trying to make it work. I am a fan of your commentary and your companies, I defended Jazztel a decade ago, and the utter failure with the 2.0n was also depressing for me.
    You have to search in your organization or partners; obviously, any foneras they send to Madrid are going to be tested particularly well, especially if they know the quality is mediocre and the average fonera won't work. I really believe you have taken a huge reputational hit and a quick admission of the problems is the first step towards repairing it. Your post is encouraging in this regard.

  • wouter maes - 11 years ago

    Great concept, but the core functions of router are not working, or not stable in latest available firmware:
    wifi N speed, wifi N stability, USB transfer speed, usb unmouting after a while. This makes it unusable in family environment where wife and kids just want stable wifi and samba share available without need to reset fonera every 2 day's.
    nice overview, but at the moment the majority of functions is not working properly.

  • Dirk Van de Veire - 11 years ago

    range is not so good, torrent keeps falling off...there is still work to do.
    But:.... great router.

  • DutchFonFan - 11 years ago

    The fon 2.0N is a great little machine with lots of potential, but until the the new firmware with the option to forward the dhcp from wan to wlan my two fon 2.0N routers are just gathering dust :(

  • Carel Lukassen - 11 years ago

    The usb-port in combination with a 4-port hub refuses to recognise my printer. When i connect the printer directly to de usb-port it functions well. I hope this will be solved in a future update

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