Who would win in a fight: Google Buzz, Facebook, or Twitter? (Poll Closed)

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  • steam shower - 10 years ago

    You have to root for google. Not facebook how disappointing this poll was.

  • ogolla - 11 years ago

    The problem with google is that they employ too many cooks (developers) without a central point of control, unlike microsoft, hence many of their products are only unlished after an original (they are copy-cats). They should just continue being a search engine, and not trying to be jack of all trades. They should pull their resources and come up with something original and good.

  • ogolla - 11 years ago

    "It seems Google jumped into the social media market without setting a clear goal - very un-Google.", by Anastasia Crosson. That's very true. I also don't want buzz in my inbox (fill my inbox with a lot of crap.). As for twitter, I formally do not recognize it. Facebook is 100% acceptable.

  • Ryan - 11 years ago

    Social media and email serve different purposes for me, and thus I want to keep them separate (thanks for not asking before you combined them Google). As such, the contacts I have on Gmail are not the same as my Facebook friends or Twitter followers. As someone mentioned, the switching costs of re-adding all of my friends into a different social network - especially when I'm happy with Facebook - are too high.

    Google Buzz will fizzle out, just like Google Wave and the many other Google experiments that didn't work out.

  • Roky - 11 years ago

    Sorry, Buzz is not nearly as user-friendly as Facebook in terms of layout, besides all of one's friends are already on Facebook, while it'll take some time for them to start using Buzz - also non-gmail users should be considered here - the main question is, how many people will swith email addresses just because of Buzz. At the moment. As I use all three services for different things, there'll never be a clear winner, but answering the question, Facebook would be the clear winner in a social media faceoff!

  • Umarfaruk M - 11 years ago

    i too voted for Buzz. becaz so that i can easily connect buzz without login.. more frnz.. more updates better than twitter / FB :-)

  • Katie - 11 years ago

    Primary Con:

    Everyone I know is annoyed that, unlike Facebook & Twitter, you can't fine tune the notifications for Buzz. Nobody wants it in their Gmail Inbox.

  • Gjergji Kokushta - 11 years ago

    I see BUZZ just like another channel to spread the word. So ppl who will like BUZZ and stick with it will have plugins to interact with other Social Media (SM), like FB, Flickr, Twitter etc.

    When it comes to news spreading we've heard that "the very first news about the earthquake came from John Dow through Twitter" - so I belive Twitter has a strong point in this, easy, simple, effective in its own. Comparing to FB.. it the FB status feature, where you type smth or share a link, photo, video etc. Comparing Twitter to FB status - still for me Twitter is stronger.
    Since FB offers you a lot of "killing-time-loosing-mind" tasks, activities, applications etc. it is more common not to focus on whats important. On the other hand the simplicity of Twitter which gives you (the only limitation 140 chrs) a timeline to follow which has the same simple pattern: message+link to follow. In FB you see all kind of patterns when you follow the timeline (I usually scroll and scan).
    I'm very pro to Twitter and less to FB but both of them are somehow unique in their own. If BUZZ was smth special, unique, probably you would see more ppl switch to/sign up to Google services. It seems Google tries to keep its user in anyway within its walls.

  • Drew - 11 years ago

    Why do we even compare these for one. None of the three are used in the same perspective. They each server their own purpose. Twitter for short burst of info. Facebook is in it's own catagory as it has many more features availible and Buzz is more of just a Google way of keeping it's users in it's own ecosystem. The only thing that has gotten more intrest to me over Twitter and Facebook is that Buzz has given me an option to use something I have not used yet. That is my profiles page. I have grown to notice that I have a central location where I can have my blog, pics, contact info, Buzzes, etc in a uniform place. I use Google heavily so that is why it appeals to me. But I use it in the same fashionas I use Twitter. My blog updates. Twitter has become a news outlet whether worthy info or not. It's what real time news is about. Facebook is used in a more personal sense. Buzz is a community where more business oriented people have turned for email options. Sure there are exceptions to all these. But the demographics for these are in different catagories. So I voted tie.

  • Henry - 11 years ago

    Why would Buzz win?
    It only looks like Facebook would win now, because it has the most users, features, and customisability; Twitter is perceived as strong competitor for a same reason, because it's popular already, in addition to being conveniently and aesthetically simplistic and minimal.
    Buzz has the potential offer any features that other services have and it lacks, because Google has the resources (they got money: http://goo.gl/Wq35 and they have some of the best developers in the world who have already been able to make major changes to Buzz within days: http://goo.gl/5Xl2). Not only does Google have the potential to implement any desired features, but they *will* because Buzz's success is instrumental the company's ultimate goals of making any information accessible instantly (Buzz is better than Google search for recent articles (http://youtu.be/oucILxrm5y8)) and servicing all communication (http://goo.gl/Em5t).
    Thus, Buzz has both strong motives and strong potential. And after introducing the service through Gmail, Buzz is already successful. This only shows how Google can utilise it's services to catalyse Buzz's success. With services already commonly linked to by Twitter and Facebook, like YouTube and Maps, Google can pull out the big guns at any time, by integrating the company's services, and making them not work as well with it's competitors (i.e. including certain ads when YouTube is used by Facebook users).
    When it comes to the general public, people don't really care what service their using to connect with others, but why not use the one that's the best and has the most reputable brand? Google's service will become obviously better than the others, and it's convenient (many are already signed up).
    I have no doubt that Buzz would win in a fight against any other social network.

  • Anastasia Crosson - 11 years ago

    Google Buzz is merely complimentary to Facebook and Twitter, because syncing posts to either is a feature integrated into the platform.

    Also, Google Buzz can't stand alone because it reaches only gmail subscribers. In turn, this limits the audience. It defeats the many-to-many social media model.

    I'd give the Buzz some time to develop a mobile following. With the accessibility of Facebook and Twitter being convenient and real-time via mobile apps, Google Buzz has to catch-up. Then, I may have to give it popularity points (If this Buzz thing does take off, I'd expect any future generation Google phone to capitalize on a Gbuzz app capability).

    Until then, its use is still unclear. It seems Google jumped into the social media market without setting a clear goal - very un-Google.


  • Neha Wasnik - 11 years ago

    Never undermine a patient network's fury Twitter might roll out as fast as they have since last years new features a completely new feature which may beat the hell up of fb and buzz one never knows

  • Paranjai - 11 years ago

    Twitter is bettter because of its simplicity and so many clients available providing rich set of features

  • Riordan - 11 years ago

    Even though Twitter is very popular, and Google Buzz will be one to watch, Facebook with their massive 400 million users will definitely win. Whether it's sharing, pictures, videos, share your status or interact with friends, Facebook has got it all.


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