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Should Oscar Goodman have rejected Obama's invitation to meet? (Poll Closed)

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  • ed - 13 years ago

    Seems like a lot of the pro-mayor, anti-POTUS people need to go back to grammar school and learn to spell. It is spelled Harry Reid, for one. I am not a fan of the President, but calling him "jug ears" and suggesting that the Mayor "tear him a new one" does nothing the elevate the debate and address the many bad moves the President has made. Refusing to meet with him shows that the mayor is just a publicity-seeking blowhard who will never rate as a statesman. If he doesn't respect Obama as a man, he ought to have the sense to respect the office.

  • Stop being Silly - 14 years ago

    The Mayor is silly. The prez also said not to buy boats, so should all the people in the boat business be acting as silly as the mayor. Come on. As for Ried, you want to get rid of the Majority leader. Now your are being silly. I will never vote for Goodman again. What has he done for the unemployment and business.

  • the duck - 14 years ago

    If the mayor has strong convictions about not meeting the president, then I applaud his sticking to his guns so to speak. This could also be a roundabout way of telling Harry Ried they're tired of him as well. This president is still in campaign mode when he should be concentrating on getting people back to work. I'm not from Nevada, but I hope that ol Harry fails in his reelection attempt. It not only would do the great state of Nevada a favor but the entire country as well.

  • Tom - 14 years ago

    The Mayor should meet with The One and rip him a new One.

  • Gunslinger - 14 years ago

    Oscar Goodman just set himself up for a Joe-the-Plumber-style colonoscopy.
    Let's hope the rest of the city doesn't feel the wrath of Narcissist-in-Chief's scorn.

  • Alan Davidson - 14 years ago

    The article at HotAir stated the Mayor should meet with the Prez to respect the Office. Sorry, but this Prez himself has shown low respect for the Office, so no cigar. This guy needs to be taken down a notch and snubbing him due to his statements is appropriate.

  • Pointyhead - 14 years ago

    The White House did not show any respect to the city of Las Vegas so it should fair play to not meet the President. I don't think there's a law being broken by the mayor not being there. More people should take this kind of stand against jug-ears.

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