Should Apple ban adult-themed apps from the App Store?

Posted 9 years.


  • scrabble help - 9 years ago

    yes, we don't need them.

  • Brigette - 9 years ago

    Adult apps need a separate catagory...Like the little red curtain in the back of the video store.

  • sullivan - 9 years ago

    If Apple just makes an 'Adult' section you can block if you're offended by it, nobody needs to be upset anymore. What I don't need is Apple, or anyone else, telling me what my kid should or shouldn't watch. I don't care If he's 7 or 18, if he wants to see boobs, by all means...
    I'm sure he'll still grow up to be respectful to woman, because I will teach him that, I don't need Apple, iPods or television as substitutes for his education.
    I'm not bothered with my son being exposed to sex, games or movies, the obscenities I'm worried about are on the news.
    Maybe Apple could provide me with an option to filter news-apps? I'm afraid my son will lose faith in humanity if he watches to much CNN....

  • james - 9 years ago

    I find the bible offensive and not a safe place for kids, does that mean I should demand that iPhone apps relating to Christianity should be banned? Kind of stupid when its put into a broader case. Its not possible to determine what will be offensive any particular person.

    Apple needs to get out of the business of protecting morals. Put adult content and apps into an age restricted category and make them available for those who are interested while restricting those who are not "of age" in any particular location.

    It would also be great if Apple would get out of the exclusive AT&T rut and open the iPhone to user friendly providers (if there are any, I'm not so sure.)

  • Cowhide - 9 years ago

    Apple should make the iPhone a safe place for kids.

  • Vern Stevens - 9 years ago

    It really doesn't matter if anyone thinks they should or shouldn't, they have the right to do it, the ability to do it and they have done it. If having "adult-oriented" material on one's phone is a pressing priority, perhaps finding a new phone is the right way to go. There are a plethora of phone options on the market.

    I don't look at it as Apple determining anyone's morality, or even in taking some kind of moral stand that needs to be taken. I suspect that they are making business decisions that they believe are in their long term best interests for their brand. Losing a few customers who must have "adult-oriented" apps isn't going to kill them. On the other hand, offending bible-thumpers and prudes would likely do more damage to their brand.

  • qwerty - 9 years ago

    Apple has the right to "stock their app store shelves" with product categories it sees fit. If the company decides not to permit adult themed products than that is the company's decision.
    Ultimately, for shareholders benefit the company may want to avoid this category, as any mutual fund or individual that carries a social or pornography restriction may eventually be forced to sell the shares.

  • Shinnobi - 9 years ago

    i think "no" it's user rights

  • Brian - 9 years ago

    Apple has taken the proper position on banning adult content. In addition to setting a standard which is the only moral response, it's wise for business. If Apple allows their competition to demonize them (and business minds in desperation will resort to any available low blow in their struggle to compete with a successfully innovative company) people will refuse to buy all things Apple. Apple's audience development is directed at a young crowd (visit one of their stores and check the median age of the employees and customers). "Adult Content" (a.k.a. pornography) has no place among these young people and Apple must have nothing to do with it.

  • David - 9 years ago

    Hey, iphones are sold in Saudi Arabia too, and Apple has an absolute duty not to offend their moral standards too. Might be difficult, but their morality police could lend a helping hand.

  • MaryMc - 9 years ago

    I just wish they'd put them in a category of their own and not clutter up the rest of the iTunes app store. They make searching through "lifestyle" and "entertainment" categories store a huge waste of time. I could care less if other people are downloading all those moronic boobs apps, but I'm not interested--and the staggering number of them makes it a real chore to find apps that I might actually want.

  • Richard - 9 years ago

    Well lets just forget this is the internet... In a generation of people who expect whatever they want ... Now!.... For Free.

    Lets think about this being a little family owned corner store.

    What if the stores suppliers demanded that they carry and display pornography even though the store owner doesn't want to. The suppliers say "even though it's your store and your customers, You HAVE to display and sell this otherwise your limiting our rights to creative expression"

    Oh, by the way if you accidently sell any of this to a minor, even if they steal it from you when you're not looking..... You're going straight to jail....

    What would YOU do!

    Have you considered that maybe Apple is using some plain old common sense here.

    I realise common sense is uncommon these days.

    Many people fail to recognise it when they see it. Especially if they think it in some way limits THEM!

    Both my kids have iPod Touches, I applaud Apples stand in this matter.

    If, at some time in the future, adult content can be delivered in a way which is kid safe... Go for it. Fine by me.

  • csts - 9 years ago

    Both answers are right. I think "THE App Store" should be free of sexual content, but Apple should provide access to a second store of unregulated content that requires sign-in, age verification etc.. There could even be access from the main App Store to the unregulated store so that those who've signed into the second can move back and forth seamlessly, not even aware of a divide if desired -- but those who cannot satisfy the restrictions should experience "THE App Store" without offensive material.

    Shouldn't be too hard for Apple to accomplish this -- and it would free them of any liability for marketing questionable, perhaps even illegal materials to those not wishing (or legally authorized) to be confronted by them.

  • WalterS - 9 years ago

    As an adult who paid $300 for my iphone I should be allowed to choose the type of apps I buy. Parents should be responsible for what their children buy not Apple.

  • Joint - 9 years ago

    Make the people viewing the adult (PG13 and up) answer skill testing questions that only a 21+ would know.
    Sample questions...

    For Canadians...

    Were was basketball invented? Almonte, Ontario
    Were and when was baseball invented? - First game June 4, 1838 in Ingersoll , Ontario
    Who and where was the lightbulb invented? Henry Woodward in 1874 in Toronto, Ontario
    How long does it take the average dog sled team to kill and devour it's musher? Answer under 3 minutes.

    American questions...

    When was the war of 1812? answer 1812
    Is the Whitehouse in Washington state? This might be tough for your average US citizen
    Who is the US's largest oil supplier. Canada

    I think you get the drift.....

  • George - 9 years ago

    There is plenty of porn to go around on the net - many would say too much in fact. The iPod is a device that is embraced by children.... and adults too. Apple has the right to provide a device that parents *don't* have to worry about so long as there is a market for them and there obviously is. Simple solution - don't buy one if you want to use it to look at porn. If you want to code porn, don't do it with the app store. Restrictions in the app store are about as useful as parental controls on the net are.

  • iWantChoice - 9 years ago

    My 2c... Apple has built use the hardware, from which they make a profit, and they have provided us with a means of purchasing apps, from which they make profit. We do not need them deciding what we do or don't want on our phones as well. Users can make up their own minds. Simply: don't like it, don't download it. Don't restrict everyone else just because you don't like something. If Apple keeps doing this, they will just start losing massive market share when competitors realize users want freedom, not to be locked into apples little world. Bad move apple, let people make their own decisions. Approval process should be limited to: a) works, no bugs and b) doesn't work, not approved. if people have a problem with the apps even being listed in the store, maybe a better solution would be to prohibit explicit images in previews/icons or create a 'restricted' category accessible only to adults. seriously, if you find a pixelated cg boob offensive or erotic, there may be a more serious issue.

  • John - 9 years ago

    Apple needs to create a separate category for adult apps. Put restrictions in to weed out kids. That way apple can take advantage of the porn industry by bringing in extra revenue from the adult apps and make the developers happy. its a win/win.

  • M Hughes - 9 years ago

    Well, its a subject that is going to rage on in our world for ever, but as a rule I would say yes, apple should allow any apps on the store. That said if they are adult themed apps then there needs to be the safety measures in place to prevent access by minors. That said, it should not be up to apple to decide what I cant and cannot see, or what developers can and cannot sell. If there is a market and a developer wants to exploit it, then more power to them... One thing that seems to be lost in our culture lately is that as a free country, I have the right to offend you and you have the right to be offended.

  • dageeky1one - 9 years ago

    This is getting old. When is there going to be a public family oriented domain and one for the adult content. Really simple all the technology that exists and innocent children and those morally against are subjected to content they don't believe in. Really unfortunate those that are adults and have no moral convictions with adult content don't have their own information highway. So easy to fix to accommodate all parties regardless of views. World loves conflict and chaos doesn't it. Sad that options exist to satisfy all...............

  • T - 9 years ago

    none and G must not have kids. I'm with SP, but I also think porn is just bad no matter has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

  • SP - 9 years ago

    I believe the content/apps should be allowed but have some parental controls around them. Kids could browse these apps through iTunes unrestricted and then also what kind of security risks could many of these apps introduce. I think there's more to consider other than just should an adult be able to view or not view the content. Security (iPhone, iTunes computer), Controlled Access, and age restrictions, etc....

  • G - 9 years ago

    It's Apple's business; they can sell, or not sell, whatever they want to sell, or not sell. Period.

  • none - 9 years ago

    Why should Apple decide what I (as an adult, able to make my own choices) can or cannot see on MY device? Another example of companies trying to dictate policy on morality.

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