Who Would You Prefer As a 2012 Primary Challenger to President Obama?


  • Not voting - 14 years ago

    Didn't vote in '04 didn't vote in '08 not going to vote in '12. None of those people could represent me or my beliefs nor could they represent anyones beliefs but their own and most of them are basically democratic pushovers who won't stick up for themselves when it comes down too the wire. The war is still going on and will continue going on unless we stop the government and you cannot stop the government by voting for it no matter who you vote for. Real power comes from the people and it is high time we started showing that.

    If the politicians and corporates want war than we should give it too them we should fight back. Imagine if more people had joined up with the Black Panthers and the Weathermen and RAF and other radical groups like that and actually did what needed too be done,we might have been in a much better place. However we won't, we keep voting and voting and occasionally protesting when a republican in name (because both parties are the same politically) gets in office and nothing happens.

    "If voting changed anything it would be illegal" - Emma Goldman

  • oso - 14 years ago

    Maybe I should have been more realistic and put Kucinich but I like Glen Ford. Great commentaries. I voted Nader in 2008 and Peltier in 2004. I will not vote for a war supporter no matter what.

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