Where do you get *most* of your Irish web-industry business news?


  • Conor O'Neill - 14 years ago

    Good Plug Paul :-)

    I should have included RSS there Keith. I mean it implicitly in the Tech/Biz Blogs category. Given that Twitter is an access point rather than a source for most people, RSS Readers should have got equal billing.

    My one annoyance with PollDaddy, I can't change the questions once a poll is out there.

    *So if RSS is your poison, please use the Tech/Biz Blogs option as a proxy.*

  • Keith Kennedy - 14 years ago

    I use a combination of RSS feeds as part of my own personal curation in tandem with a "good noise" group of people on Twitter who I value highly for their content.

    It is interesting to note how RSS feeds don't feature on your list Conor.

  • Paul Browne - 14 years ago


    Just while you're asking the question, a shameless plug for Enterprise Ireland's new Web / Software focussed blog at www.BestConnected.ie


  • Conor O'Neill - 14 years ago

    Well it's not really a surprising result considering most of the traffic to the poll came from Twitter. I am going to email it to a bunch of people who are not so enamoured with Twitter to see if that changes things.

    As I semi-jokingly said yesterday, a letter to the editor of the Irish Times with the URL in it would elicit a different outcome too.

  • Bernie Goldbach - 14 years ago

    Thank God for RSS. Without it, how would we have anything to tweet about?

  • Paul M. Watson - 14 years ago

    In fairness Twitter is just the human-driven aggregator. It links off to all the other sources. Doesn't generally generate content itself. Without the Irish Times and Irish tech blogs there wouldn't be much to Twitter about.

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