Give Lou Pektor a second chance?

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  • Djones - 10 years ago

    Give mr Pector a Break. Many builder devlopers in the lehigh valley and in The US for that matter are in the same boat. Builder developers are what drive this country and until that turns around we are all in trouble. the only thing I think he needs to do is rethink his planning and build middle of the road condo's with a lease with option to buy plan. this will still give tax monies down the road from the owners of the condo's and not one lump some from the bulding owner if they were appts.I also think the businesses on the first floor along with shops and resturants is a great idea. I also think the time to complete the project should be cut down to 10 years. If the project is done one phase at a time and is started in the next two years there should be no reason it cannot be done in a 10 year window.if any one else has a better idea i would love to hear them. the only one i can think of is demo!!

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