Should I leave my hair alone, have it evened out, or have it styled? (Poll Closed)

  • Leave it alone
    3 votes

  • Get it evened out
    0 votes

  • Get it styled
    1 vote

  • Get it evened out and styled
    5 votes


Posted 9 years.

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  • Angel - 9 years ago

    Our G-d loves you and did not mean to torture you. I feel alot of your feelings about religion is because you were controlled and not given choices. I happened to think you look fine with your beard. ( in your pictures) I was also controlled as a child and given the nerdiest hair cuts and my parents were not religious almost at all! I also was a rebel because of it. Sometimes these things help us part from parents who are too controlling. The best thing is to go to a really good hair dresser and tell him what you want and then ask him his opinion.. that is what I always do! I think I am going to sign in a hundred times so you style your hair.. Or else I will have to call you "Bean Sprouts" lol.. just kidding your hair looked really good the other day when I saw it...

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