Have you read Nader's book?


  • Robert Gustavsson - 12 years ago

    Of course, but in swedish with foreword written by the swedish prime minister Olof Palme.

  • CoyoteMan - 12 years ago

    I read the entire book and I agree. The creator of the Corvair told GM if that sway bar wasn't on there, the Corvair would flip.
    GM was too cheap and sleazy to do the right thing. What ever consequences they suffered are well deserved.
    Today they again are suffering the consequences of management greed and stupidity.

    GM will never learn. Animals learn from their mistakes GM does not.

    The definition of insane is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

  • marty - 12 years ago

    Read it back in the late 60s. Don't remember any of the details now, so wouldn't make any comments about it without rereading it. To this day, though, it is obvious that consumers need a champion against corporations. The best we really have is Consumer's Union, but they're pretty limited in what they can do, even if you understand that their role is entirely educational and informational.

  • al - 12 years ago

    I also owned a 1966 Corsa--finest car I've ever owned--and O did I mention, my family owned 3 other corvairs.

  • Al Lebo - 12 years ago

    When I was in college back in the stone age, I happened to have owned a 1966 Corsa Convertible with the manual top. I paid the whopping sum of $150 for the ride in 1971. When I became aware of the book due to articles in Car and Driver as I recall, I got a copy from the library, read it and thought nothing about it since the aggrieved model was the earlier swing axle car rather than the later IRS car. Whenever I saw Nader later, I always saw him as the nerd who didn't want anyone to have fun; the guy you didn't want to be stuck next to at a dinner party.

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