What is the cost of your mobile-phone?


  • saman - 11 years ago

    Im using a Chinese mobile.. It's features helps me to do my all requirements.. so no need to go for a high cost phones.. but the thing is health problems caused by these low cost Chinese phones.. There not suitable for long time calls...

  • Badrajith - 12 years ago

    Mobile phones are very useful and they should be considered as equipments made for communication. There are also many other new features like 3G & high speed internet facility. These mobiles also come with office packages & e-book readers that foreign students use much. So, if we own such a mobile, we should also make them useful for our studies, whether it's just internet or 3G/HSPA enabled, it's useful for a student, especially those who are busy. So, if you buy a high-end mobile, you should also consider of how to make them useful for your studies. Video calling feature isn't much useful if you just make a video call, but it also can be made useful. A student or teacher can explain a lesson using a video call. And, with 3G internet facility, you can search online for much educational resources, download them and view them on your mobile using office package or e-book reader. Even you can download educational videos and view them on your mobile when you aren't at your PC. As I know, much foreign students do it.

  • chandima - 13 years ago

    value of phone isn't really matter till you use it for the reason it made for

  • AfrinJalinooze - 13 years ago

    In my point of view, if we want a good knowledge about mobile phone. First, we want use small phone with little bit facilities. Afterthat we can change our phone with most of facilities like that 3G phone. Then we get perior knowledge about all types of mobile.

  • Deepthi - 13 years ago

    Do not buy chineese phones. Initially good sound, but soon deteriorates. Radiation risk is also very high. Better to go for Nokia or Sony Erickson.

  • Dinuka - 13 years ago

    Chineese phones are cheap and with lots of features. Better to go for those phones.

  • Suren - 13 years ago

    I'm a/l student. my parents do not allow me to use a phone.

  • Kalana - 13 years ago

    i think its risky go for a high cost phone

  • Janitha - 13 years ago

    Students can buy second hand phones with good features.

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