I wish this area of my kitchen was more organized...

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Posted 9 years.


  • Elizabeth Sessions - 2 years ago

    I would like to find kitchen sinks mats. I really like them.

  • Chandra Torres - 7 years ago

    I concur with Mr. Thompson. When you hear Rubbermaid, you automatically think quality! They go hand in hand. I have also, had other plastic items,that "died" before there time. However, Rubbermaid ALWAYS stands the test of time! I too LOVE the creative ideas they always come up with. Definitely on the cutting edge of organizational technology.
    Chandra Torres

  • Steve Thompsn - 7 years ago

    I just love rubbermaid products. In my opinion, they are the best anywhere bar none!!! Sometimes I'm looking for new ideas for our kitchen, such as organization-it's a big one. I always seem to find just what I'm looking for with Rubbermaid. I first learned about Rubbermaid products from my mom back when she came home with our first Rubbermaid trash can-guess who got to clean it each week??? It was plastic-but lasted a lot longer than the other plastic trash cans we had in the past! Well, that was way back in the 60's and now that I'm married (23 Years as of April 8) we have Rubbermaid products all throughout our home. I don't switch brands very easily which is why I've been a Rubbermaid customer since I was a young boy. Thank you Rubbermaid for making high quality products that LAST and for always coming up with new products to make our homes better!!!
    Steve Thompson

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