Who would win in a fight: Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network? (Poll Closed)

  • Xbox LIVE
    20,014 votes

  • PlayStation Network
    14,263 votes

  • Tie: It's just too close to call.
    939 votes



  • Johnson - 8 years ago

    PS3 it better the 360.....
    1. Free online play with any ps3 game
    2. 360 makes you pay to play online #SuckA-s-s
    3. More games for PS3

  • James - 8 years ago

    Good to see both fans of either console commenting in a mature manner. I have had ps3 since year dot and also got an Xbox 360 about a year ago. Played cod black ops on both and find both consoles are comparable to each other in terms of gameplay. The Xbox beats the ps3 on the chat feature and I haven't noticed any difference in the game connection speeds and co-op connections and find both download speeds to be roughly the same. Have noticed that there are a lot more kids on Xbox than ps3 but doesn't bother me either way as I tend to mute everyone except friends of mine.

    Xbox wins on the whole package as you have the option of chatting with your friends but I will always play ps3 as more of my friends have a ps3 than Xbox.

  • Bruce - 9 years ago

    your can tell whose voted for ps3 cause there on here cause there bored..

  • Bruce - 9 years ago

    your can tell whose voted for ps3 cause there on here cause there bored..

  • john - 9 years ago

    f*** you psn

  • Video game master - 9 years ago

    My birthday is comin up and I think I'm gunna get myself an xbox based on the comments because it seems as if xbox is better.

  • joshua - 9 years ago

    i think psp becues no body just want to pay for live wen your paying more wen u bought the game becuse u have to by point in shit in plus u have to pay evry month if u think about it psps cuz u dont have to pay al u got to do is buy the game then mbeat it in AY WEEK THEN GET ONLINE IN HAVE FUN

  • The console gamer - 9 years ago

    The only thing this poll tells me is that Nearly 3% of the Pollers are indeed braindead and lack majory perceptive skills while 40% of the pollers are simply in denial.

    People on the internet are as stupid as they come I swear.

    And issue as plain as day as PSN and XBL, which are clearly leaps and bounds apart from each other is so obvious to ANY fucken user that owns both consoles isn't worth a debate.

    XBL is clearly the logical winner and I would love to challenge any of you just as I have debated with PSN idiots and Xbl idiots over the mic.

    There is no debate, based on features alone. Anyone who says otherwise well, their opinion is just a reflection of their shoe size and age level.. Period,

    You want a unified service with all the bells and whistles or do you prefer the mediocre one? Really says alot about alot of you claiming you are hardcore gamers when you are incapable of ponying up a measly 5 bucks a month to actually be able to communicate with your friends no matter what game you are in and what you are doing in the POS xmb.

    Other people's stupidity amuses me. Especial the morons who deny that going from xbl to psn is like staying a the MGM grand in Vegas and then moviing into a slumlord's slezzy motel 6 in the ghetto.

    You dumb fucking children with no common sense...

    I'll tell you why I pay... 8x faster download speeds then PSN could ever hope to do, superior multiplats, superior servers (yes they are for me and everyone I know in the los angeles area), the ability to use custom game soundtracks, voice messaging, cross game chat, cross invites, installations that take 15 seconds not over an hour, etc, the list goes on an on.

    I refuse to even come back here to rebuttle anything as 3% of you are clearly brain dead and 40% of you are in serious denial and lack peception and common sense.

    Catch me on the mic in xbl, any of you, and I'll school you 6 ways from sunday so fast your little heads will spin. You even have my permission to put the whole thing on youtube. That's how confident I am with my own debating skills and a seriously stupid and obvious thing like XBL's superiority over psn.

    What a bunch of knuckleheads.. anyone who has spent ample time with both services and actually has a brain knows that xbl is superior.

    Anyone wants to debate with this adult, leave a message, and I'll be happy to grant you your wish over the mic..

  • Seekce - 10 years ago

    I enjoy both systems. I personally prefer PSN however. Sure Xbox Live has voice chat and can do so during gameplay. Xbox Live isn't very expensive and PSN will have an online service soon. I'm not going to use PSN is free card here due to the previous statement. Some instead, I'm compared the services for free. On PSN, many games don't require payment to use most (if not all) of the features of the game. On Xbox Live however, it's different. I'll use an example with Fable II. On Fable II, there are two achievements that require a GOLD membership on Xbox Live in order to complete them. Now here's the part that bugs me personally. What Fable II does with online play is it's not that much stress on the servers and easily be used for free without much lose of profit. On PSN, there's a game that would put more stress on servers and uses up more hard drive on the server than Fable II and it's free in fact. It doesn't have to be MAG, I'm using Little Big Planet. This is just with the free services on both systems. Soon, PSN will have a paid for system itself called PS+ which costs the same as a Gold membership on Xbox Live (Note: I used yearly prices for both systems). Xbox Live has party chat and voice chat along with something the free PSN can already do, online gameplay. PS+ is supposed to have full game trails, automatic downloads, discounts on the store, exclusive offers, free games & download, early demos, and beta invitations. This list is straight from Playstation's website under the exclusive. It didn't say PS+ will have the same features. Ultimately, PSN is better for gaming overall with plenty of benefits. However if you focus more on social than gaming, Xbox Live gold membership isn't a bad idea. Just note that I do have both systems and used both them recently. Also don't bother with a @Seekce, I'm highly likely not to return. I'll leaving this here for people to think it over.

  • Exotic - 10 years ago

    The one thing that bothers me about the Xbox are the Microsoft points. You don't get to choose how many you want to buy so you end up with more then you need. On the Playstation 3 you can type in the exact amount of money you want to deposit into your Playstation wallet.

  • patrick - 10 years ago

    this is to zombii all the way up there i guess that person with the RROD in fifteen days tell him not to play a week straight and also don't buy xboxes off of the black market

  • patrick - 10 years ago

    ok all you guys with PS3 think its so much better because its free but the cheapest PS3 is freaking $ 300 but if you get the pro which is sadly not out anymore $150 (I believe) and if you buy theone year $50 cards which i do so that would mean i have payed less than you people with the PS3 so far and I haven't played PSN much but there is always that retard lagging up the game. I havent gone through ONE stupid game of that of (oh, and if you are wondering where i have PS3 I have been playing it at my cousins). The people talking about RODD they already fixed that since last christmas they put a better, smaller cooler in. This isn't about LIVE and PSN also playstion just copies that -BLAM- out of everything that muve thing or thats because of xbox making kinect so the picked up a wii at a store and put a blue ball at the end of the controller and they also copied in the netflix deal those are just some things could think of right now. But I guess if you don't like games like halo,crackdown and gears of war (all have multiplayer) get that chinese piece o' crap that doesn't have just one big problem (which they fixed) but all the little problems that stuff made in china has.

  • Jonathan - 10 years ago

    (Sorry for double posting)
    But after reading the post above my previous one I simply must reply

    Peter, this is a pole comparing the online play of two GAMING consoles. I don't think that whether or not you can web browse on a console meant for gaming really has any effect on the matter.

  • Jonathan - 10 years ago

    I, unlike most people commenting on this poll, actually have both the consoles and am a long time user of both online services. And truth be told, I think XBL is better. PSN is a good online service, but with XBL you really get what you pay for, in my experience the overall connection on XBL is better PSN. PSN is alot more laggy on Cod and games like that, which can really make a big difference for people like me who take it seriously and play competitively. I really don't see why everyone is complaining about how XBL is $50 a year, and how the PSN is free. This poll is made for comparing the quality of both the online services. So in that aspect XBL is the winner. Having said this many people are probably going "Wow this guy is such a XBL fanboi" but really I'm not. This is just my unbiased opinion on the matter. In conclusion, XBL is the victor in my opinion

  • Peter - 10 years ago

    I have both and you know what I noticed first when I started my xbox live gold trial membership? Where is the webbrowser, where is youtube?
    So I would need to pay for a "online" service where it is not really connected to what people these days class as "online". I'm mainly limited to Microsofts internal network. Yes, I know, you have the msn messenger and netflix and also skyplayer that are outside Microsofts own network but have you tried to check your emails? Or to read up on a news website, using your xbox. You can't. Never mind the maybe more stable connection when playing online. Can't be that much more stable if games like MAG are not possible on it due to a too high amount of players. And I never had any problems staying online in a game on the PSN. Yes, I do agree, the updates are much faster on Xbox Live then on PSN but that is due to the fact that they are much smaller updates and for that you have plenty more updates while on the PSN you get bigger updates once a while.

  • GooGooGuru - 10 years ago

    Ummmm... you people do realise that you are posting a comment about PS3 Vs Xbox 360 on an english forum.... you do also realise that the greatest pool of consumer opinion is not America but Asia as Asians outnumber Americans 6 to 1 and that currently the most popular games unit in asia is the PS3 so while the majority of the world (according to america XBox360 rules: the rest of the world votes ps3 (ps: yes im american and i live in china sorry my fellow americans but just because we like something doesnt mean the rest of the world loves it too )

  • AJ - 10 years ago

    ok. wow. to everyone crying about paying for xbox live. its fuckin $6 dollars a month. $2 a month if your smart and do it yearly. if you cant afford that than you shouldnt even be playing games. get a job. lazy bum

    xbox > ps3

  • Aaron - 10 years ago

    I'm sorry, but every time i try to do a system update, it takes it a good half hour to update, i've just learned to walk away while it updates. Maby its just cause I don't use my ps3 that often other than for webbrowsing, so I never bother to update, etheir way that made me put xbox.

  • Devan Fandrey - 10 years ago

    I own a ps3 my downloading and installings take about a couple seconds so dont say stuff about the ps3 if you have never had one or played one? and yes ITS FREE! SO why wouldnt you want one xboxs have a shitty layout too so stfu

  • bobby240 - 10 years ago

    "PSN was wining, untill the Xbox live group on facebook sent a message to every fan to vore for xbl"
    Posted by robert on March 5th 2010, 10:29pm

    Xbox 360 is just more popular. Can't do anything about that. If PS3 got some really good exclusive games, got a price cut and made a better online system, then it would be more popular.
    But for now, and for a lot longer by the looks of things, Xbox 360 will still be the more popular console.

  • PENISRAPE - 10 years ago

    Xbox LIVE 57% (19858 votes)
    PlayStation Network 41% (14258 votes)


  • Tom - 10 years ago

    Yet, the games cost the same. Figure that out, dick. Second, £85 more for the better console(250gb PS3 slim (£284.99) is £85 more than the £199.99 Xbox 360 Elite). The PS3 has free online, but the 360 has £40 a month. Over two years that's already about equal. Then charge kit. then add wireless connection and a better fan and suddenly, the PS3 is less. Get a fucking education.

  • LALALA - 10 years ago


  • robert - 10 years ago

    PSN was wining, untill the Xbox live group on facebook sent a message to every fan to vore for xbl

  • bobby240 - 10 years ago

    Xbox Live is winning. No suprise there. :)

  • Tom - 10 years ago

    @Nate: You're an intolerant racist piece of shit, with a brain power so low that you barely live. The only thing XBL has over PSN is Party Chat, but that isn't worth £40 a year. Overall, PS3s work out as less, so shove that up your stupid arse.

  • Nate - 10 years ago

    I would have to agree with Tony 100%, XBL is the way to go. If you bitch about the price, how did you buy your PS3 then? Oh wait, your ether black or a redneck so its most likely stolen, or you begged your mommy to buy it.

  • Billy Gattes - 10 years ago

    PSN all the way, why, we put aside paying to play, put aside xchat....xblive and its online games suffer from cheating from modded controllers and modded 360s, which of late we have all experience with the amount of hacks that have been appearing in MW2 on xblive and were appearing in the original MW, as wll as other xblive online games.......

    And all this is possible because of one thing, the 360 has been hacked and people can log into xblive with a hacked 360 and just go cheating mad and we all have to suffer.......PS3 has yet to be cracked and so you get a much fairer online game and community.

    So PSN all the way because i certainly am not paying to have my games ruined because MS released a console that's open for abuse at the drop of a hat and no matter what they try the cannot stem this abuse......its getting so bad now the hackers can get back online with banned 360 and reverse anything MS hit them with....its becoming a joke.

    PSN for a cheat free experience all the way.

  • Dope on Rop - 10 years ago

    This Poll is MEANINGLESS ! The PS3 was winning by over 1000 fairly, then the XBOT FANBOY HACKERS got in on it and ruined it by adding a vote every few seconds.

    Everyone knows PSN beats XBL.

  • Eric Shin - 10 years ago



  • Jim - 10 years ago

    Guy above (Tony) is a bit of a tool, and plain wrong with some of his points, typical of the experience you get with 360 online community, too many children! I had both services but cancelled my 360 gold subscription, hard to justify the cost.

    Sony have talked about a paid service for PSN but they have said that would be for premium content only. The the core services and online features that currently make up the PSN will remain free.

    To say Sony had a late start with online compared to Microsoft the PSN has grown at a rapid rate and is just gets better with new features added all the time, Sony have also said they plan on taking it much further. XBL on the other hand has remained stagnant and cumbersome for some time now with no signs of changing.

  • Tony - 10 years ago

    WOW! How do people like PSN better?! PSN is for old people who suck at games, noobs, and stupid gangstas. All of which suck at game! I played MW2 on PS3 and everyone was dumb as hell and no one talked! Except of course the stupid people who have their crappy bluetooth headsets on and all you here is background noise and loud muffled noises when they talk! Oh and btw, 360 has QWERTY too, idiot.
    Here we go!
    -Cross party chat
    -Invite simultaneously into party and game with one button press
    - MANY more games to play
    -A few games that play with PC (many more games utilizing this soon)
    -95% of people have mics
    -teamwork exists(!)
    -Comparing games takes less than 1 second
    -Being able to talk to people while watching a DVD
    -Having entire XBL menu available in ALL games and ALL movies
    -MANY more aracade games
    -Being able to TRY EVERY arcade game and when you want to buy it, it just unlocks the demo
    -Earlier access to demos, arcade games and DLC
    -No installing game when it's done downloading, just play it
    -Updates NEVER take longer than 30 secs
    -Online MLG support
    -Inside Xbox is free (Qore isn't)
    -Netflix is WAY better on 360
    -Largest gaming online community in the world
    -Larger ratio of skilled players (Why real gamers prefer it)
    -Don't get rid of old down-loadable stuff (old demos and arcade games)
    -Downloads will continue no matter what your watching/playing, unless your playing online of course to not lag
    -Doesn't crash because the time is wrong! (LOL)
    -Costs $50/ year ($4.17/ month) Not to mention all the free months you get
    -Web Browser (slower than my phone's browser though)
    -Dedicated servers (Only a couple of games do this)
    -Great for people who suck at games and have no online friends (loners)
    -Updating.......takes........for...///Oops lost connection, restart/ Updating......takes................FOREVER!
    -VERY few people have mics
    -People that do have mics are annoying kids with rap music in the background and static, God forbid they talk! (O LOooolokkkk ouuccchckktt behdsind yoooochchcuuu!) What?
    -No cross game chat! (seriously!)
    -Game invites take too many steps (on 360 it's guide button, A; in game and chat)
    -No private chat unless in XMB or in same room of course
    -Only a very few amount of arcade games are try before you buy
    -Can't download items while in a game or even while watching a movie (Your "awesome" CELL processor can't even do that?!?)
    -XMB not available at all times
    -PSN will not be free soon as Sony has started thinking of using a subscription based service
    These are just what I can think of off the top of my head. But Sony fanboys or people who have never owned both to truly know what I'm talking about will say I'm full of crap. I've owned every system that has come out in the past 12 years and have attended the midnight launch to almost every one of them! I've seen the ups and downs of both and this is my observation. PSN is by no means bad but it fails horribly in comparison to XBL. Also my two cents on this survey, XBL should win as it has nearly double the users of PSN, yet PSN is winning because there's nothing to play or is just, boring. I found out about this survey from playing XBL and getting a tweet about in my messages om XBL. I'm not your typical Sony troll going around telling everyone the system that I have is the best by making crap up.

    Hope everyone is informed and if you liked this rant of mine, send me a friend request. XBL and PSN: psych7111

  • fuji - 10 years ago

    Knowing the fact that XBOX live has more users.. and that the PSN is winnnig the poll means alot..

    To the point: PSN is easier and faster and besides the extra service you get from XBOX live is cool but not worth the money. And PSN has alot more free games and not to talk about PS Home .. and the games in Home.. But overall i vote for PSN :D

  • airwalk - 10 years ago

    First of all, I just want to say, outside a few comments, a really mature discussion going on here which is not something you see on a gaming related discussion board often, so I'm happy to see it and want to contribute.

    My vote went for PSN. Reasons being:

    1) Free. Yes, most people rightly said this will be the major reason people pick PSN over XBL and all I can say to that is, OF COURSE! I will *never* pay to play online (outside broadband costs of course). As for people who suggest PSN Preimum = pay to play online. Sony already confirmed they will never ask us to pay online and that PSN Premium will just expand the service (adding crossvoice chat and all those extras).

    2) QWERTY Keyboard with awesome word prediction + better D-Pad + Copy&Paste. This DOES relate to the online service. When I had to reply to a friend for the first time on XBL, a terrible ABCD keyboard popped up and it took me a long time to write something short, that layout is NEVER used in common devices so you are really taken off course with it. Also analogue scrolling I found too slow and the D-pad...Well we know how bad the d-pad on Xbox are
    PSN/PS3 keyboard has the norm QWERTY layout and does an excellent job of predicting words. Not only that, it also remembers sentences you type frequently, has much better D-Pad for faster letter scrolling AND comes with a very VERY awesome Copy+Paste feature that can have 5+ sentences copied to the clipboard at the same time.
    So when it comes to communicating with friends, PSN has me doing something in 5 seconds over something that takes me 3mins on XBL.

    3) Better store layout. I just think it's more streamlined, easier to navigate, looks classier too.
    If I had to use an analogy, the PSN store would be a perfectly paved road and junctions with arrows clearly pointing you in the correct directions where as the Marketplace would be a twist of highways with potholes with no signs and multiple directions everywhere.

    4) Real life currency used. This just has so much convenience for me. On Wii/ DS as well as XBL, I dislike buying things simply because I have to deal with point systems.

    5) Dedicated servers. When an online game comes to PSN (mostly those that are 1st party), despite it being free, Sony is kind enough to provide us with dedicated server which actually costs them a lot.
    MAG(256)/ Warhawk(64)/ Killzone 2(32) all run on dedicated servers and all run flawlessly (as do the games without dedicated servers).

    I have only pointed out the positives of PSN to give you guys an insight on why I picked it, after this I find it moot to list positives of XBL as I'm not comparing them, I'm just saying why I prefer PSN.

    Thanks for a great read on the discussion and I hope you enjoy/ find my post useful :)

  • fortafied - 10 years ago

    Ok. I am a PSN fan and 1 is because psn is alot easyer to conect to tha XBL and 2 XBL has a hard time regestering while im on a fast conection and my psn conects in a snap and 3 with the ps butten you can still message people while playing a game XBL dosent have that. 4 psn has PSH.wich is acatually nice it also has folding home wich you can set your psn to while your away from it so it has downtime to do that. 5 blue ray player is good and as for the 360 even on a hd tv it dont play movies right it has errors and as for the downloading firm ware PSN has ir beat it takes 2 minnutes on my ps3 to get done and to be on its merry way

  • Mikey - 10 years ago

    I voted PSN!

    1) Free. I admit Live is a good service, but other than some extra chat features you can pretty much do everything in common. Plus, bluetooth mics are way to go in IMO. Downloads are generally fast with broadband. Usually patches are 2-3 minutes, and if I'm in a rush I just skip it. Firmware can take awhile, but they are few and far between and usually add so much for the longterm such as in game xmb, dvd upscaling, youtube full screen, etc. Sometimes I find 360 users complain about updates because they use their 360 more (imo because they feel they have too because they pay for online, but I also understand that you're friends may use mostly 360's, like me where most of my friends use ps3s) and as such they always keep up to date with thier updates, and when they do use their ps3, there's a firmware needed.

    2) Content: Marketplace has lots of good stuff but most stuff is on both now and just like Live there is some amazing exclusive PSN content like Flower, Flow, Fat Princess, Trine, 1st party DLC for Buzz, LBP, Singstar, U2, etc. Stuff like Home and Life with PlayStation are also nice extras. I adore also PS1 Classics that I also use on my PSP. Please consider that PSN also encompasses vasts amount of exclusive PSP content. Plus all the content on the JPN store that I enjoy downloading, which leads me to my third point.

    3) Community: Sure some have argued Live has a larger NA based community, but there's certainly a large community where there's always players, and is growing at a faster rate. However, worldwide, The PSN has 40 million accounts globally, sure some have mutliple accounts, but keep in mind this includes PSP accounts, where specifically in Asia is super popular, and the PS3 abroad is generally more popular too. Personally, I have friends overseas on my friendlist, and that to me makes PSN feel like the larger community and to me why I think I can use the arguement too that Trophies feel more important because of that larger community.

    4) Trophies. In reality, I know this is personal preference whether someone prefers Achievements or Trophies. But in response to previous posts, you can view how many trophies is related to lvl via profile. I prefer this RPG system as it is tiered. A lvl 5 is 150 whereas lvl 6 is is 250 and lvl 9 is 900 or something close to that. It's cool to think about how many trophies a lvl 50 or 100 might be in the future.

    5) PSP/PS3 integration. Adore adhoc party, remote play, ds3 controller synch with Go, etc.

    6) PSN video service and comics books. I know live has Netflix as does PS3 now, but I like how with the video service I don't need a subscription. Also having this content on PSP is very understated.

    7) Facebook and Twitter. I bring them up because Live has these integrated, but I'd take the multifunction of internet browser anyday.

    8) SATA Harddrive. Lots of content on Live or PSN, but it's cheaper to upgrade PS3 HD.

    9) Game Sharing. PSN content shared with 5 psps and 5 ps3s.

  • D - 10 years ago

    It depends on how supportive you want to be to the publisher or the developer. From a perspective of a publisher side, I have to go with X360. You know that some one needs to pay for the online fees right? Well, for PS3, its not sony whose paying for your online fees, its the publisher or the developer. In the other hand, for Xbox360, its you all users who are paying for the online fees, which is a loads of money off the maker's back. So, if you want a sequal to your favorite game, or support the dev team some how, buy on Xbox360. If you don't give a shit, buy on PS3. I'll wanna be a supporting guy, so I always buy the 360 version.

  • JB - 10 years ago

    Voted for PSN as i play it alot more and its FREE...

  • Salvador - 10 years ago

    thiis is the first time ive actually heard people discussing and not screaming that their console is better. this is great :D good job people...you actually sound like people! (though there might be those who are doing the screaming

  • Osiris - 10 years ago

    Lets just say you get what you pay for. I have had both, and the argument about PSN being free. It feels free with its community bordering on zero. And whats up with the in game voice chats? Never had any sorta problems out of my 360 as far as that goes. Plus the 360 has everything that PSN....and some. And everyone who is complaining about price....its 50 dollars a year. So let me get this straight, you say all a bunch of whiney 12 year old kids are on XBL....for 50 bucks. And you cant afford it? That doesnt make any sort of sense. So by logic the younger kids would be on the PSN since you know....they have no job. Only makes sense.

  • Joynisha - 10 years ago

    I have to say xbox live unfortunately. I am an avid PS3 fan girl but...there are some major probs with psn. One is the chat system. You can't chat with someone in game because there are no party settings. So you can't multitask...Its all chat or all game nothing else. The design of the chat system looks amateur to say the least. You see a icon popping while the player talks....on 360 your see the persons full avatar along with any other special props they have.

    Compared to 360's friend list, PS3 friend list is blah to look at. Unfortunately the avatar system is really provides that extra mile as far as looking at your friends etc. Plus with specific themes the backgrounds for your friends list change. Nothing on that side for sony. There are no syncing up needed to compare achievements on 360 like psn.
    360 achievements are linked up on many social sites example facebook, where people can show off and compare with friends. PSN has attempted to do this but it lacks luster. They also tried to fancy up the friends list by allowing players to choose different colors for their label. While its good its still very minimal.

    Also services like netflixs kills psn rental system. There are more things but i will stop here. I will say something good about psn.

    PSN succeeds as far as sending messages because of the text predicator which allows people not to have to type of every letter to a work. This can be very tedious on the 360 controller and caused me to buy a keyboard pad for it.

    Also psn allows sharing between friends, game wise which is something that is cool that 360 does not do. Also the compatability of the psp and ps3 is awesome. Especially the ADHOC program which allows you to connect with other psps from home via the ps3.

    Those are my thoughts xD.

  • dave - 10 years ago

    XBOX Live has better features like party chat and its more organised.... but i do love PSN because its free and is really simple to use... and i heard PSN Premium is coming soon and its gonna have all the features Xbox Live has and more.

  • Glen1967 - 10 years ago

    Oh come on!

    The reason the Xbox has no wireless built in is because Microsoft are just trying to make as much money as possible.
    PS3 users can upgrade their hard drive with any one they choose to buy.
    Can Xbox users do that?
    Why because they are forced to buy a Microsoft branded one at Microsoft prices

  • Tom - 10 years ago

    I laugh when people say the PS3 is equal to the 360 in power. The 360 has 3 cores. The PS3 has 8.

  • Glen1967 - 10 years ago

    Who would win in a fight?
    For me it has to be PSN, it's clearer to understand and see, it's not gimicky and its fast.
    We all know that Xbox has a much bigger user base, but so would any console thats been out that long.

    The Xbox is one UGLY big paper weight and the PS3 is sleek, black and sexy.
    Its got a renowned great quality blueray player and has the biggest potential out of the two.

    Oh and its got the Sony logo..........Microsoft are penny pinching bullies lol

  • Charlie - 10 years ago

    Further more i wanna give a shout to the ps3 users still on there first system yeah the first one from five or six years ago eat it 360ers

  • Charlie - 10 years ago

    I forgot some stuff also hows the re-manufactured 360's working for ALL of you 360ers yes thats right if you sent your system in and they replaced it no sorry thats not a new 360 its a re-manufactured one pry your buddy's down the street from last month once again were is the money that you shelled out for all that stuff i got for free or included with the price hmm

  • Charlie - 10 years ago

    Well my vote is with PS3 I don't need to make much of a comment you can find every reason above but i will touch more on the cost of ownership and were that money might go for you x-boxers and i have worked in a field were we sent out 360's for repair so what is it 40 or 60 dollars a year for 360 users multiply that by lets say just 1million thats 40-60 million a year and you would think that Microsoft would put that to good use you see there are not that much different the two psn and live so like i said were does that money go lets see to the hardware to make it stronger more how do you say not so cheap and bare-bones nope it didn't go there did it g into development of the live experience hmm you would think if it did they would have alot on us ps3 fans but no its just there cuz bill gates saw the money in the gaming industry and decided to get into it and what better way then to nickel and dime everyone of the users so i hope all you xboxers enjoy the fact that your just making bill an even happier billionaire because i dont see any of that money going to make it easier or better for you and your personal gaming experience by the way does your system do protein cell breakdown research and find cures for some of our most common diseases nope it sure doesn't my vote forever will be with the game console that supports hardcore gamers not a bunch of immature kids complaining about who has or does not have a mic what the heck kind of complaint is that anyway

  • sakanakami - 10 years ago

    I have both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 and Xbox Live is better than PSN. Downloads are faster on the Xbox Live than they are on PS3. Game updates download and install faster on Xbox Live than they do on the PSN. Case in point, Heavy Rain took over 20 minutes to download the update and install it. I have never had a game take that long to update via Xbox Live. PSN is free and you get what you pay for. Xbox Live all the way.

  • Chris B. - 10 years ago

    I would have to go with XBL over PSN for several reasons.

    1. If anyone can remember the old PSN network for PS2, it was simply awful. Yeah, it was free but that was a far second due to that you spent 5 to 10 minutes finding a game and got lucky if you got to stay in the smae game for more than 15 minutes. That just left a bad taste in mouth and to be honest I was once a PS guy. I have a PS1 and a PS2 but will probably never use one for online gameplay for awhile.

    2. The XBL network has had its up and downs but has been consistent with connecting to games and having better game lobby's for friend as well as game interaction since day one. They may charge $50 for a year (If you can't catch on sell for $40 which is pretty often) but that is about 14 cents a day. That's not much and after a experience with PS2 and the original PSN, I was more than happy to give $50 for a reliable online gaming experience. To be honest for those who own any Xbox 360 gaming console would know it also comes with around 4 to 5 free 1 month gold trials as well.

    3. The wireless adapter on the PS3 is nice and that I will agree with it. The Xbox does not have that for several reasons and the big one is that it released a year before the PS3 and that the original models such as the 20 GB model did not come with a wireless card built into it. Now the 40, 60, 80, 120, and 250 do but some of these models released almost another year later. If Microsoft took another year to develop the console the could have easily embedded the wireless card and that would have been that so time was on Sony side.

    4. The final reason is that when it comes down to the consoles themselves is that a PS3 is more of a media center that game play video games where as the Xbox 360 is more of a gaming console. The Xbox is focused on games and online gameplay where as the PS3 has multiple focuses on Blu-Ray, media capabilities, and a gaming console. Most of people I know that have purchased this is because of the price that PS3 sits at is about the same you can get a Blu-Ray player with similar specs.

    There are the reasons why that XBL is better than PSN.

  • Emily - 10 years ago

    PSN is free. I love the Xbox setup, but again, PSN is free. Free wins.

  • Aaron - 10 years ago

    I know people want to bring up the latest issue with PSN that went down with the older PS3 console but this was an internal problem, not a PSN issue. Let us not forget the Red Ring of Death. I had to go threw it and waited 6 weeks of no XBOX360. How lame was that? PS3 fixed an internal issue from the far and Xbox asked that you send your's in. Sad.

  • money man - 10 years ago

    the guy above me on crack the only thing your xbox is good for is to trade it in for the new ps3 slim and get some bucks off and once you do that count all the money your saving on your free network and youll end up getting your ps3 for free

  • Tomasz - 10 years ago

    Xbox Live by FAAAAAR

    If you compare them, side by side, the ONLY thing I can think of that the PSN has over the Xbox is that its free.

    But Xbox LIVE users certainly get what they pay for. Almost EVERYONE on XBL has a mic, unlike PSN. We have a bigger Indie Game base, more arcade games, party chat, netflix parties, and more.

    Party Chat ALONE is probably one of the best updates to Xbox Live.

    -Much more features
    -Bigger entertainment library
    -Indie Friendly
    -Much more social

    - Free

    Make your choice. Xbox Live is only $60 for a YEAR. Can you afford $5 a month? That's about the same for a small lunch.

  • robert jefferies - 10 years ago

    Things the ps3 has over the 360

    1.unlaggy online play
    2. Free on online play
    3. Killzone 2
    4. Blu-ray
    5. free Internet
    6. wireless adapter built in
    7. no big power brick
    8. 256 player matches
    9. No annoying 8 year olds talking though the headset :)
    10. A better choice of games

  • money man - 10 years ago

    and one more thing most of you xbox fans wouldent even be xbox fans if the playstation 3 wasent so hard to get in its release im not hating on the box but keeping it real

  • ron - 10 years ago

    Psn is free, don't have to worry about stability.
    Psn has better download managing.

  • laurent - 10 years ago

    Whichever you choose - you should add PlayOn software so you can get tons of additional video content - like Hulu, Netflix (without having to pay for xbox live), CBS, ESPN, Adult Swim, and soon MLB and much more. Walt Mossberg WSJ just did an article on it today http://bit.ly/c4Y2hv. You can try PlayOn for yourself, free at www.playon.tv

  • Foxx - 10 years ago

    Ok, so I'm neutral about the consoles themselves, but whenit comes to the online service, I have to go with PSN.

    First, to the guy above who said "Have you ever tried to find a game on PS Store without using the serch option? hint: it sucks" ... I'm sorry but seriosusly? Thats what the search options there for? Not to mention the Whats New section and the whats new on PS Store options to make that easier.

    Secondly, to people claiming that XBL updates take "10 seconds", there is no way that you downloaded an update there, if it was then it was a useless update, it couldn't possible be such a small file. PSN updates don't take "45 minutes" either, you have to remember that the time it takes to get the update depends on your connection. If it takes you that long you should think about getting a better connection.
    Now, yes XBL has "Party" and it is quite a cool feature, but I know fine well that PSN has that to come.
    As said above, PSN has MAG, 256 players, lag free. Anyone that disagrees is an obvious xbox fangirl. The developer of the game said themselves that they chose PSN because of its mature player base and capabilities. Sony may not be too good with software but they do know their hardware and can get the most out of it.
    Someone above also said "Intergrated friends list across all games", both PSN and XBL do that, thats what your friends list is.
    Another point about XBL is Microsoft themselves, many people have said it, they are just scamming you out of money. Thats what they do. Seriously, you've just paid £159 for a console, £50 for a WiFi adapter, £40 for a game and you're paying about £20 a month for a decent connection to the internet and they want you to spend another £40 to play the game you just got over your internet connection which you have to pay for and use your bandwidth against a load of whiney teenagers who want to bum master cheif. Why?
    My final point is that once again Microsoft are useless, the encryption for Xbox games got broken, hackers started messing with games, and now the network is full of hackers who mess with the online experience. Great, just what I want after paying £310 to play this game online.
    Don't get me started on the "claims" that the PS3 has been hacked. Its "methodically broken".

  • money man - 10 years ago

    playstation is like a fat kid who ate too much cake sitting on the toilet and xbox is the water in the toilet

  • Sean - 10 years ago

    Things the 360 has over the PS3
    1. Recent Versions still backwards compatible.
    2. Bigger array of games
    3. Party Chat, meaning talk with your friends who aren't in game
    4. The Halo Series
    5. Faster Connection to games
    6. Bigger Online Community
    7. Gold Membership Bonuses
    8. Can play music while playing a game
    9. Quicker Load times for games(Loading screens)
    10. Better Download times.

    I love my Xbox and Live, much more than I love my PS3 and PSN. Whenever I try to find a game on the PSN I can't. But I can throw in Modern Warfare 2 into my 360 right now. and find a game in a heartbeat.

  • silenthope7 - 10 years ago

    well u get what u pay for, and the best things in life are not always free.

  • Crunk Squirtle - 10 years ago

    xbox live for sure better live everything easier for hosting stuff and joining updates are 10x faster and psn is free online because its so shitty the thought that way the wouldnt get as much shit back at them

  • John Smith - 10 years ago

    Xbox liv without a doubt. PSN is just not user friendly.

    And as for the people saying it's free. Enjoy it, come the PS4 you will be paying also.

  • Daniel - 10 years ago

    I'm like going to type a 5 paragraph essay on why PSN is better! It just is, plain and simple! Oh yeah it is also FREE!!

  • Shane - 10 years ago

    If you are having problems with the PSN maybe you internet just sucks...

  • Ryan - 10 years ago

    I own both a PS3 and a 360 and in an attempt to rate both services as a whole there are many things that each service is better at.

    Price point: Obviously PSN but PSN is considering a yearly charge and I challenge this poll be done again afterwards because people are probably primarily choosing on this alone.

    Online Store: Hands down 360. Reason: have you ever tried to find a game on the psn without using the search feature? Hint: it sucks.

    Game service: I've played games online on both services (including the same game) and from what I've found is that the online gaming experience is much more stable on 360.

    Misc. Services: Neutral: I chose to list only the things that are different (off the top of my head). 360: Video chat, media center, PS3: home. I personally have only turned on home twice, and found it stupid both times but hey, I don't like MMOs but I've also never used media center (because it doesn't have good support for internet formats) and video chat is stupid anyway.

    Overall: 360, having used both the 360 is just better even if I have to pay for it. Hell you find it on sale for $30 like every two weeks so its not that expensive anyway. Also, if the PSN service remains the same and adds voice chat (which is what they are talking about doing) its gonna cost between $50 and $70 (for adding voice chat). I took the stupid survey it wasn't worth it.

  • Jamie - 10 years ago

    I actually find it amusing at all the people supporting XBL. It's obvious that Microsoft is just taking your money whatever way they can. You already pay for your broadband and you've already paid for your game and Xbox, but they want you to pay an extra fee for playing your game, on your Xbox, using your own broadband, ALL WHICH YOU'VE ALREADY PAID FOR?? Where's the sense in that? Can people really not see that they're being scammed by Microsoft? Or are they just blindly supporting Xbox because they own the system and feel obliged to do so?

    PSN does everything XBL does. All those people thinking up excuses for how XBL is soooo much better and deserves to be paid for are simply in denial, they don't want to admit the fact that they themselves, willingly chose to be scammed. If you have that much money that you're willing to pay £40 for "clearer voice chat", how about do something for the less fortunate and self sacrifice a little? Get yourself a PS3, listen that little bit harder and give the money that you would be giving to Microsoft every month/year to a charity instead?

    Think about it people. It's common sense.

  • Jamie - 10 years ago


    It IS the service's problem. They can't support huge games like MAG because they don't have dedicated servers.

  • Dan - 10 years ago

    The only reason why PSN is winning is because they can watch their porn on that. Xbox live does a better job at making a community and is better in the communication part of it too. Sure it doesnt have Mag or any godly game where you play massive battles but thats the game developers problem not the system or the service

  • Toad008 - 10 years ago

    I'm reading a lot of comments comparing the hardware. This is a poll about the online service is it not? So Blu-ray isn't a factor, or games released, or anything like that. It's interesting that so many of the comments are arguing over hardware specifications. So everyone, let's ignore Red Rings, ignore Date locking systems, Ignore controllers, Ignore released games,

    That said, I have 2 PS3's and 3 360's in my house. The online experience is far superior on Xbox Live in my opinion. I can chat with multiple friends while we all play different games. Jumping from game to game with a group of friends is very easy. Submitting reviews of players I dislike prevents me from being matched with them in any game. So the one prick I met in CoD on my PS3, I mute that game, and run into him again tomorrow. On 360, I avoid him, and never see him again. MW2 comes out, 360, still never matches me with that jerk.

    I also regularly queue up my downloads for 360 on the xbox website. During lunch I check what cool new demos came out, and they automatically download when I get home. I find it difficult to even find what all was released in a given week on PSN.

    Also, a difference is support staff. Xbox live has a problem, I know someone is looking at it immediately. And often resolves it within hours. They have staff paid to do it. I'm helping pay for that. Policing, to catch cheaters and hackers, worth every penny. They are open about the criteria they use to police the service as well. Stepto answers user questions regularly. I have never seen, nor heard, of any Sony employees providing even close to that support.

    Also, as someone who has played with both, I'm surprised there are people that claim after playing with both PSN wins. In my opinion, Live comes out way on top. The only area PSN wins on is price. For me, price is not a make or break difference. Easy voice chat with my friends around the world is.

  • TheMonkeyMan - 10 years ago

    I personally Prefer xbox live cause there seems to be a larger community and more weekly content on the service, but in all honesty both are great services with pro's and cons.

    xbox live tends to be a little faster on downloads and has a more content, but you pay $50 a year for it

    PSN might be slow on updates and downloads, but it has a built in web browser, and its free.

    all in all you get what you pay for.. but this poll is really just bait for the fanboys to go crazy over

  • Johnny - 10 years ago

    Anyone who's said they've seen the PS3 update faster than the XBOX is a bear faced liar. I'm sorry to say it but it's true. The longest I've ever seen the xbox downoading an update was about 10 seconds. I've sat and waited 45 damned mines for PS3 games to update before.

    PS3 superior hardware? Hardly. The 360 has a buff GPU but the PS3 has a faster processor(albeit not by much). Making things up, is just another form of a lie.

    The biggest problem the PS3 has is not having ANY games bar Uncharted and (maybe) Killzone 2. Heavy Rain is an interactive movie not a game. A film you control with quick time events is the same as those books where you choose which bit you skip to after every chapter. I like my games playable.

    If you try and harp to me about Heavy Rain proving the PS3s superior hardware, let me say this. All in-engine cinematics have polish and shine added to them. Limit user control and you can make the whole game an in-engine cinematic.

  • Tom - 10 years ago

    To all those who say the 360 has a bigger user base, that's wrong, because PSN has 40million+ whereas Live only has 23million. That's because overall, PSN has a better reach, because the PS3's massive in Asia, and it's getting huge over here, plus the fact that you don't need a ps3 for a PSN. You can use it on PSP and PC aswell. The only thing about Live is that it's very western orientated, so loads of users pick 360s because their mates did too, because the PS3 was a farce for the first year. Now it's building up here, because the PS3 console is superior in everyway, and the games are coming fast.

  • Darrin - 10 years ago

    Awesome support for PSN here in these comments, I'm very pleased to see it, and proud to own a PS3!

  • Kris King - 10 years ago

    What people need to realise is that xbox is becoming obselite and has no value for money. The main issue is HD, with a playstation you have a games console and a blueray player and blueray is going to be around a while whereas HD is fading fast and soon xbox are are going to say that games are soon going to be on two or more disks just to get the whole game or game companies will have to cut content to fit onto one disk which is unlikely.
    As for value for money xbox has to buy a rechargable battery pack, a wireless emiter, and xbox account for online, after you have bought the machine.
    Also I keep Reading in these posts that xbox is better becase the online is better and worth the money, so it may be but psn are closing the gap and forever improving and it's still free, one last thing and I'll shut up and all you xbox fans can slate me for whatever reason is graphics! You can't deny that playstation has the edge when it comes to graphics, I'd love to see xbox run Gran turismo or heavy rain bit there's that saying again... You get what you pay for.
    So you might think i'm this die hard playstation fan and hate xbox till I die but I just like to think about things logicly and get the best experience for my money and if take everything into account you'd see that playstation is the better buy... Just.

  • Kevin Groenendaal - 10 years ago

    I never got lag on the ps3 anymore. Try MAG! 256 players online. Ain't see the xbox doing that.

  • Jeff - 10 years ago


  • Marcos - 10 years ago

    I own all three consoles and the one that gets the most play is the 360. XBL integrated friends list across all games is a huge plus. PSN is good in all but the Xbox has taken online gaming seriously since the first one. Even the Xbox online was better then the PS2. Sony seemed like it didn't matter to them and now they've had to play catch up.

  • gypsygib - 10 years ago

    I have 360 and PS3 and honestly after I got my PS3 I never renewed my Live subscription - for playing games, the speed/lag/matchmaking are exactly the same. Live has more stuff that doesn't relate to multiplayer gaming but I never use that stuff anyways, and it's not worth paying for seeing as all the extras are free on PC, which we all all. PSN wins by a landslide.

  • Ian - 10 years ago

    A simple list of things the Ps3 and PSN has over The Xbox 360.
    1. No red ring of death, reliable, durable, transportable system.
    2. Xbox's keep the neighborhood up at night. The ps3 runs silent and smooth well the clunky mini pc runs loud and hot as all hell.
    3. No external power source. The power cord is one cord, no large electonic hub of death on the middle of the cord.
    4. Free
    5. The ability to use just about any bluetooth enabled headset as an in game headset.
    6. You can move the ps3 around while running without having the risk of your 60$ game being turned into dust.
    8. GOD OF WAR
    9. Free
    10. Mature and professional gaming community. You can have a thousand loud mouth, immature unskilled xbox players, to every 100 skilled, diligent ADULT psn players.
    11. Web browser all day, FOR FREE.
    12. Comes with WiFi, whereas you have to pay 50-90 $ for wireless on an xbox.
    13. A light, comfertable SIX AXIS motion controller the has over 14 hours of battery life compared to the xboxs, clingy plug and play.
    14. Microsoft doesn't want you, they want your soul and your money. Everything the ps3 comes with OUT OF THE BOX, you have to pay for on the xbox.
    15. BLU RAY
    Honestly, there is no comparison at all. Majority of the people leaving comments about the xbox on here have horrible spelling and punctuation, it really says something. The other 5% are fanbois that have been with the xbox since the begenning and are afraid of change, living in there mothers basement. Every time i play an xbox i hear horror stories about detachable hard drives being stolen, red ring of death, and other common problems everyone runs into with xboxs. After watching 3 of my roomates go through xboxs every other month, i'll stick with the play station i've had for over a half a year with no problems and 120 GB of hard drive space to burn. And at the time i posted this comment, psn was winning by more then 1000, no thats not a typo 1000 votes. So please, talk some more shit about ps3. The players and the Sony staff are listeing with open ears and open hearts. Check out the ps3, you won't be dissapointed.. :D

  • JJ - 10 years ago

    Definetly PS3. We have 5 gamers in our family and it's nice that we can all have our own logins. With 360 that would cost us $250/year and there is too much DRM on Xbox games you pay for.

  • PSN ID: MagNuM-OPs - 10 years ago

    Personally i chose playstation network exclusively for its simple design. I know im probably the only one that is content with the xmb but i just find it much easier to navigate than 360 dashboard. Its just way to much going on and could easily get lost in the menus. On the xmb i can always keep track where im at in the menus. 

    As far as online service yes XBL has is benefits for the subscription like the infamous cross game chat...but really do I really need that? Only way reason id want someone chatting with me during my game is if it a multiplayer experience whether it be co-op or competitive. Would i want to hear babies crying or background noise from someone else mic while playing games like heavy rain or uncharted or god of war?...no. Id find someone else being a distraction. If it was really that important for me to chat with someone while playing a game...i have a phone (uses same BT as PS3) and most of my friends on PSN are clan members that all have AIM, Skype (my iphone supports that) and we also have a clan teamspeak server where we can chat amongst ourselves. 

    Does the PSN need improvement? Yes it does but for a currently free experience out of the box i dont think we have much room to complain really. Look at the PS Store for example. At launch its sucked grand daddy balls but overtime it has evolved into an unique seamless experience plus more. Its has come a very long way for being sony's first unified online service for a console. I commend them for making such progress in such a short period of time. I mean its almost comparable to XBL and XBL has been around since its first console. Sony took some pointers and created their own experience. 

    We dont want both consoles to be the same. That kills competition and quality of service/games. 

    So in closing im not knocking XBL. Its a very smooth online service, many subscribers, alot of content and features but at the end of the day my overall personal preference goes to Sony's PlayStation Network. 

    Before anyone else begs to differ or try to attack my preference...its my own personal opinion, im entitled to that and for everyone with all the name calling and fanboy crap...that shows extreme lack of maturity and im content with not playing or communicating with you online or in-game. 


  • Ashton - 10 years ago

    All the people that say Xbox Live has a whole bunch of kids on microphones does not know what they are talking about that is all I get on PSN as well if they even do have microphones it is usually 1 in 12 people have a mic and as far as Xbox Live it is called muting them it is so hard to do that...and paying 40 bucks for a whole year is really not all to much so it is worth it to me cause my PS3 just sits there as a blueray player since the online play is terrible on it...sure the PSN does have Home but really how often do you actually get on that? and I have been with Xbox Live since the day it actually came out and to see where it started from to where it is actually is amazing...so yeah the PSN is new in all maybe one day down the road it will beat Xbox Live but for now it will not

  • Andy O. - 10 years ago

    Tie, I'd say.

    About 3 years ago I'd of said XBox hands down, but I think PSN has come a long way at redeeming itself. Both services offer unique games, achievements, and gaming multiplayer (XbL Gold of course). I like PSN's PSP support and BluRay! I like XBox's 1vs.100, Party Mode video playback!, Netflix (not quite up to snuff on PS3), and their in-game support for XBoxLive is still leaps above PSN.

    I like that XBox supported everything out of the gate. Obivously online play wasn't an afterthought with MS.
    I like that PSN has learned from their mistakes and corrected a lot of them. I still wish they would admit that their online sucked for the first few years, but at least they [finally] did something about it.

    I hate the lack of open codec support on XBox and PS3, but that's not really an online component. I wish it was easier to mute voice chat with people other than your friends on xbox, and I wish PS3 had voice chat without having to buy/find a headset.

    It's close, but still leans towards XBL. Sorry PSN.

  • Dope on Rope - 10 years ago

    XBOX Live is FULL OF KIDS ! Constant swearing, obscure music etc. played down the mic. PSN is way more mature, with a discerning, friendlier crowd. XBL is quite pikey in comparison.

  • Nick - 10 years ago

    Any here actually own both before u crtiersise first xbox Is limited to people u can play againist in ur reigon ps3 exclusive titles suck as mag aren't so suck it xbox u sould have this feature but Microsoft are to greedy and lazy to add o n this feature

  • Voltaire - 10 years ago

    It is obvious that some people who have commenting about XBL have not used the service very long. I have been on it since the start on the old xbox. I do own all three gaming consoles and it is obvious why the wii was not included in the poll.
    The PSN network does have some things that I do like better then on the XBL. The biggest is the dedicated servers that allow for Massive online games like MAG. I have never understood why XBL could not also use dedicated servers to host some games. They could even rent out private servers to rent like some do for PC gaming.
    As mentioned by almost all the PSN fans, free is a big upside as well. It is nice that my whole family can have an online account and without having to either share or pay for multiple accounts. I would like to see XBL come out with a family plan.
    The PS3 does not come with a mic and even though you can use any Bluetooth headset many more people do not have mics. Now granted many might actually see that as a plus so they don’t have to listen to foul mouth pre puberty boys, but with XBL you can mute anyone and/or set it so you only hear your friends it that really bothers you. For games like MAG communication is so key. My friends and I have gotten to the point if our platoon leader does not have a mic we kick them, because it is so important.
    Anyone who thinks the game and system updates are faster on PSN either have never used XBL or they have gotten so use to leaving the room for an hour after starting an update they never noticed how much quicker XBL is. Now I don’t know how Microsoft does it but there have only been a handful of updates that I can remember with the 360 that took more than 2 min. The last one was the new dashboard. Most updates are done in less than 15 seconds.
    Now up to this point all these things PSN could improve. However unless they just decided to absorb the cost or monetize it some other way they will never recover from my biggest issue. The experience on XBL is very consistant from one game to the next as Microsoft makes developers do certain things the same way and they host everything on their closed network except for EA, don’t get me started about EA.
    When SOCOM came out for the PS3 that was when I and many of my friends bought our PS3s. Now understand most of my friends were original PS2 fanboys who said XBL is good but SOCOM is better. The experience was so bad with SOCOM that 1 returned their PS3 and the other 2 just use it as a bluray player. It was almost impossible to invite friends to a game. We were to the point we put the room we were in as the comment on our icons
    I have played 5 or 6s of the PS3 exclusive games that have online Multiplayer and MAG is really the first one that I felt got all the basics right. And I am pretty sure that is because it was developed by Zipper who has a lot of experience with online play. On the flip side almost all the games on the XBL do things consistently. You always know how to invite friends because it can be done the same way no matter what the game is. it is easy to see what your friends are doing, and send messages even chat while playing different games or even while others are watching movies.
    Now PSN is getting better at this. At first fiends lists were not even consistent across games. However, I don’t think they can truly catch up as long as the quality of each game interface with PSN is almost completely up to the individual game developers, and they host those games on their own hardware and networks.

  • Alexander - 10 years ago

    I have played on both live and PSN. live is nice because it is true what they say, you pay for what you get, however, I have not payed anything to sony and their connection has not faltered in the slightest. I also use the wireless on the ps3 and there are not any lag issues that I have seen. And I am more of a fan of the PSN layout than the XB. I voted for PSN. I like it better.

  • Sam - 10 years ago

    I don't pay to play online, so you which i voted.

  • Xaul - 10 years ago

    The only argument I ever hear of now in favour of the 360 is that the online is better, but whenever you ask how, you don't get an answer - cos if it's just cross game voice chat you get for your money, think I'll stay with the free option, & I don't have to suffer listening to your kind spewing immature drivel over your headsets every time I want to go online. Even if I did go online with the 360, & suffered the 12 years old cussing out all the time, it wouldn't last long as it'd either red ring, E74 on me, or it'd turn my game discs into coffee coasters. Occasionally some spotty oik will still spout the crap that the PS3 has no games, but they are still living in 2007 so we can forgive them their below average IQ, & newly discovered hormones for that, but I still don't want to associate with these people online.
    I'm not suggesting that all 360 owners are retarded monkeys with mush for brains, & satans clagnuts for a personality, but they are definitely out there....way out there!

  • Jamie - 10 years ago

    I actually find it amusing at all the people supporting XBL. It's obvious that Microsoft is just taking your money whatever way they can. You already pay for your broadband and you've already paid for your game and Xbox, but they want you to pay an extra fee for playing your game, on your Xbox, using your own broadband, ALL WHICH YOU'VE ALREADY PAID FOR?? Where's the sense in that? Can people really not see that they're being scammed by Microsoft? Or are they just blindly supporting Xbox because they own the system and feel obliged to do so? PSN does everything XBL does. All those people thinking up excuses for how XBL is soooo much better and deserves to be paid for are simply in denial, they don't want to admit the fact that they themselves, willingly chose to be scammed. If you have that much money that you're willing to pay £40 for "clearer voice chat", how about do something for the less fortunate and self sacrifice a little? Get yourself a PS3, listen that little bit harder and give the money that you would be giving to Microsoft every month/year to a charity instead?

    Think about it people. It's common sense.

  • Tom - 10 years ago

    Ps3 is better!!! The 360 has more hacks and mods on it. Ppl hack so much more than ps3

  • Mark - 10 years ago

    PSN without a doubt. Why?

    XBox Live is full of annoying kids
    PSN is free and uses dedicated servers for PS3 exclusives
    PSN is generally faster and more intuitive.
    PSN has more features like Home, Vidzone, game and movie stores.

  • Zombii - 10 years ago

    another thing i forgot to mention - yes, you can mod the 360, however, you will always have to be paying, and again, you will be paying for an unreliable system. most of my friends that own / have owned a 360 have had to either buy a new one, or use their warranty. i've even had a buddy that only had his 360 for 15 days before it red ringed.

    xbox live will NEVER be free of charge - if they do, no more income for them since the 360 can be modded to play burned games - so they're losing money there too.

  • Zombii - 10 years ago

    what good is getting "good service" if you're going to have it on an unreliable system? i've never had problems on the PSN - and i have 3 computers sharing wireless internet connection at home. PSN is great, easy to use, and simply the better giant IMO.

  • Oculus - 10 years ago

    I dont have any issues logging in to the PSN network, I think that those using WiFi will experience slow loading and downloading.
    As usual Bill Gates is collecting a heap of money off these monthly fees for XBL. I refuse to pay to play with other folks who have the same gaming system as me, SMH.
    A lot of people like XBOX also because it can be modified and you can download and burn your own games.
    My PS2 was a modified system so I know what its like to just go and download any game of your choice from a Torrent site.
    I am glad that PS3 is unable to be modified unlike the XBOX.

  • Roubador - 10 years ago

    I lot of good points have been covered so I don't have much to say. I'll start by reiterating that the poll is about the live services, not the consoles. Both of them can, do and will have hardware problems. That is for another poll.

    I am weighing in on the XBL side. I wanted to mention a feature that I think is really cool: Parties. I think it's a fun way to interact with a group of friends. I especially like watching Netflix movies in a party.

    XBL has a development team that is constantly working to create content that adds value to the service. I think the subscription model is what allows them to do that, and at a much faster rate than Sony can. In the end, the Xbox just has a more cohesive feel to me. The way they handle presence really makes me feel like I am online in a large community. The PSN just doesn't feel that way to me.

  • Thorlord - 10 years ago

    @Tommy, you are correct, but this is an issue between PSN and XBL not the hardware. PSN caused the bug on some PS3's, but the Xbox Red Ringing is due to poor hardware design. ultimately the point is moot, the PSN bug wasn't really that bad and Sony handled it within 24 hours, which i feel is more a testament to their ability to quickly solve problems on the network.

    @Link, It honestly doesnt sound like you have played on Xbox live at all. the 90% stat was taken out of your ass and holds no link to reality. i would personally say that 95% of the people i meet on XBL are decent gamers who i can enjoy playing with. i have no idea what the statisic on PSN would be simply because i generally dont talk to people on PSN that often because barely anyone has a microphone. (i do call plenty morons when they get the team killed in Uncharted 2)
    Microsoft has a 3 year warranty on xbox consoles if they red-ring. if your console red-rings its a good chance that it is covered by the warranty. Sony has a 1 year warranty on its console. this isint saying microsoft's warranty is better (it is) but rather that the xbox needs a better warranty due to the faulty hardware.

  • Link - 10 years ago

    PlayStation network is soooo much better its free and if anyone has slow download its cuz ur internet sux,also Xbox cost money and 90% of online is little kids i have never ran across and little kids while i play online. And if your PS3 gets fucked up they fix it And if xbox red rings ur fucked. So end of discusion

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