Did LeBron James file the necessary paper work to switch numbers because he is staying in Cleveland?

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Posted 9 years.


  • moss - 7 years ago

    all yall rong lebron aint stayin wit no cavs cause he already left yall garbage niggas
    i kno yall feel stupid lebron dnt need yall yall need lebron james and he got aring
    hahahahahahahahah hit me up on twitter lil3moss

  • Tabby - 9 years ago

    Lebron shouldn't change his number and staying in clevland is best for him. i know he has already decided to change it but it is a waste. Cleveland has a good team stay there!

  • Tiffany - 9 years ago

    well lebron james have yhe right to chanqe hyz numba. if he feel like he is not takin MJ number.. bt then again thats no mo den right.. ilove yhu lebron James... yo numba 1 fan alwayz nd fo eva...

    tip tip

  • Jacob - 9 years ago

    ok well Kelsey first your grammar is terrible and second he is a
    not like that he is changing his number for his son and his hero if he profits from it cool. classic hater move by getting on a website and writing about stuff u don't understand. and well yes j.d you r half right LeBron is smart and he changed his number to prove he is gonna stay with the cavs. (at least i hope so the cavs would suck with out him) hopefully the cavs franchise will realize they picked up one of the greatest players ever and they will give him the money he wants to stay bc with out him their season would be like 12-60 ish so that's all i have to say and Kelsey thanks you made my day by showing how stupid you r in front of every one.

  • kesley - 9 years ago

    talk about monkey see monkey do. classic copy cat move. he saw how number 24 is the probably the most idolized number other than 23. face it, lebron doesn't want to share number 23 legacy with jordan. i know some legends have wored it before, but come one, just like we remember brett favre for number 4, we will remember lebron for 6. i think he is staying with cavs unless the dont make it to the finals and that cb4 agrees to go to Knicks.

  • J.D. - 9 years ago

    The only thing I can say is LeBron is smart, Everything that he has been working for in his career is right in front

    of him Jordon got his rings because he stayed with one team, The Cavs are doing what they can to make the Cavs

    the best they can be. LeBron would only be taking a step way back going anywhere else only to start all over,

    I really don't see a smart player like LeBron doing such a foolish act.

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