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Round 2: who should face Barbara Mikulski in the Maryland U.S. Senate race? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 5,111

  • Linda - 14 years ago

    Am I missing something? Where do these candidates stand on health care? While you are busy with your Republican in-fighting, Americans are dying because insurance companies love their profit margins.

  • Michael Swartz - 14 years ago

    Wow, that I did not know. To be quite honest I don't know why you would go to Pollstar over your phone just to vote, but to each his or her own.

    When this poll runs its course I'm going to highlight some of the better comments and how this fit in with my theories on this race as a semipro political analyst.

  • sandy uhler - 14 years ago

    my daugher voted several times on her laptop and once on her cell phone. lol

  • carmen amedori - 14 years ago

    And. Jst to bee clear I am not accussing anyone of anything underhanded. I simplh wanted to point it out.

  • carmen amedori - 14 years ago

    Michael, problem with the poll is votes can be made from a computer and also a phone. Just an FYI

  • Jim Duncan - 14 years ago

    What is this, Corrogan's Kid Gloves Committee??? Reagan's 11th Commandment came AFTER his race against the incumbent President Ford... How convenient. This primary is turning out to be a real yawner.

  • Arch Stanton - 14 years ago

    OK, Jeff, I like Wargotz, because he has proven he can run, win, and govern, Amedori for the same reasons, but you might not think the past means anything... I posted a link and a question that you chose to ignore and call it 'tearing one apart'... I'd hardly call that being rough.

  • Rick - 14 years ago

    I think we should remember Reagan's advice - speak no ill of another conservative. Words here will come back to haunt us in the General Election.

  • Jim Duncan - 14 years ago

    Before you go too far in questioning the fairness of this poll, as the creator (of the poll) points out, it does appear to be consistent with each candidate's level of support. At least with respect to the current order of finish, when you look at each campaign's number of fans/friends on Facebook, where the candidates have pushed this poll. As best as I could tell, Eric Wargotz has by far the most support on Facebook with exactly 5000 friends. He has additional sites ranging from 126 to 1853 friends, but I will assume that most are duplicates. A distant second appears to be Corrogan Vaughn with 562, Vaughn has two other sites with 197 and 373 friends, Jim Rutledge with 514 and Carmen Amedori with 292, neither appeared to have other sites. I'll bet there are some cross overs here as well...

  • Jeff - 14 years ago

    Last Election has nothing to do with this election. Why don't you show support for a candidate Arch instead of tearing one a part. Offer me a solution! By the way this poll is about who has the best chance in the general so past primary results do not matter.

  • Arch Stanton - 14 years ago

    Oh, and who did Michael Steele beat on his way to earning the GOP nomination? That's right... Corrogan Vaughn, 87% to 1.2%...

  • Arch Stanton - 14 years ago

    For those of you who are supporting Vaughn because you think he can win Baltimore City, perhaps you should review some recent history from Campaign 2006 at the following link:
    Michael Steele was reduced to a chalk outline in the city... What makes you think Vaughn would do better???

  • Joe C - 14 years ago

    The obvious take-away from this poll is that there are in reality 3 in the race. Bottom line, if you can't muster double digits, you don't have a campaign.

    True standing is not the issue here, this is of course not a scientific poll. However, I do believe it is a solid indication of the presence of organized campaigns. It is awful late in the game to get from single digit to a force to be reckoned with.

  • Son of Liberty - 14 years ago

    Okay Sam. Since you are opting out of further comments, I guess I get the last word. I would have let it alone, BUT I will defend myself from your unfounded accusations (that I'm a "Vaughnian") and your childish, Democrat-like name calling, i.e. that I'm a hypocrite, clown, berater, belittler, insulter, and maligner of others.
    Anyone who objecively reads my previous postings will find your accusations ridiculous at best. I have not, and will not stoop to such behavior, nor alow you to sucker me into it.
    I have done my due diligence, drawn a resonable conclusion based on political reality and facts, and asked the tough question of all of the candidates to demonstrate how each expects any outcome other than what Pipkin experienced as the last BM opponent.
    Anyone can show a better strategy and I'm all ears.
    Until someone does, VAUGHN gets my vote in the Primary.
    That simply makes me a VAUGHN voter, not a "Vaughnian." And I expect many others will come to the same conclusion. (What do you Wargotz supporters call yourselves anyway?)

  • Joshua Wolf - 14 years ago

    No one from the Vaughn team has attacked another candidate. If that were the case they would be dropped from the team. Every candidate in this race has good intentions and would do a good job in representing Marylanders. No attacks are condoned by the Vaughn Campaign. That being said I'd like to invite everyone to visit www.Vaughn4America. to see what Corrogan is really about. This race is not about the candidates; it's about the people.

  • Sam - 14 years ago

    All that from a guy who professed to not attack other candidates? You and he are such hypocrites it is sad, sad, sad. I will not further participate in your nonsensical debate. You and other Vaughnian clowns have berated, belittled, or otherwise insulted Carmen, Jim and Eric throughout this string of comments. So sad to see a candidate and his team resort to such behavior as maligning others. Very sad. Have a nice day!

  • Son of Liberty - 14 years ago

    Sam, Since when did the Democrats, or Republicans either, ever encourage candidates to challenge any incumbent? In the real world of politics as usual, it just does not happen.

    I'm sure all of the Republican candidates are good people, and any are better than Mikulski, BUT I do not see any except VAUGHN with a STRATEGY to actually beat BM.
    For example, how does Wargotz plan to do any better than the clearly better funded and better known Pipkin did in the last go around?? We need a DIFFERENT type of candidate with broader, fresher appeal.
    If we keep putting up the same kind of challengers to BM, we can only expect the same kind of results. The only way ANY of the others possibly win is if the seat were open. Do you think Scott Brown would have beaten Kennedy? No way.
    This is true for any statewide incumbent, especially a Democrat in Maryland. Lacking a scandal or some unpopular outrage, incumbents rarely lose.
    VAUGHN may have a chance this year because he can personify a REAL DIFFERENCE in such a way as to gain Independent and cross-over Democrat voters. Regardless of their best attributes, NONE of the other Republicans simply have that ability - your guy included - to a winning degree. So, I'll see your 2 cents - and double it.

  • Sam - 14 years ago

    Well, to answer the "poll's question" then it should be Wargotz for so many reasons articulated above but stepping back a bit, the question posed does not specifically deny a consideration of yet another response which is not listed among the candidates. That is, republicans not yet in this race who could be considered as well as DEMOCRATS who should challenge Mikulski in a primary. In fact, I find it disturbing that there are no primary challengers to her. The democratic party refuses to encourage choices in her race for the "people's seat". Just my 2 cents.

  • Son of Liberty - 14 years ago

    Sam, This is no laughing matter. Suggest a reality check if you think so. Don't consider myself a "Vaughnian," just taking the election seriously and trying to objectively answer the poll's question.

  • Sam - 14 years ago

    You Vaugnian's are very amusing.

  • Son of Liberty - 14 years ago

    Wow! A lot of passion on the part of so many with comments. Of course I'll vote in the general for anybody but BM.
    But who can run the best against her? Let's be practical - and throw in a little history - 2004, remember Pipkin's $ & name recognition was no match for BM.
    It's going to take a very different candidate to win this one. Look at the field. Only one comes close.
    With solid conservative principles, geographic appeal of Baltimore, the attention and support of Independents, and the REAL possibility of motivating a considerable percentage of the Black vote (yeah, I said it) in BOTH Baltimore City and Prince George's County, if he can make it through the Primary, the National recognition he will bring to the race (Rush, Hannity, Levin, etc. will love him), objectively, Vaughn is simply the best to face Barbara Mikulski for the U.S. Senate seat, as the poll question asks.
    Additionally, Vaughn will make the best running mate at the top of ticket with Ehrich, since he will balance the ticket as a black and true conservative.
    Trivia question: Who was the last black conservative US Senator?
    Vaughn would not only make history, he would make a difference. I think we need that difference.

  • Rick - 14 years ago

    Wow!!! Someone gets 500 more votes in only 5 hours! Every time someone comes close Eric's folks turn up the heat! Hey, are there even that many people in the state award of the contest at this point?

  • Rick - 14 years ago

    Hey, is the a way to view the source address of votes?

  • Rick - 14 years ago

    Following up on yesterday's comment - Amazing! Mr. Vaughn shoots ahead, and magically 4 votes for Mr. Wargotz show up for every vote that Corrigan gets. Then Vaughn closes in - then Wargotz goes into overdrive! 1,000 votes in a few hours! How does he do it????????

  • eric - 14 years ago

    Libertypatriot: As I have said I already did that. I search the messages on facebook but apparently they have been deleted. I guess bad news needs to be erased. btw patriot why not use a real name or are you related?

  • Maryland Patriot - 14 years ago

    I have worked in Maryland politics for several years on both sides of the aisle and have yet to meet an individual more honest and sincere than Corrogan Vaughn. The others are nice people, but seem to share the same disregard for the needs of everyday Marylanders as our present senator. Mr. Vaughn offers genuine solutions and ideas to the problems faced by our state and nation. He seems to be in this race out of sincere concern for Marylanders and Americans. Go Vaughn!

  • Libertypatriot - 14 years ago

    To the person commenting as Eric, you are wrong about Jim. Send e-mail to his campaign and ask about the fair tax. And then post it. I will state categorically Jim completely supports abolishing our current income tax system and replacing it with either a fair tax or flat tax. And, if anyone reading this comments has any doubts, contact the Jim Rutledge campaign. Eric is passing out disinformation to people.

  • Stefano Luciano - 14 years ago

    Everyone please think about this primary for a moment. Just remember we're running against a liberal with an over 60% approval rating and in Maryland of all places. Democrats run this state and if you want to beat her you need to think like one and pick someone on our side who packages his message to appeal to them. Some of these candidates not only have a piss poor message for doing that, but they also have no spark and come across as rather creepy. The only capable one of winning that I've seen is vaughn; he has good plans, is a true conservative, and most importantly can package his message to sound like a guy that Democrats would vote for. The bottom line is we need Vaughn to win this primary if we want any hope of getting a Republican into that seat this year.

  • Sam - 14 years ago

    Wayne, you have got to be kidding... "I can assure everyone that he is a staunch constitutional conservative, of solid moral character, knows the issues and fully articulates well thought out responsive plans and ideas. These same traits cannot be applied to Dr. Wargotz." You are obviously a zealot for your candidate and I can respect that but you do yourself and your candidate a disservice by trying to elevate him by belittling another candidate. I suppose The Wargotz campaign team should be flattered somewhat by your attitude and insults clearly indicating a "panic" among your candidates team of which you are clearly a part. I am not a member of a team yet but will be joining the Wargotz campaign as a volunteer soon. I do not need to promote him here, or try to convince anyone here. Those who know him, know his record of honesty, integrity and high moral character realize he is above suggesting attacking other candidates and he runs on his own strengths of which there are many. A successful physician, businessman, local public servant who stands up for those who need it. A history of no-nonsense approaches to problems and intelligent decision making. A man who continues to fight big government and federal waste, particularly challenging Mikulski directly on stimulus funding for wasteful projects and federal government bullying. A TRUE constitutional conservative and principled republican like Reagan but enough comparisons. He stands on his own two feet and is his own man. A "tea partier" before there was the recent movement. His depth and breadth of ideas is impressive. Brevity and conciseness is a sign of intelligent thinking. Just because a candidate has pages and pages of stuff and hours of video doesn't make that perosn smarter...just more verbose. Get to know him, read about him, because if you do you will decide to rally around, behind and with him. You should be ashamed of yourself. You and your candidate's reputation suffers when you stoop to low-blows and innuendo. S. white

  • Darlinda Ruzek - 14 years ago

    Jim Rutledge/Ronald Reagan = constitutional/ conservative....That says it all !

  • Wayne Ehrensberger - 14 years ago

    I have talked with Jim Rutledge at length on a wide range of topics. I can assure everyone that he is a staunch constitutional conservative, of solid moral character, knows the issues and fully articulates well thought out responsive plans and ideas. These same traits cannot be applied to Dr. Wargotz. Jim is a successful, experienced businessman. He is well versed in the politics although admittedly not a “veteran” politician. And that is certainly a good thing. What we obviously don’t need are more long term politicians. We need to put in place those that are in tune with the private sector that most of us work in and who understand, appreciate and will honestly adhere to the Constitution.

    I am closely associated with several of Jim’s support staff. We knew each other before any of us were even aware of Jim Rutledge. These individuals would never align themselves with someone who isn’t a pure Constitutionalist. That of course also goes for me. I don’t possess any great incite into the remaining candidates, but I don’t really need to. The simple fact is that they are not Jim Rutledge. He is the individual that must win the seat currently held by Mikulski. Then we will finally have someone that truly represents We the People.

    If anyone is interested in learning more about the Constitutional Conservative/Tea Party movement, I offer you two “Groups” based here in Maryland that you should check out and consider joining – and You will find yourself in company with many Maryland Patriots as well as the same from across the Nation.

  • ppaine - 14 years ago

    lol Rick I noticed that too. Isn't just sad knowing some poor sap must have spent a large chunk of his saturday night trying to cheat this poll 300 times in Wargotz's favor.

  • eric - 14 years ago

    btw anyone know what time zone this posting is in?

  • eric - 14 years ago

    Liberty patirot. I have already contacted him about savings from the Fair Tax.
    His reply: prove it!
    That's where he stands.

  • Rick - 14 years ago

    Late last night Rutledge and Wargotz were tied, with Vaughn a little behind. Overnight Eric jumped ahead 50%! Those 3AM calls to supporters must Really Work - 300+ votes worth!

  • libertypatriot - 14 years ago

    Jim Rutledge is for the entire repeal of the United States Tax law and replacing it with a flat tax or fair tax. And, he is completely for tort reform. You are pulling this out of thin air as you don't know the candidates position. If you don't believe me send Jim and e-mail and ask him his positions. I'll be willing to bet you a steak dinner at Ruth Chris his answers are 100% consistent with what I just wrote.

  • eric - 14 years ago

    Anybody but Rutledge! Just what we need another lawyer in Congress. We don't want platitudes. We need someone who stands for something like the Fair Tax and tort reform. Can you see a lawyer standing up for these things? Just my opinion.

  • Chris - 14 years ago

    Just my $0.02:

    Look, many of the candidates here are great, but let's face it, they're not exactly the type of fireball candidates we would need to unseat a democrat with such a high approval rating. The fact is these candidates know they have no shot against Mikulski; they're in it for name recognition for future elections!

    I understand people have differing opinions in selecting their primary candidates, but face reality for a second! If we want any hope in hell of winning this with a candidate with no name recognition, Vaughn is our only shot. A few other posters on here raised a good point about Vaughn's potential to win a good percentage of Baltimore City, that is someone we need going up against Mikulski! By all means support the other guys when they're running for a position they're actually serious about winning. Vaughn's got the principles, appeal, and charisma that can cross party lines and get us a huge upset victory in November.

  • S James Smith - 14 years ago

    The candidate I support is a man who understands Statesmanship. While he has worked as a volunteer on several past election campaigns, he has yet to serve in elected office himself. Corrogan Vaughn understands the issues that many people are dealing with whether it is healthcare and insurance (he is a 20 year cancer survivor having had a brain tumor removed), had to face the reality that health insurance coverage has it's limits (BC/BS only covered $100,000 of his $357,000 medical costs). He paid his medical debt off through hard work even after being laid off from his career after 9-11-2001. He dealt with unemployment and then began his own business only to be faced with an economy that challenges the success of small business across the state and America.

    When reviewing each candidates own words on their websites, Corrogan clearly is a man of the people. He understands through listening, not lecturing. His "Proven Deal" resembles the "Contract With America" and spells out not only the problems with our country, but what he intends to do about it. None of the other candidates have so clearly and openly stated their intentions. Each of the other candidates, on their own websites, show a long list of political accomplishments, Corrogan instead highlights the issues. He is a man of the people, for the people. Ask each candidate if they are interested in more debates, several have refused to participate, but Corrogan has been asking groups across the state to hold debates, "I will show up, I want to hear from the people!"

    Only one candidate is consistently proving that he is listening to the people of Maryland. Corrogan is the only Republican candidate who is receiving support from Democrats and Independents who are fed up with the Maryland and DC political games! To win against Mikulski or any Democrat, the Republican MUST win these votes!

    Recently Corrogan summed up his campaign like this, "I am running for Senator from Maryland because I want to make sense rather than history. It is about People and Principles, not party and politics. I get it!"

  • cfrsucks - 14 years ago

    Two things here. First, we do not need to be viciously attacking the candidates not of our choice. I know that this is politics, and that negative smear campaigns sometimes work. However, we should NOT repeat the mistake that they are making in Kentucky, which is viciously smearing and slandering Rand Paul. The people who are doing this are discrediting themselves and only giving Paul more momentum as they look more and more like fools every day. Again, let's NOT do this here in Maryland. It would make us look bad. Maryland's constitutional conservative in this race is Jim Rutledge, IMO. I believe that he would do the best job at restoring constitutional principles and working with other US Senators to this effect.

  • Lori - 14 years ago

    WANTED - Someone who can quote Barry Goldwater - and mean it!
    "I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones that do violence to the Constitution or that have failed their purpose, or that impose on the people an unwarranted financial burden. I will not attempt to discover whether legislation is "needed" before I have first determined whether it is constitutionally permissible. And if I should later be attacked for neglecting my constituents "interests," I shall reply that I was informed that their main interest is liberty and that in that cause I am doing the very best I can." pg 15. The Conscience of A Conservative (1960)

  • Jack - 14 years ago

    The most constitutional candidate is the one I want. we have a long way to go and principles will have to be strong enough to stay in place. experience be damned....go for the one who understands and wants to protect the constitution. Jim Rutledge

  • Jasmine - 14 years ago

    I'm not familiar with politics here in Maryland but I will say that as a lifelong democrat I'm switching to Republican this election to vote for Vaughn!!! Go Corrogan!

  • paul - 14 years ago

    yikes, not only is this not scientific. It looks like people are voting multiple times... The votes are coming in at ridiculous rates, every time I refresh there's 4-5 more votes for one candidate or the other. Anyway I voted once for my candidate Corrogan Vaughn, he's the most passionate and sincere man out of all the candidates I've met. I'm convinced that, above all the other candidates, if he wins this primary there's going to be a national media frenzy that could vault him into the seat.

  • Robert - 14 years ago

    Jim Rutledge is just the conservative fire power we need to take back the people's seat in MD. Find more out about Jim at

  • Lisa - 14 years ago

    There may be some folks still deciding who to give their full support to win Maryland's US Senate seat in 2010. Please study Jim's Youtube channel.

  • mommypatriot - 14 years ago

    Hey Michael! Love your blog. I'm one of your newest fans and I'll be coming in the front door often. As to the poll, unscientific and biased as it is, it certainly is interesting. What a rowdy crowd you've assembled here. All I can say is, thank goodness for the wonderful people who are waking up to the serious state of affairs we find ourselves in and have decided to get involved in effecting true change. You all are making a difference. I am so glad we have so many qualified and serious candidates who are willing to put themselves out there. As ugly as some of the comments on this blog are, they are nothing compared to the insults and abuse these courageous citizens are going to encounter the closer we get to September. I voted for my candidate--just once. I know the cream will rise to the top. I agree 100% with Sandy--we should not be speaking ill of other Republicans. They all have my respect and admiration. Unfortunately, only one can get my vote. That one is Jim Rutledge. He is the one I've been waiting for.

  • Michael Swartz - 14 years ago

    In case you're wondering I'm the guy who got this poll going in the first place.

    Obviously it's not a scientific poll; however, this does suggest which candidates have the strongest base of support. Once each candidate found out about this poll and placed the link on their Facebook page, I saw a surge of support for each and now pretty much everyone is on more or less even ground.

    This poll is going to be open for several more days because the daily trends will show the depth of support from each candidate's base - are they willing to come back day after day to express their preference?

    One thing I ask of all of you (and part of the reason I came up with these polls in the first place) is to plug my website. Many of you already make it a part of your daily reading but for those of you who don't it's at

    I was wondering how I could have so many votes and not the same number of readers - now I see how the back door works. Come in the front door and take the opportunity to read what I have to say about national, state, and local politics.

  • NRAD - 14 years ago

    I was at the debate in MoCo and by no fault of the YR's the venue was pretty lousy for all the candidates. There was no PA system and there were barriers in the middle of the room. So by all standards ALL the candidates did a pretty decent job considering they had to shout at the top of thier voices so the people in the back and behind the walls could hear. By no means, should that be a gauge of anything. I will note that in all my days in politics it is always the front runner who takes the worst beating. May I suggest, however, that we not beat up on the GOP candidates. I bet Ronald Reagan would be turning in his grave by such antics.

    Now, my candidate is AMEDORI for many reasons. And her experience is in the private and public sector - such a fabric upon which sound and wise decisions can be made. It is going to take that fortitude to take on the corruption in D.C. She has never shied away from a good fight. I remember her when she confronted then LT. Gov Townsend and the way she always took on Joe Curran in Judiciary Committee. This woman is relentless. And, in my opinion, it is going to take a strong woman to take the fight to Babs. AMEDORI will surely do that. She has a conservative voting record to reflect her positions. Seems to me that anyone can say what they will do but we really need to look at what has been done. She is 100% pro life, 100% small business having been a recipient of The Shaw Award with MD Business for Responsive Government. And she is a fiscal conservative. All of that is reflected in her voting record. That is why AMEDORI has my vote.

  • Don Murphy - 14 years ago

    "The only people who want Mikulski out more than Republicans are elected Democrats for whom she is posing a logjam in upward mobility."

    I have met most of the candidates and congratulate them on their courage and willingness to put themselves forward. I look forward to voting for any of these candidates in November, but I am supporting Queen Annes County Commissioner Eric Wargotz, MD in the primary. I believe the Republican party needs to nominate someone with a proven track record, resources to get the job done and a command of the issues. As an elected official, Wargotz has proven he has to ability to run, win and govern. Wargotz has raised more contributions than all the other candidates combined (as distasteful as that statement may be, it is a necessary evil of running a statewide campaign)... As a medical doctor, he has first hand knowledge of the health care issues which are currently holding Washington hostage. It's great to have so many candidates to debate with and argue over... I have no doubt that we will all be on the same page in November...

  • From Sand to Sea - 14 years ago

    First & foremost, we all must understand that to speak ill of ANOTHER courageous Republican who is willing to fight the good fight, undermines the whole message of yourself and the Republicans in general. Exercise caution b/c if you believe that name calling will garner MORE support for your candidate, you just took a vote away from them! After a 6 mos fellowship in Research for "Best Practice" in medicine, I have learned how to read, learn and cut through the fluff. MD has some great candidates for US Senate: it will be a tough road to hoe for all of them. JIM RUTLEDGE puts a common citizen's face to the fight & introduces a new culture to campaigning which he will carry to Capitol Hill. He is NOT in the back pocket of other politicians- he is his own man and has proven that in a 25 yr career as a prosecutor defeating back room bribes and games. Jim gets it and he is not looking for a career- he is looking to defend our Constitution & thus our freedoms! God Bless America and the courage of anyone taking on the machine of corruption!

  • jps - 14 years ago

    I agree with some of the above posters that we need someone who can take Baltimore city, and to add to that Vaughn can not only win Baltimore city, but he can win on solid principles. He has called for the abolish the IRS in place of sensible fair and simple taxation, abolishing the department of education because the education of our children comes from the states, and he's serious about reigning in spending. I know many have called Corrogan Vaughn the most Conservative candidate because he is deeply committed first and foremost to fiscal responsibility while maintaining social conservative values that will win over black conservative democrats, a large voting bloc in Maryland fyi.

  • sandy - 14 years ago

    First of all, the GOP candidates are not the enemy. If you have something positive to say about yours then say it. But we cannot lose focus of the enemy - Barbara Mikulski. Let's keep the 11th commandment "Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican" So boast up your candidate. But don't be neg on the others. That only gives the other side ammo.

  • Ken - 14 years ago

    I think Jim Rutledge has the best core values and conservatism of any of the candidates. As
    Americans we all have a stake in a vote for Freedom across the board, reduce taxes, put of Consitution
    and Bill or Right foremost, convict terrists and criminals and make laws to put them away perminately.

  • Sarah - 14 years ago

    correct that... now 209

  • Sarah - 14 years ago

    hmm.... Wargotz's vote count jumped from 183 to 201 in the matter of minutes...

  • William Harris - 14 years ago

    Jim Rutledge is the obvious choice. Though new to the scene he is an Constitutional Attorney and a Ronald Reagan Conservative. One of the previous writers wrote that Jim was weak in the debate. It may have been that the writer received his information from an attendee of the debate who was present, and a supporter of Dr Wargotz, this person did not this debate. And as far a the medical situation, I spent 12 years in the medical induatry and I want to laugh when a doctor tries to claim knowledge of the financial aspects of patient billing, and the many contracts with medicaid and medicare for hospital's and various other out patient clinics.
    Some of the above have ran or hold an office and some have assisted popular candidates in the past. Let me say that this does not qualify them for the U S Senate. Our forefathers set things up to serve in Congress and then go home, Jim Rutledge will do just that as he he is for term limits. So lets send the ones that are there now home and replace them with people with the same knowledge, attitude, and fiscal abilities as Ronald Reagan, Jim Rutledge.

  • Rodney - 14 years ago

    I was interested in Carmen Amedori until I learned of her passion for John McCain. He is just the kind of "conservative" that got us into this mess. I presume her admiration would lead her to follow his lead if he gets reelected. I want a person willing to stand on the floor of the Senate and bring a point of order regarding the constitutionality of some of these liberal/progressive jokes that are becoming law. I want some one willing to bring legislation to the floor to rescind the sixteenth and the seventeenth amendments. I want some one to move to abolish the Departments of Labor, Education, Education, welfare, and to end all subsidy payments to National Institute of Health, Public Broadcasting. I want someone who will abolish Fannie and Freddie and the new student loan initiative. I want someone who will return to small government responsible for Defense and international commerce only. I like Jim Rutledge as someone who may be willing to do this.

  • Mark - 14 years ago

    Tom hit the nail on the head. Baltimore city is the key to breaking the democratic hold, and vaughn is our man to do that.

  • Tom - 14 years ago

    Listen folks!!!!!!!!

    The fact is Babara Mikulski has a strangle hold on that Senate seat. The average Maryland voter couldn't care whether the candidate talks Constitution or not! If you want to win this seat for Maryland you need to find the candidate who's going to win Baltimore city!!! Plain and simple. It's unfortunate but that's the state of politics today, and that's why I'm casting my ballot for Corrogan Vaughn.

  • Samantha - 14 years ago

    Well, of course I want what you want. We all, here at this blog, want that. Easier said than done though and I do not buy a pretty face and slick speaking at any level. I listen carefully and read carefully - and between the lines. Experience matters. Talk is cheap as I see you acknowledge above. You are wrong:Tea party movement is all about fiscal responsibility - that's where it started and that's where it will wind up. The rest got piled up along the way. Don't forget that. Lot's of federal programs are unconstituional. No one senator or anyone is going to change those but I want proven leadership on tough issues like those to get the ball rolling. Dept of ed is only one shallow, surface example of a dept. which could easily been eliminated. I have heard or read most the candidates bring that up. Nothing unique there. Let me close this by saying that I am not willing to place my trust in a legislatively inexperienced candidate, for a 6 year hitch. Foolishness. The House, maybe for 2 years of "proof' but not the Senate. too powerful a position and too risky. I need a candidate to have some provenexperience, not a career politician, but a modicum of experience firsthand. 6 years is a long time and it is the second highest elected position in the land (i do not count the VP) Those in this race without any legislative experience ought not apply just yet.
    That's my final opinion. I will not debate you here but good luck and best wishes.

  • Joe - 14 years ago

    I hope anyone with half a brain notices how this poll has been corrupted...

  • libertypatriot - 14 years ago

    Samantha, I believe you are guilty of what you accused others of. Elected officials (not meaning candidates running) have a self-serving arrogance and only care about their party and ideology. The simple fact is, this will never end until we realize that we have one governmental ideology... the Constitution according to its original meaning and intent. And, if candidates believe in spending less, but not rolling back what are unconstitutional programs than how is that any better than what we have today?

    The country is bankrupt. We are 12 trillion in debt, with the Obama 10 year projections adding another 8-9 trillion, and we have 58 trillion in unfunded medicare and social security obligations. That doesn't include health care, cap and trade, etc. The reason we are at this point is because Republicans and Democrats spend like drunken sailors. The only difference is drunken sailors have to stop buying drinks when they run out of money. Politicians just keep borrowing it, taxing, or inflating the money supply. So, no I don't just want some candidate who espouses some basic Constitutional understanding or some so-called understanding of the issues. I want people in Congress to roll-back all these programs and return them to their proper place... the states. Take education for example. It is not a power ceded to the federal govt by the states in the Constitution. Education needs to be roll-back and returned solely to the states. It's this type of unconstitutional spending that got us here in the first place.

    I'm not naive enough to believe this change will happen overnight. In fact it will probably take decades. It took decades to degrade and erode to this point. But we have to start somewhere. So, let's be honest with each other here. Whomever you are supporting, is that candidate going to go to Washington and just "reduce spending" or are they going to roll-back government programs? That latter is what is needed to truly address issues in this country. The former is a stop-gap measure (needed initially, but not sufficient long-term).

    This is what the Tea Party movement is about (in my opinion). We want a return to a Constitutional Republic.

  • Samantha - 14 years ago

    Wow! I certainly appreciate how passionate everyone here is about their candidate. A few spears being thrown, distortion of facts, ridicule, claims of winnings. I know my candidate will have none of that. He holds himself to a higher standard. I won't mention mine but let me tell you, he is all about grassroots and making his party, the Republican party responsible to its ideals and constituents again. He understands the constitution and carries one with him, is firmly grounded in its "we the people" foundation but maybe isn't as slick as some others at articulating views in a crowd. He also understands federal programs and recognizes that a rare few are primarily funded by the state and matched to some extent by the federal government - as close to a constitutional as one will find among federal programs i.e. medicaid. Some of the posts here are embarassing to their candidate. Shows a lack of understanding of the issues, programs and constitution. I make no claims that my candidate "won" the MCYR debate. He certainly didn't falter, emabarass himself or "lose." As far as I could tell he did great and that's what many people told me afterwards. Let's not be divisive. So you love and support your candidate. Great! Don't make asses of yourself. It reflects poorly on your choice.

  • knarf - 14 years ago

    Rutledge won the MCYR debate and is the only true conservative running. He knows the Constitution and wants to the federal government to get smaller. The only way to get Mikulski going to be ousted is the needed grass roots movement with a committed con to contrast her destructive views.

  • teapartypatriot - 14 years ago

    I've read the candidates web sites. I've read blogs at RedMaryland. I've heard about the debates. I've read other articles candidates have written. I find it astounding that most candidates only talk about curbing/reducing spending, BUT only one candidate talks about the constitutionality of many government programs. The simple fact is we don't need to just cut spending, but completely roll-back and eliminate all the unconstitutional programs. The one candidate that cares about the original meaning and intent of the Constitution is Jim Rutledge. The rest are pretenders, Rutledge is a contender.

    Everyone complains and moans about the size of government. Instead of supporting candidates that understand the Constitution, federalism, separation of powers; we end up with candidates that are say they'll cut spending. Well that doesn't address the root cause of the issue. The road to recover goes straight through the Constitution. We Tea Party Patriots want more than a person that' s just going to cut spending... We want a return to our Constitutional founding. Jim Rutledge is the ideal candidate that embodies this.

  • Michelle - 14 years ago

    I was at the debate as well. Many of the candidates spoke the conservative talk, but if you look at the positions they've taken, there is a clear front runner when it comes to Constitutional principles, and that is Jim Rutledge. Wargotz believes in expanding health entitlements (Medicaid) which I find just unbelievable considering our current debt climate - read his "fix" on health care. It's hard for me to see him as a conservative, and he's quite weak in his courage to take strong stances on the issues on his website. Amedori might have the right principles, I don't know, but at the debate she showed she is not able to articulate them well (I'm sorry - she's probably a very nice lady, but this debate was not good for her at all!). Rutledge was clear, concise, smart, articulate, and impassioned. To me, he's the only one that will light some patriotic fires in MD that will be capable of defeating Mikulski. I'm behind him 100%.

  • Thundereagle - 14 years ago

    ONLY ERLICH can win.Others can beat the current GOV but only Bob has the 'juice' to beat Babs.

  • libertypatriot - 14 years ago

    If you want a conservative candidate then the best candidate is Jim Rutledge. The other candidates do not possess the Constitutional knowledge and understanding that Jim possesses. While I don't have anything personal against anyone in the race, conservatives know that Ehrlich is considered a moderate and what I'm hearing from people is Carmen is a reflection of that. Again, not making any judgment, just passing that on. Lastly, Tea Party people are tired of people already in government. We want an outsider, not an insider.

    I think we all agree though... whomever ends up winning the Republican primary... needs to take down Mikulski. That's the real end game.

  • FredP - 14 years ago

    I met Mr. Vaughn last week at a YP function, certainly seemed like a likeable fellow but, like my daughter daughter said..."This dude is straight out of Baltimore" just like the mental midget mikulski. How can you call yourself a Constitutionalist and be in favor of term limits????
    Amedori? I think not, she wasn't liked by her constituents. What makes you think the rest of the state will like her? Too polarizing for my taste.
    Rutledge? He's in, he's out, he's in....I appreciate his military service but like John McCain, thats as far as it goes. Too much rhetoric, answers are too canned and has the passion of a hinge pin.
    I got to know Dr. Wargotz over the last 18 months and know that with his passion for this state and the userpation of our rights by Washington he will be in the trenches fighting for us and not the special intrests....

  • Steve - 14 years ago

    Kimble for president!

  • The governor!! - 14 years ago


  • Joe - 14 years ago

    Go Vaughn!! I'm a very skeptical about this poll too... Looks like acorn was at it again.

  • Jeff - 14 years ago

    Maryland needs a real change. Amedori said nothing at the debate. Rutledge is a jerk and his views scare me. He pretend to be a constitutional scholar but he said nothing in the debate about the constitution and its application. He had no real solutions. Dr. Wargotz seemed to have a handle on the healthcare issue but he is a nut. He starts rumors and preys on people's characters instead of the issues. Vaughn seemed sincere and after further investigation is the only candidate who can appeal to Maryland and win in the general election.

  • Sam - 14 years ago

    I don't know. All are good people but very few really qualified to take a 6 year legislative hitch IMHO. I was quite taken with D. Eric Wargotz at the debate. Warm, comfortable, approachable style. Not stuffy and boring. Seemed to be right on with his responses. Came across very sincere and caring along with very knowledgeable. I have trouble supporting candidates for a 6 year legislative hitch if they have no elected legislative or constituent experience. I am also not a fan of politicians who are elected and then quit to take an appointed position. I feel that is a derilection of duty to the constituents who elected them. Just my view.

  • Virtus - 14 years ago

    I was not at all impressed with Carmen Amadori at the MCYR debate in Gaithersburg where 4 of these candidates were present. Jim Rutledge stole the show with his articulate presentation and his knowledge of issues and the Constitution. He's true statesman material.

  • Joan Raznick - 14 years ago

    Like her...did not realize her popularity and backing.

  • Larry Helminiak - 14 years ago

    I know 4 of the candidates and those four are very good and capable people. . But, in today's Maryland the best chance we have to beat Mikulski is with a strong woman, and we are lucky enough to have one in this race.

  • James - 14 years ago

    Only a True Conservative with Ronald Reagan values can handle this job. It is time for change. She has the credentials of already being in the pits and worked for Ehrlich and was a Delegate.

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