What should happen to the father, who brought children into the JFK air traffic control tower?

  • Ranjit Ratnayake - 6 years ago

    If a situation of that nature had been allowed to take place, why is everyone tearing up their hair. Americans who are blinded by "every thing security" What are you crying about now?
    Negligently letting things happen and turning a blind, Isn't that the cause for 9/11

  • Stan - 10 years ago

    I think they're blowing it out of proportion. There was obviously parental guidance involved. If anything, I thought it was adorable.

  • Cecil - 10 years ago

    As an Airline pilot, I feel this thing is being blown out of perportion. Specialy to compaire it to the pilot putting his kid at the controls in flight. Its not the same. Im sure the controller was plugged in also, to step in if the kid made a mistake.

  • Craig in Trinidad - 10 years ago

    The child was talking to planes on the ground, under direct parental supervision. There was never any danger to planes or passengers. The only crime would be if an obviously good, caring parent was punished.

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