Ubuntu Window controls - do you want them on the left hand side or right hand side? (Poll Closed)

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  • Tom - 12 years ago

    It's a combination of two things that makes this a very bad decision:

    1) Muscle Memory.
    As someone who has been using Ubuntu for 4 years as my primary work OS (2 boxen) and my only home OS (4 boxen), I'm really rather used to it. The quick wrist flick to the close button is a natural motion. In fact the outside flick is a more natural 'quick' gesture than the inside flick.

    2) Guidance
    The 'x' is the most used button on a window (this is not proven, but I am nearly certain). So designers can talk about 'most destructive action not being first in LTR reading language modes' until they're blue in the face, but fact is, you want the most visual guidance for the 'x' and that means aligning with the right edge of the relevant window is an extremely useful UX hint.

    Sure I can fix these with a script on my own box, but should I really have to based on the fact the design team are clearly Jobsian in their inclinations? Poor choice, and not too pleased to see Shuttles take a dictatorial approach without a clear UX-centric explanation offered for the move.

  • bitpt - 12 years ago

    Icon position can be changed to left or right


    in button_layout Click, change for:
    right-> :minimize,maximize,close
    left:-> close,maximize,minimize:

  • mz - 12 years ago

    I think they should offer a choice when Install Ubuntu

  • Danny - 12 years ago

    Personally, I agree with Jack, since I, almost solely, use keyboard shortcuts to arrange and close windows. But most of the people I know (and use my computer once in a while) are used to the Windows layout and thus are more convenient to having the controls on the right. So, I voted for "Right please" on behalf of my friends and family...

  • Tommy - 12 years ago

    I have already moved close button to the right and left mini and maxi on the left.

  • I would go with close button on left and the rest of the buttons on the right since this actually makes sense - to separate non-"destructive" button actions from the destructive one - that is, if they really want to do something with the button positions to distinguish themselves from other platforms (apart from the Amiga possibly ;) ).

    In short: X Window Title W H M
    X = Close, W = Window Menu, H = Hide/Minimise, M = Maximise

  • marcelo - 12 years ago

    I prefer the buttons on the right just because it is more pleasing to the eye.

  • naesk - 12 years ago

    A choice of position would be nice, instead of an imposed "feature". Sadly, this is something Ubuntu seem to be doing a lot of recently. Hopefully, they will learn from their recent usability hackfest, that usability & choice are an important factor for the Linux desktop.

  • flippy - 12 years ago

    Konstant fullscren with maximus and window picker applet. My vote goes for "none at all".

  • Juan Carlos Perez - 12 years ago

    I would prefer to be given a choice, without need of changing themes. I would place the close window in one side and the other buttons in the other end, because maximize and minimize buttons actions can be undone very easily while the close button action is more difficult to reverse and can even result in data loss.

    And now that I feel poetic, why not add some other buttons in the title bar which is mostly wasted space, and some way to perform an undo-close window?

  • Andrius - 12 years ago

    One of the first things I do after installing a fresh Ubuntu is to move window controls to the left.
    I got addicted after some time of trying to use them this way. The thing is its way more comfortable to have controls on the left, because that's where usually you have all other program and system controls (program menus, buttons, programs/places/system buttons, etc. So why bother to "go" with mouse to the opposite side of the screen to just minimize, close or maximize a window when you can do it right "here" :)

  • develop7 - 12 years ago

    I should be able to choose. Since I'd like to give right-handed layout a try, I should be able to revert back quickly

  • Mike - 12 years ago

    The wonderful bit about Linux is we'll have choice in one way or another. :)

  • Jack - 12 years ago

    You should have one for 'Doesn't matter'. I change mine to the left anyway. I come from Mac and prefer them in the Mac order. If I do that, they theme looks messed up. It appears that part of the graphic is the sunken part where the buttons set. So, any other order than the way Ubutnu puts them makes it look weird.

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