How Many Places Do You Read Me Online?


  • Anne C. - 13 years ago

    None of the choices fit my category:

    I occasionally follow you (as evidenced by my late contribution) on an RSS feeder (Google Reader, to be precise).

  • A. Reader - 13 years ago

    I read "Whatever" to find out more about your other writing, specifically your books. I first encountered your work through coming across "Old Man's War" at a Barnes and Noble. I bought it and basically consumed it in one day. Great stuff- some of the best new SF I'd read in years. From there, I went after anything else you'd written.

    Not that you've asked, but I wish you'd do more short fiction set in the Old Man's universe, as you did with the story about Harry and his little diplomatic demonstration fight.

    A. Reader

  • alumiere - 13 years ago

    I missed twitter in the second choice, so I clicked the first, but I also follow your twitter (which you don't seem to use as much)

  • Larry - 13 years ago

    RSS, Twitter and the AMC sci-fi blog.

  • Curly - 13 years ago

    Google reader and Buzz. I'm into the Google Borg.

  • Josh Proehl - 13 years ago

    Google reader to follow Whatever. Used to follow @scalzi in Reader as well, but everything I'm interested in shows up on the blog eventually, so I cut down on the noise a bit and stick to just the blog.

  • Kyle Maxwell - 13 years ago

    RSS and Twitter (@scalzi, not @blogwhatever).

  • Paul Wirtz - 13 years ago

    Follow you on greader & twitte. Oh and buy your books, does that count for anything>

  • Stalker - 13 years ago

    Does stealthily following you down the street count?

  • Janci - 13 years ago

    I follow the RSS feed on LJ.

  • Chris Hansen - 13 years ago

    Whatever via Google Reader
    google buzz

    plus SFWA stuff

  • Kelly - 13 years ago

    I read Whatever, mostly in the RSS feeder, plus following you Twitter and Facebook.

  • Stephanie O - 13 years ago

    You won my heart with the creation museum tour, and I've been reading Whatever ever since. And even though I'm usually a non-fiction science reader, I've read some of your books, too. :)

  • Wendy S. Delmater - 13 years ago

    I follow you on LiveJournal. That's still the same content as Wahtever, reposted, but that made me click on your last option.

  • Kerry aka Trouble - 13 years ago

    I follow you on Whatever through the RSS feed to LJ and on Facebook. You don't post on your Goodreads account or I would be following you there, too. I even follow the link back to Whatever to post a comment now and then.

  • karla - 13 years ago

    I use Google Reader to read a multitude of RSS feeds, but yours is one of the few I read regularly.

  • Deb - 13 years ago

    Read everything through Google Reader and have only visited the site a handful of times.

  • twilight2000 - 13 years ago

    I regularly follow you thru RSS in LJ and on twitter - and yes, you're still hilarious on twitter ;>

  • John - 13 years ago

    I read you mostly via Google Reader

  • pussreboots - 13 years ago

    Online I read your blog and your tweets. Offline I read your books.

  • Tanya - 13 years ago

    I read you on Whatever, on Facebook and twitter. I must admit I became a fan of Whatever first then you're sci fi writing. Great meeting you briefly at Worldcon last year too.

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