Which of these two cards would you rather have?


  • steve kaufman - 4 years ago

    both were nice and would be nice to have. just had to pick one.

  • Jack Harrington - 4 years ago

    I chose card b because I had to choose 1 I have never had the privilege of owning a Mickey Mantle card and would love either one.

  • Russell Haynes - 5 years ago

    I chose Card A due to having the corners in better condition. The color is a little more dull, but due to the age neither one is going to be vibrant. I think in overall condition Card A is a better card

  • Stephen R Ponder - 5 years ago

    I picked card b.but I would be honored to own ethier of these cards.how ever on condition the card a with the tape spot and wrinkle above Mickey manttles head is surface damage I went with card b.but I wanna give short story on why I would love to cherish this card when I was a lil boy i got my first baseball memorbila it was a Mickey mantle new paper cliping that had been graded and authentic great memory I have and when I seen this card first thing I thought about any how thanks very much for the chance ..

  • Daniel falls - 6 years ago

    I love to have one of the two

  • Derek C. - 6 years ago

    I chose card B because I would rather have a damaged, vintage, card that I could actually read and see decently, than (card A) a vintage card that was in better condition, but not easily readable.

  • Lachlan MacKenzie - 6 years ago

    Sports trading cards are a huge part of sports history. They simbolize the different sports in many different ways. Baseball cards especially for me bring back many memories from when me and my father used to collect them when I was a boy. Every month we used to get sent baseball cards from my uncle in America (I live in New Zealand). We had many fascinating cards and I believe I had one of these cards. Sadly not long after I moved out of my home away from my family the old house burnt down along with the baseball cards in it. My father sadly also passed in that fire. After reading your comment and you said how special the card A is to you I will not ask for that card as I know what it is like to have memories taken away. Getting card B will help me relive those memories of when me and my father collected cards. Thankyou so much, Lachlan MacKenzie.

  • Tyler Brown - 7 years ago

    I choose card A due to the fact that players are seen more clearly than the card B. Also, due to the fact that it holds more sentimental value to the owner. It was cherished and enjoyed when it was new, and that makes it more special.

  • Matthew Pottle - 9 years ago

    I chose Card B.
    I have weird preferences when it comes to 'well loved' vintage cards. Like you, condition isn't always an issue for me, but as odd as it sounds, I prefer certain kinds of wear and tear to others. For whatever reason I don't like tape stains and paper missing from the back of cards. It has less to do with the actual damage on the card and more about the card's "story". I like to think that the damage to a vintage card is from it being handled, flipped over and sorted over a whole childhood. I see it as proof of the prior owner's love for the card.
    Tape stains and paper loss indicates that the card was put in a book and stored away. For whatever reason, that is a lot less romantic to me that a card that a kid stuck in his pocket and carried to school every day.

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